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Delta Rocket High Speed Wing - Black 640mm (ARF)

Delta Rocket High Speed Wing - Black 640mm (ARF)

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Delta wings are fast, stable and they slow down for a perfect landing. What more could you ask for?

The Delta Rocket is compact airframe built from balsa and ply arriving almost ready to fly, just needing final assembly and electronics installed to be ready to go. Covered in a printed plastic film, the eye-catching scheme is easy to orient in the air, quite important on a fast plane like this. 

Assembling the Delta Rocket takes just a matter of a few hours. The elevons come pre-hinged, just cut slots in the covering for the vertical fins, glue them in place and the airframe assembly is complete. Lower sub-fins act as landing skids and help protect the belly of the airframe from runway rash. For power, the Delta Rocket works well on a 3S power system with at least 150 watts.  Access the battery quickly through the magnetically secured canopy. The small and compact nature of the Delta Rocket makes it ideal as that leave it in the car airplane, ready and able to fly at a moments notice.

• Almost Ready to Fly - Complete final assembly and install electronics
• Light weight and simple balsa and plywood airframe
• Covered in pre-printed multicolor film
• Magnetically secured battery hatch
• Accepts power systems 150~200 watts
• Two color versions available
• Lower sub-fins protect the propeller on landing

Span: 640mm
Length: 440mm

3+ Channel Transmitter and Receiver
150~200 Watt Power System
2x17g Servos
3S 11.1V 1500~1800mAh LiPoly Battery


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Bought this plane in EU warehouse. Look stunning, build finish is incredible, even more so if you look at the price. I added 2 little digital servos, a 30A Aerostar ESC and a used RadJet 800 motor (1950kV). I fly it on an A-spec 3S-200mAh and only needed to glue in some lead pallets in the nose to get correct (150mm) CG. Only thing I changed from standard was to glue on a littel stronger (thicker) motor mounting plate. The angle of the standard engine plate is spot on, correctly compensating for motor torque.
A tip to launch this plane: Just give it a little over 50% throttle and gently hand-launch it flat. Give it a little right-aileron and a bit of up and off she goes. Biggest mistake one can make is to give it full throttle right away so it will torque upside down. It flies absolutely GREAT and SNAPPY. It glides very gently on landings, leaning it out in a high-alpha just before touchdown.
RECOMMENDED, but only for an intermediate experienced pilot.
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This little flying wing is great here is some building tips i found useful. I haven't flown it yet so i will give a flying review after i fly it however i am confident things will go well! Go with the instructions all the way real simple, one thing you might want to do is strengthen up the motor mount although its pushing so the force is forward. it depends on the size of the motor you choose. Next, there is no air flow to keep things coll so at back end of cowl you see a half circle at that location on the fuselage cut a hole as large as you can to match thee half circle that's on the canopy this hole will be bigger then the small holes back at motor mounting...dont worry how small they are because the large hole in front with small hols in back will cause a make sure that the plastic canopy that is already installed check the front and there should be a gap right in the bottom front, just a bad line up However it makes for a great air entree from there to the hole you made right across the battery and ESC and RX and out the back! Use a wooden dowel jig to place the fins at the right degree, 200 between the two fins and i found that 24 mm from fin to edge of wing keeps everything in proportion. the bottom skids needs to be timed because look inside and you will see part of the frame in the way. I used a 350 watt hobby king 2600kv motor so it needed a 55 amp ESC
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  • Delta Rocket Speed Wing

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