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The Durafly EFX and EFXtra Racers are designed to reach top speeds over 100mph (over 161kmh) without upgrades and strength normally reserved only for high-end full composite models, but with the handling only Durafly offers.

Complimenting the amazing speeds are the EFX and EFXtra Racer's stunning agility in the air. Loops can be as BIG as you want them, rolls are very precise either fast or slow and it will knife edge all day long! Thanks to the exceptionally strong airframe, high-powered, high G maneuvers will not present a problem either.

Whatever setup you choose and however you prefer to fly, your EFX or EFXtra will deliver time and time again and always keep you coming back for more.

EFX or EFXtra spare parts are compatible with previous and current versions of the Durafly EFX/EFXtra Racers (unless otherwise stated).

Durafly EFX/EFXtra Spare Parts