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Durafly™ Zephyr V-70 High Performance 70mm EDF V-Tail Glider 1530mm (PNF)

Durafly™ Zephyr V-70 High Perfor...

The amazing Durafly® ™ Zephyr V-70 is one of the most eagerly anticipated models of the year and with good reason, the V-70 is a triumph of design and engineering, combining stunning good looks with toughness, practicality and heart pump...

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The amazing Durafly® ™ Zephyr V-70 is one of the most eagerly anticipated models of the year and with good reason, the V-70 is a triumph of design and engineering, combining stunning good looks with toughness, practicality and heart pumping performance!

The Zephyr is packed with truly innovative features, the first being the highly compressed EPO foam, as well as being tough, the foam has a super smooth texture, adding to it's aerodynamic performance. The wings are carbon reinforced with pre-tensioned glassfiber strips on both sides of the wing to prevent twisting during high-G maneuvers, likewise the fuselage uses a square CF rod down it's length, plus external glassfiber rods. The V-Tail is also CF reinforced and for extra stiffness is secured to the molded rear skid assembly. The large bi-lateral air intakes have been designed to maximise fan performance while minimising drag, which combined with the ultra-thin airfoil and clean, low drag airframe offer jaw dropping performance both on and off the throttle!

The quality of the V-70 is second to none, metal gear servos are included as is a powerful 70mm EDF unit and programmable ESC. Assembly is fast and the Zephyr also features a 2pc removable wing for practicality. Durafly® ™ engineers have overcome the theoretical drawbacks of an EDF glider by combining the efficiency of the V-70 airframe & power train with the ability to carry a large lipoly to offer you great flight times on top of amazing performance!

One of the first things to strike you when flying the V-70 is how beautifully balanced it is, the pilot feels immediately at home and locked in, even at high speed. The aerobatic ability of the Zephyr is as mind warping as the speed, combine this with the impressive off throttle performance and you have an amazingly wide flight envelope but open that throttle and you are greeted with a turbine like sound like no other EDF Jet, it's so addictive! Jaw dropping Looks, high speed performance, amazing aerobatic ability, quality, durability, practicality and innovation.....the Durafly® ™ Zephyr V-70.....the ultimate foamy!

Super Compressed EPO Foam
Plug and Fly....simply add your own RX and Battery!
Clean, Efficient Aerodynamic Design
V-Tail Configuration for Optimal Performance
Large Bi-Lateral EDF Intakes for Maximum Power, Minimum Drag
Stunning Turbine Like Sound
Plastic Molded Nose, Front and Rear Landing Skid for Durability
CF and Glassfiber Reinforced
Powerful 70mm EDF Housed in Removable Cover for Easy Servicing
Programmable ESC Included
High Torque Metal Gear Servos for All Control Surfaces
Quality Hardware, Servo Extensions & Y-Lead Included
Color Build Manual & ESC Program Manual Included

Wingspan: 1533mm
Length: 1000mm
Flying Weight: 1050g~1150g
EDF: 6 Blade 70mm with 2223 3400kv Brushless Outrunner (500w)
ESC: 55A w/BEC
Servo: High Torque MG 9g x 4

Your Own TX/RX with V-Tail Mixing
3300mAh~3600mAh 3s Lipoly Battery Min 25c


Spare parts available HERE!


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alles in allem ein schöner flieger hab mir ein wenig mehr speed erwartet . dem kann aber nachgeholfen werden stichwort 4S . Der Platz im Cokpit ist echt minimalst dennoch schaffte ich es einen 3s LiHV der marke Turnigy mit 3450 mah unterzubringen . funktioniert ohne probleme . trotz des vollen cokpits musste noch blei dazu gegeben werden . Alle Servo wurden von mir nachgeklebt ! die Querruder Ausschläge auf 15mm gesetzt . reicht vollkommen . für den preis bei mir damals 99Euro echt cooler flieger mit ausergewöhnlichem design .
Absolutely fantastic plane, nice looks and enjoyable to put it together. I encountered a few issues when making the maiden flight, a few tips for the future buyers:

1. Fill in the gaps where carbon rods at the wing and fuse joint are located with some epoxy, otherwise guaranteed crack at first landing.

2. My Vtail didn't fit properly (I reckon) and appeared to have some negative angle, hence had to add some spacers underneath the trailing edge at the wing and fuse joint to save it from having a substantial dive.

3. I use it with Zippy Compact 4000 25C 286g, no weight at the nose required, seems stable.

4. Huge inconvenience of having the engine above the wing, need to compensate with Elevator when gaining throttle, could use some mixing, subject to try and error.

5. Tape the wing joint section all around with some decent insulation tape, will save you having some of the joints cracked, the wing is situated low and each landing is a good chance of circling

6. Boy does it glide! You need a huge distance for it to settle on the ground without a risk of breaking something; otherwise try add a stronger nose and pod to dig it.

7. I had to glue on all control horns and change screws to machine thread ones with a nut on the other side, the original ones just pop out eventually.
I do not reccomend this plane. I have experienced tail flutterand spins, both leading to complete loss of control and often crash. I have also had many troubles with the EDF unit somehow not beeing able to go full-power, resuling in the plane not being able to take off or barely flying.
Other then that the materials and the building quality are very good.
It's a beautiful airplane and makes a beautiful sound there's no doubt about that, they should had made the cabin or the front part of the airplane just a little bit longer and a little bit wider so that you can fit all the equipment inside with no problem. This is the second one that I bought and I'm always having problems with the CG, it's very tell heavy.
The leading edge wing mounts are no good, they will break on you pretty quickly requiring the wing to be glued to the glider. I did this and it's rock solid now, just a bit harder to transport. Doesn't thermal but would be OK on the slope with good wind. It's really just for doing huge loops and low passes with a pretty cool sound at WOT. I'm running 2 x 2200mah 3s packs in parallel. You can make this fit by cutting a cooling vent for the ESC.
My first EDF. It's tail heavy so I added 15 pennies (about 38 grams) to the nose. I'm using a 3300mAH 3s LIPO. Have to give it full throttle for a few seconds before tossing it hard and upward as mentioned in another review. You'll need a lot of space to fly this as it wants to fly fast. I like so far.
Beautiful plane, easy to assemble, enough space to fit a 3S 3600 30C (esc and receiver beside the lipo). You just need CA foam safe medium glue to assemble the pane.

If there is no wind, it fly ok, but it realy need power, its not a glider. Easy hand launchhing and landing.

The cons:
To much flex for the tail and the wing, at full trottle with a slighy nose down attitude the wing start to badly flutter.
I will had carbon tape both side of the wing.
Buy this plane. It's awesome. Fast. Sounds like a jet and flies like a rocket.

1.) Needs reinforcement on the underside of wing connection. 2 soft landings on grass and I cracked some of the foam already.
2.) In a redesign, the wings should be moved back a little. I've had to add a significant amount of nose weight to balance it even with a 4000mah battery thus reducing performance.
Hey everyone. The Turnigy nano-tech 4000mah 3S 40~80C Lipo Pack (TRA2849 Slash/Rustler/Bandit/Stampede compatible) fits in the Zephyr. You will have to re-wire or get an adapter for this battery to connect to ESC. Its tight but it will fit. Super epo foam feels really high quality and the motor is deafening loud. Can't be in the same room at full throttle if you want to keep your hearing (which is awesome!) Haven't flown yet, but so far so good.
nice plane for high speed
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  • Durafly™ Zephyr V-70 High Performance 70mm EDF V-Tail Glider 1533mm

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