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FY-DoS Inertial Attitude Stabiliser with GPS (Multi-Rotor)

FY-DoS Inertial Attitude Stabiliser with GPS (Multi-Rotor)

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284 g

The FY-DoS inertial attitude stabiliser is for the stabilisation of multi-rotors. It is aimed
specifically at beginners to help and improve their flying skills while enjoying flight safety and ease of operation. It has an intergrated 10 degrees freedom sensor, three-axis digital
accelerometer, three-axis gyroscope, three-axis digital magnetometer and high accuracy barometer, it is also very compact and has a high degree of stablility. This unit has a auto-stabilisation flight feature, hovering mode, camera gimbal stabilisation, and it also acts as an autopilot with its return to home mode. DoS can be used in conjunction with the FY-OSD for FPV flying, connect with a data link and GCS to achieve flight control and monitoring. The DoS is a must for beginners and experienced pilots alike who wish to enjoy stabilised flight and greatly reduced chances of losing or crashing their multi-rotor.

• Deactivated Mode - In this mode all control is with the pilot and the DoS does not participate
at all in the flying of the multi-rotor.
•Attitude Stabilised Mode - This mode will stabilise the multi-rotors flight attitude in roll, pitch
and yaw.
• Hovering Mode - The GPS module must be connected to the DoS with at least 5 GPS
satellites detected, in this mode pitch, roll and yaw will act in the same way as the attitude stabilised mode but the DoS will detect and control altitude.
• Auto Return to Home Mode - In the auto return to home mode the aircraft will automatically reverse its course and keeping the same altitude it will return home to the take off point. To do this the GPS module must be connected to the DoS with once again 5 GPS satellites detected and the return speed will be 5.5m/s.
• Camera Gimbal Stabilisation - This mode can simultaneously control/stabilise a 2 axis camera
• FPV - Used in conjunction with a FY-OSD the flight data can be overlaid to a video output so
that through the video transmission you can enjoy the fun of FPV flying.
• Real Time Telemetry/Monitor - Using this feature you can change the flight height and flight
parameters through a (GCS) Ground Control System.

The DoS requires a transmitter with 1 x 3way switch and 1 x 2way switch for control;
Switch 1 Operates Manual Mode/Attitude Stabilised Mode/Hovering Mode.
Switch 2 Operates Auto Return to Home/Camera Gimbal Stabilisation.

DoS Module Specs:
Input voltage: 4.0 ~ 6.0 Volt
Current draw: 50ma (5v)
Size: 47x30x11mm
Weight (excluding wires): 25g
Temperature range: -25°C ~ +70°C
Maximum rate of rotation: ≤ 2000°/s

GPS Module Specs:
Input voltage: 5 volt
Current draw: 60ma (3.3v)
Size: 32x32x10mm
Weight (excluding wires): 22g
Temperature range: -25°C ~ +70°C

The DoS system will work with any standard 1.5ms neutral value R/C system.

Package includes:
DoS Module
GPS Module
Vibration absorbing mount, screws and hook/loop tape
All required connection cables and USB lead

Manufactured under license for HobbyKing by Feiyu Tech. 100% compatible with Feiyu Tech
software/firmware and supported by the HobbyKing global warranty network. Visit http://www.feiyu- for the latest software and firmware.

Note:A user manual is available under the Files tab.


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being generous with 2 stars only because every other product from hobbyking is amazing. the flight controller program was beyond basic and the controller I received was dead when I got it
verified_user Quality
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verified_user Quality
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playlist_add_check Overall
I'd Like to take back my previous review. The system worked very well outdoor. I was having vibration problems and now my Q440 with q-brain ESC, ntm 750 motors (1.2kg quad) flyies very well with it. I could test with wind and no wind today. It was ok with wind and perfect without it. Comparing to a Naza for sure (if no wind). I am already using version 2.20 frirware and its fine, barometer, GPS and RTH winth landiong were nice. It did turn on one landing though. RTH was precise (about 5m from the point it took off). Anytime I did a RTH it It climbs to 10m (if under 10m height), turn to the point inclinates 30 and levels right after. Arriving the point it stops and start landing. Fail-safe must be configured on the radio for 50pcnt throtle RTH stick.
verified_user Quality
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playlist_add_check Overall
verified_user Quality
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playlist_add_check Overall
very easy to setup and seems comparable to naza. Will be good if come with another type of damper mounting. This one seems a little flimsy.
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