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GWS Style Slowfly Propeller 10x4.5 Black (CW) (4pcs)

GWS Style Slowfly Propeller 10x4...

Nicely made composite Slow Fly E-Prop, Lightweight but stiff and durable.



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Nicely made composite Slow Fly E-Prop, Lightweight but stiff and durable.



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Fantastic item, I use it all the time in all places and electronics. Nice n shiny finish, good covering.
Sehr gutes Preis Leistungs Verhltnis.
Alle LS sehr gut ab Werk gewuchtet.
Einsatz T-Copter 3s.
Kann ich nur Empfehlen.
same as my review for LH rotation. If GWS props came with adaptors, i would get them instead, but drilling perfect holes in GWS props is almost impossible without a drilling jig. So i use these instead. I wish HK would make these with the same plastic as GWS props so they are more resistant to prop strikes.
Please stay away from these series of props. THey are terrible.
Ive had 3 break on me mid flight. All in different places. Go with the CF props, much better
Am besten gleich mehrere Packungen Besellen. gehen bei unsachgemer benutzung schnell kaputt
I can't fault these props. Yes they're plastic and yes they snap and yes even if they don't snap on initial impact they may fly apart in mid-air, but they are light, cheap and easy to balance. I get less vibration from these than a slightly more expensive set of CF props. These props are my staple supply. In a collision I usually hit props first - which I'd rather break and repair than my frame or electronics. Buy fists full of these for very little $ and have fun.
Trs utile avec un drone Quadricoptere bon rendement.
Als Anfnger ist es ratsam mehr als eine Packung zu bestellen, habe gleich 2 bestellt
use these on my dt700's , multiple crashes and surprisingly , most of the time i have no breaks believe it or not, durable props
Very good props. Iam using it with turnigy 2830 1000kv in my quadcopter. Just need a litle balancing work.
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