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H-King (ARF) NE-1 Navy Cub 2400mm (94.5") EP/GP

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H-King (ARF) NE-1 Navy Cub 2400mm (94.5") EP/GP


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Large scale aircraft are a pleasure to fly and this beautiful replica of a 2400mm Piper NE-1 Navy Cub is no exception. It has the same stunning looks as the smaller H-King J3 Navy Cub (NE-1) but on a much larger scale and is just as easy to fly. The Cub is made of balsa and plywood with a realistic Navy Blue printed covering.

The US Navy acquired 230 of the NE-1 version during World War II to use it as a primary trainer. It was a dual flight control version with the instructor upfront and the student sitting in the rear seat. Like all Cubs, it is a very stable flier making it ideal for training.

Being an ARF there is a bit of building to be done but most components are already assembled. You need to fit your choice of engine, either gas/nitro or electric. Fit the tail surfaces and undercarriage, and then the plug-in wings (ideal for transportation). Then add all the additional electronics (your choice) like servos, receiver/radio and you will be ready to go.

The plane comes with a cowl complete with a dummy engine and full instrument panel. There is a huge door to the cockpit for easy installation of batteries and R/C electronics plus a set of pilot seats. Outside is a functional bungee style undercarriage with large wheels for easy takeoffs and landings on grass fields.

This plane is an Icon of the era and is ideal for all pilots that like that scale look and great presence in the air.

• A faithfully reproduced authentic scale model of the famous Piper NE-1 Navy Cub
• All wood construction
• Plug-in wings for easy transportation
• Quick wing strut connection for easy field construction
• Molded dummy engine and cockpit detail with a full instrument panel
• Set of pilot seats
• Working cockpit side door for easy access to R/C electronics and battery
• Functional bungee undercarriage
• Large size wheels for easy grass field takeoff and landings


Wingspan: 2400mm
Length: 1510mm
Weight: 5.9-6.3kg (depending on equipment)


6 Channel Radio and Receiver system
6 x Standard Servos
1 x 5065 280-320KV Brushless motor
1 x 80-100A ESC
1 x 3000-5000mAh 8S LiPo Battery
1 x 20x8" Propeller
1 x 5~10A BEC
1 x 0.91 2T or 1.20 4T Glow Motor
1 x 20cc Gas Motor

  • Wingspan(mm) 2400.00
  • Length(mm) 1510.00
  • 4stroke engine
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keithy | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

add to my revious review

Jul 07, 2021

I have been unable to find a suitable pilot figure. For a few extra dollars, one should be included in the box.

Keithy | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Good but could be a little better

Jun 27, 2021

This model arrived in undamaged packing but the windscreen had a crack in the top corner. The rest of the model was perfect. The finish overall is excellent. Some of the hardware supplied is of poor quality and this is my major complaint. The method for fitting the wing struts to the fuselage is pathetically weak. It failed on the maiden flight. I have made a better system for that which works well. Some of the screws supplied were of such poor quality that I found that I had to pre-drill their holes to barely less than the thread size. Without doing so, it was too easy to mess up the screw heads and render them useless. Also, the screws supplied for the Aileron horns were too short. H.K. did the right thing and supplied me with some longer ones but I still had to do a bit of carpentry on the Ailerons to make them fit. Also, the aileron horn footprint was too long and the single screw hole end of the horn was over film with no wood behind it. I had some smaller horns which work fine. I had to remove quite a lot of the cowl in order to fit my DLE 20cc gas engine and this also interferes with the dummy engine parts. However, this is not too noticeable from a distance so no concern.
I love the overall finish on this model but the plastic dummy engine parts supplied really do spoil the finish, as they look really shoddy. I am going to work on that problem and will probably make some out of balsa to replace them. The film is beautiful but don't get any solvents near it--the paint comes off! Good feature is that the box contained small sheets of film for minor repairs.
Maiden flight was without incident. The model is so well made that with the C of G set as suggested and all control surfaces set at neutral, the plane took off and flew dead straight. No trim adjustments required. I have now set the throws to slightly more than the recommended and using expo, I find that the model is more responsive and easier to fly. Stall test was amazing. Throttle off and full elevator slowly applied and the plane slowed down and gradually descended. No tip stall. The plane will not perform a spin. Closest I got was a spiral dive from which it recovered very easily. Overall this is a pretty good plane and I would recommend it to a modeller who has some experience with building and adapting things to suit. It looks lovely on the ground but beautiful in the air.

Foxy | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Second model of this type

Jun 02, 2021

Sadly my first H-King 2.4 Navy Cub crash due to the speed control burning out. The Model flew so well & presented true scale appearance I had to purchase one more before stocks ran out. 4 days after the first Cub's crash the new one arrived from Hobby King Australia

Dieter | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Sieht gut aus, aber sehr schlechte Qualität.

Mar 09, 2021

Die Bespannung weicht in der Sonne auf und ist sehr empfindlich, reißt schnell. Ich habe mein Modell in den Wind ausgerichtet und beim Seitenruder gehalten - knacks, schon gebrochen. Nachdem ich nun die unsägliche Folie vom ganzen Modell entfernt habe, kam die gruselige Wahrheit vom "chinesischen Modellbau" an den Tag. Billigste Hölzer, viel zu weich, bricht wie Stroh. Schlechte Verleimungen usw. usw. Wie gesagt, schönes Modell, Aussen hui, innen pfui. Ist summa sumarum den Preis nicht Wert, leider....das können andere besser....

MRD | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Quality looks good, have not assembled the airframe as yet.

Jan 25, 2021

Packaged and boxed well, I do have concerns over the covering slacking off during hot days. This will be my next project, do not see any issues that I could not work around.

Goran Adeborn | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value


Aug 15, 2020

The ARF-kit is almost perfect but why is the windows glued? It makes it difficult to install servos and other equipment.

TTR | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Nice model, great flyer and stunning good looks.

Jul 03, 2020

Overall a very nice model and a good flyer. I chose an OS 160 twin on glow for power and it was the right choice. Balanced well with receiver pack up by the tank and on board glow pack between the seats.
While the build was straight forward I did encounter some issues . First after assembling the right wing I turned it over and discovered it was patched! Nice patch job and not obvious but really not what I would expect. Another area of concern is the tail wheel. Very challenging to get the pull pull wires fished through the fuse. The tail support where attached to the fuse is just wood screws to lite ply that quickly needed to be repaired. Finally the tail wheel tire is just soft foam and departed for good on the third flight .

Tomislav | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Video 4stroke

May 01, 2020

Awesome plane!

Mal | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

It's OK

Mar 06, 2020

It's pretty much a typical VQ Arf. The covering is poor and is easily punctured or damaged. Mine came with a few rips and tears. They do include a few patch pieces but it looks like crap when you need to use them. Hardware is just average. I plan on recovering the plane at some point using the same color scheme. You do have to keep in mind the price for this plane. And it is true that you get what you pay for but I did plan to build it and fly it the way it is and down the road redoing it up to my standards. So if you can accept what it is for $379, then you will probably be satisfied.

That Electric Guy | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Great product

Dec 04, 2019

This is a great ARF. Easy to assemble, easy to fly. Big and very impressive in the air, yet with detachable wings it's fairly easy to transport. An exceptional plane at a great price.

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