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H-King Color 250 Class FPV Racing Drone Frame (White)

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H-King Color 250 Class FPV Racing Drone Frame (White)


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The design team at HobbyKing ™ have been busy designing the ultimate H-style 250 frame that combines all of the best features of our most popular frames!

The H-King Color 250 Class FPV Racer series frames are literally maxed out with innovative features that the racing fraternity have been screaming out for! The H-King Color Frames are manufactured from glass filled nylon which makes the frame super strong yet flexible
enough to take the everyday knocks and inevitable high speed collisions.

The upper deck of the H-King Color frames are also manufactured from toughened nylon which has a honeycomb / ribbed pattern to reduce weight and increase durability. The upper deck also includes a camera mount for your Mobius or similar camera system along with vibration reducing damping balls to give you the best possible flight footage.

The printed distribution board (PDB) has a built in 5 volt BEC making it perfect for OPTO ESC's and for powering your other electronics etc. The PDB is easy to mount and simply slots over the molded tabs and is secured by the upper deck frame stacks.

The frame provides excellent mounting and securing points for your electronics such as, ESC mounting points, Internal FPV camera mount and the latest FPV Tx mounting solution! the frame offers a fixed upright position for your FPV Tx (up to 600mW size) in the event of a collision the load is placed on the SMA fitting rather than the PCB which could save your TX!

The arms of the H-King 250 are upswept which improves stability and provides faster forward flight, the arms also feature built in molded landing gear.

The Frame has 16x19mm and 14x12mm motor mounting options which means you can fit a multitude of motors ranging from 1704 to 2204 sizes.

• Manufactured from super strong and flexible glass filled nylon
• Mobius style upper camera mount with vibration damping
• Internal Camera mount option
• Easy fit printed distribution board with 5 Volt BEC
• Protective FPV Tx mount built-in
• ESC mounting points  
• Upswept arm for improved stability and faster forward flight
• Built-in molded landing gear
• Suits 1704 to 2204 size motors

Material: Glass Filled Nylon
Frame Size: 250mm
Frame Weight: 130g (with PDB)
Frame Height: 65mm
Bolt Hole Spacing: 16x19mm / 14x12mm

Package Includes:
H-King Color 250 frame
1 x Printed distribution board
8 x Props
4 x Damping balls

4 x Motors 1704~2204
1 x Battery 1300~2200mah 11.1V (3S LiPoly)
4 x ESC’s 7~12A
Flight Controller of your choice

  • HK Color 250 Quad
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parmod kumar | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
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  • Overall

Customer Rated

Aug 27, 2015

i ordered two and both become without upper plates.i opend case and not response from hk. service from hk is like bullshhh . they just want to sell item.if something is wrong with item. they don't response. i bought over 5000 usd in 2 years. now days there are more good sites and they provide much more good sevice. i bought from EU warehouse and i don't finde spare parts there.

| Verified Buyer

  • Quality
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  • Overall

Certified Buyer Rated

Jul 21, 2015

Great product for the price, and it has become my favorite mini quad. Assembly is very easy and the frame has been very durable. This is a great learning tool as it is expendable. I have a lumineer qav 250 . It's frame cost $150.00 plus shipping . The hobby king one cost about $20.00 to my door when I bought mine. you do the math. The other good thing is if you use a cc3d control board, open pilot has PID's for the hk fpv 260 with upswept arms that work perfect for this. Thank you Hobby King!

Bustya | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

Jul 13, 2015

Very nice frame, it is easy to make a clean build. The power distribution board saves a lot of time and it has a 5v output. I had several crashes but nothing broken so far. The vibration dampening rubber balls for the mobius have a poor grip once fitted, they come out very very easy.
For me it is a 5 star product.

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