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Habicht Fiberglass Glider 2600mm (ARF)

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Habicht Fiberglass Glider 2600mm (ARF)


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Habciht Glide
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The DFS Habicht (Hawk) was a fully aerobatic glider that was designed in Germany in 1936, in fact in the same year, 4 of these amazing looking Gliders were used to great effect in entertaining crowds attending the Olympic Games. Praise for the flying qualities of this superb and very distinctive looking gull-wing glider came from many pilots, perhaps the most famous being Hanna Reitsch.

The Hobbyking Habicht is a stunning scale glider, combining quality and beauty with excellent flight characterstics. The finish and construction of this glider are simply amazing, the supplied hardware is also of the highest quality. The model features plug in wings, secured by large screws that are knurled for hand tightening, hatches for air brakes in the upper wing, pull/pull rudder and so on. The Hobbyking Habicht offers the scale glider pilot a truly superb model that is bound to draw admiration and attention wherever it is flown.

Wingspan: 2600mm
Length: 1245mm
Wing area: 55dm2
Wing loading: 53-56g/dm2
Flying Weight: 3000g 
3~4 Channel

Your own 4 Channel TX/RX
4~6 Standard Servo
RX Battery

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MaartenX | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
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  • Overall

Customer Rated

Apr 23, 2013

Recently I built this plane. This is one of the best ARF's I ever assembled. No surprises when building it, everything fits together nicely. All hardware is included. The only modification I made is that I joined the two elevator halves with a triangular piece of timber instead of the piano wire. I used all BlueBird servos for the control surfaces and installed a tow hook. All up weight is 3700 grams with the CG at 100mm. Weight is no problem, with the large wing surface the wing loading is still acceptable. I maidened the Habicht on the slope in fairly light conditions and she flew beautiful with no vices. Not a hint of tipstall. I highly recommend this kit. Regards, Maarten

starhopper | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Oct 03, 2012

Note they continuously push the word 'scale' in regarding its flying.

Learn to read between the's a dog.

Kerry | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

May 18, 2012

Really like the look's, but it is heavy. It needed 500 grams of lead in the nose to balance. I used dual batteries and lead, it feels like a brick. Built per the instructions, the overall weight is 3750 grams (not 2300) with the recommended servos. I am looking for lots of wind on the slope. Hope it will fly

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Habicht Manual Download [1819]
Habicht Building Instructions Download [1819]
habicht manual Download [1819]
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