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HK EDF64 Brushless Power System 3500kv & 45A ESC

HK EDF64 Brushless Power System ...

Boost the power of your stock 64mm jet with this powerful 520W system.

Size: 64mm
Weight: 139g
Dimensions: 100x77mm
Motor: 2836 Brushless outrunner
Blade type: 5
No.Of cells: 4S(14.8V)

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Boost the power of your stock 64mm jet with this powerful 520W system.

Size: 64mm
Weight: 139g
Dimensions: 100x77mm
Motor: 2836 Brushless outrunner
Blade type: 5
No.Of cells: 4S(14.8V)
Shaft diameter: 3.0mm
Output Power: 520w
Max Current(<60s): 35A
Thust: 1100g(38.8oz.)
Recommended model weight: 600-800g


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Paul Hi
I saw that you bought the jet ( HK EDF64 Brushless Power System 3500kv & 45A ESC )
You said there that you used it with 6s battery ... does it work with 6s ?
I am really happy with this EDF setup. I is fairly cheap so i didn't have high expectations, but i have been very impressed with it. I have mounted it as stock into my Jet-powered Albatross and have excellent thrust with it. Flies well with a 4s1500, but is more powerful on a 6s1500 (2x3s1500). The 800-900g model goes almost vertical on 6s. No problems with overheating. Sounds very good for only 64mm - quiet engine allowing the airflow to be the loudest noise. Replacement fan available to. See it flying at:
Gut ausgewuchtet, die Regler sind etwas gar gross und schwer, alles in allem ein gutes Preis-Leistungsverhaeltnis
bonne turbine mais marche mieux en 4s

ne chauffe pas trop
I used two of these units and two 2650 4 cell Zippys in a scratch built, own design, single fin A10 style model. Model weighed 2.5 kg. Wasn't sure if they's have enough power to get off the ground. Test flew on a ferociously windy day. Model got off the ground easily and flew with great stability. Not fast but the sound from the two EDF's running together was fantastic - not loud but very smooth and turbine like. If you like multi engine jets but don't want to go turbine this is the way to go.
Ya know what, I was questionable about this motor and price, but it is a very good edf comparing it to my stock t45 goshawk which was a 4300kv 5 blade it vibrated even though |I had tried to balance it I did not want to maiden it this way. So far this motor was a direct fit, sounds very good, seems balanced well and plenty of thrust on 4s 1600mah that I had on me for testing. The one thing this will change on my model for sure is the CofG. Didnt realize how heavy the new motor is, I had to cut and slide my 2200 as far back as I could, under the receiver to just get my CofG, know I might actually get my 2450`s in the actual compartment so this motor just keeps getting better. Will post some numbers soon, see if they match HK`s advertisments
GREAT motor, but i think the esc is a bit overweigthed (79 grams!)

i use this set in my stinger 64 edf, but i will change the esc to a lighter one..................................


i use this setup in my stinger edf 64.

its a fine package, although the esc a bit overweighted.

it weighs 74 grams ... so not really a lightweight for a esc off this size...

A lot of power for HK T-45 jet. Take off on grass, no problem!
Runs on 4s 1800mAh about 3 minutes. Static thrust more than 800gr.
Much more power than stock motor.
I have purchased this upgrade for my famous rafale EDF 64 mm, I fitted it with Turnigy 1600mAh 4S 30C Lipo Pack. The increase of power is nice, the cog don't move. 5-6 min of flight at 1/3 throttle, 3 min of flight at full power. Very nice ;-)
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