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H-King EZIO 800mm Glider (PNP)

H-King EZIO 800mm Glider (PNP)


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The EZIO 800 is well-constructed balsa glider and ready for those long summer evenings. The plug and play model is great for beginners or experienced RC flyers. Simply install your receiver, tighten the wing bolts and prepare for launch. 


The EZIO uses a low cost 2S 500 mAh battery to power the motor and servos. The light wing loading allows the 800mm EZIO soar with thermal currents, or just hunt around enjoying the afternoon breeze. 


The fuselage is made of lightweight balsa wood which can be customized using the included decal stickers. Fitted with a 1811-3900KV motor and two 4.3g servos, this portable glider is perfect for keeping in the back of the car in case of ideal flight conditions.


•  Lightweight construction
•  Plug-in wires
•  Included decal stickers
•  Fast and simple assembly
•  Compatible with 2.4Ghz radios (4 channels and up)
•  Instruction Manual


Length: 660mm
Wingspan: 800mm
Flying Weight: 220g
Servos: 4.3 x 2pcs
Motor: 1811 3900KV
Folding Propeller: 3x2
Elevator: 8-12mm
Aileron: 10-12mm


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Lovely product, I love the quality out of the box. I read review below and decided I did not want to add weight, but rather add mah. I managed to get a 610mah Rhino up front by various devious means. First flight was fine. BUT CoG still looks way too tail heavy.
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I changed the prop to a 5x3, now better performance.My Lipo is a 350 mAh Lemon, gives me 2:30 min motor time ( full throttle) - according to thermal conditions flight times from 5min to 15 min or more.Very good for light thermal, not too much wind, flys really great. Forget it in windy conditions, the motor isn´t strong enough. AOW is 175 grams, recommanded CG without any extra weight!
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Goes together quick and easy but the compartment for the battery is very small so good luck finding a 500 size battery to fit. I found the a 360 size 2 cell fit pretty good but the CG was way off. Even with a 500 lipo you still have to add 3/4 of a ounce of extra weight to the nose.
This should have been solved with a slightly bigger motor and prop because adding dead weight just to make CG on such a lite plane is really a design flaw. The plane itself is well built and nicely covered, Its small size is perfect to throw in the car for some small park fun.
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