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Hobbyking X580 Glass Fiber Quadcopter Frame w/Camera Mount 585mm

Hobbyking X580 Glass Fiber Quadc...

The Hobbyking X580 is a high quality folding-arm quadcopter frame that offers great looks and performance at a price that can't be beat! Built from light weight yet rigid glass fiber and aluminum, the X580 offers a great combination of weight savi...

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The Hobbyking X580 is a high quality folding-arm quadcopter frame that offers great looks and performance at a price that can't be beat! Built from light weight yet rigid glass fiber and aluminum, the X580 offers a great combination of weight savings and strength.
This X580 sports extended landing skids which give you the ground clearance needed for carrying most cameras. The arms are foldable, making it very easy to transport and store, and it even includes a fixed-position glass fiber mount suitable for mounting a GoPro or similar size camera.
We offer a full line of multi-rotor electronics such as multi-rotor control board, ESC, motors and more, so it has never been easier or more affordable to get a quad in the air!
All necessary hardware is included, just add your own electronics.
Weight: 418g (frame only)
Width: 585mm
Height: 230mm
Ground clearance: 210mm (bottom of frame), 195mm (camera mount rails)
Motor Bolt Holes: 14~25mm
Your own 4 channel transmitter and receiver
Multi-Rotor control board
20~40A brushless ESC x 4
3S 2200~3000mAh lipoly battery
28-XX/35-XX brushless motor x 4
9~11 inch propeller x 4  (2 standard/2 reverse rotation)


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Only the very core parts of this frame are useful. The legs a fragile and so are the motor mounts. There is no cover for the FC and no real place to put the ESCs. I have used the arms and the PCB body plates. The 12mm rails are incompatible with any other systems and the spacings are also.
1 star product.
best frame for the money
So many options and tons of room with the X580 frame. Used HK pixhawk clone, 4S batt, YEP 60A ESC (overkill maybe), HK octo PDB (sandwiched between the layers), NTM 35-48 motors (had to drill out the motor mounts a little to not modify the shaft clip, as well as file down the arms a little to accommodate the motor), and 9x4.5 three-bladed props. Weighs 5.7 lbs and hovers at 415W. Have a number of other bells and whistles on the quad and it can accommodate quite a bit.
Great frame. I used the q brain 25 amp esc and put in between the top and bottom. NTM Prop Drive 28-30S 800KV / 300W Brushless Motor. Very neat install. Lots of room left for receiver and controller. Crashed the other day from about 100 feet up (don't run your batteries too low!!! my fault)and just damaged props. Motor mounts are a little weak but adequate if not pushed hard.
The product is quite well made however a little less robust than some. The landing skids are unique and not of the best material. The reason I would not recommend this frame, is availability of parts. HobbyKing will not supply replacement peaces, so once you break it your on your own.
Asked why no parts and got the reply "thanks for buying this product, have a nice day".
It is a nice frame, but the issue is taht the motor base are to weak, you need to reinforce it or the motors will shake no matter how well balanced their are. If you solve this, the frame is a nice proyect.
Quality on the motor mounts is FAR from good enough. None of the motor mounts where able to hold the motors in place with propellers on it in flight. The motors where oscillating so much that the quad crashed, couldnt takeoff or the motor mounts just ripped apart in-flight! Made myself 4 new motor mounts in aluminum and that fixed the problem instantly. Quality on the rest of the frame is nothing more than OK. Aluminum arms is soft and will collapse if you tight the screws to hard.
Very good value and quality for the money. It can take two more arms if you want a Hexa, the holes are on the plates already (check for prop clearance though). Good machining and fit on all parts. people find the motor mounts plates weak, but the motors can be bolted straight to the arms with little work. The arms can be fitted in two different configurations for "dead cat"-ish wide angle or the standard X conf. When on X conf. they easily fold back for storage-transport. The landing gear snaps on and off which is good too. Yes there are better frames but for the money its hard to beat, get a few rubber ati-vibration dampeners for your gear.. a bit of imagination and you'll have a great machine for very little money. Being glass fiber make it a bit heavier that carbon fiber, but glass has its advantages too, like not being a electricity conductor (like carbon is) so perhaps for those with lots of equipment and antennas onboard this might be a better choice.
Very very good. Less than 20 quid delivered. I note 2 weak points. The motor mounts and the landing legs. Buy another for spares and epoxy 2 motor mounts together and then, they are virtually unbreakable. The landing legs are ok but are plastic. In extremely cold weather they may become brittle and break with a heavy landing. So spares on hand might be prudent. It assembles easily, all a tight good fit. 2836 750kv turnigy motors, 30a ESC's and 10.4.7 slow fly props. 3s 2200mah battery. Minimum 15 minutes hover at half throttle. Standard HK cheap control board works fine in no or light winds. Dont bother with auction sites, buy all from here, you cant get better or cheaper.
this is chafpper than cae=r bon fiber
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