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HobbyKing X666 Glass Fiber Quadcopter Frame 666mm

HobbyKing X666 Glass Fiber Quadc...

The HobbyKing X666 quadcopter frame is a high quality glass fiber frame that offers both great looks and performance. Built from light weight yet extremely rigid glass fiber and aluminum, the X666 offers a great combination of weight savings and s...

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The HobbyKing X666 quadcopter frame is a high quality glass fiber frame that offers both great looks and performance. Built from light weight yet extremely rigid glass fiber and aluminum, the X666 offers a great combination of weight savings and strength.

The X666's aggressive styling makes it look just as sinister as its name, while still offering excellent functionality and performance!

This frame is based on the popular X525 V3 design, but features extended arm lengths of 666mm. This is a Hobbyking exclusive which means you will not find it anywhere else!

The X666 features a very nicely finished glass fiber main frame, shock-absorbing landing legs and folding aluminum arms. It also includes 3 silver arms and 2 black (5pcs total) so you can change them based on flying in + or X configuration for orientation. The shock-absorbing landing legs are a great feature to handle those rough landings that we all have from time to time.

We also offer a full line of multi-rotor electronics such as multi-rotor control board, ESC, motors and more, so it has never been easier or more affordable to get a quad in the air!

All necessary hardware is included.

Width: 666mm
Motor Bolt Holes: 14~30mm
Frame Weight: 415g (w/out electronics)

Multi-Rotor control board
15~25A Brushless ESC x 4
2200~3000mAh 3S 11.1V Lipoly
28-XX 1100~1300KV Brushless motor x 4
8x4~10x4.3 Propeller - 2 standard/2 reverse rotation

User manual available for download located under "Files" tab.

Note: All HobbyKing X series frames are purchased factory direct. We have worked closely with the factory engineers to ensure quality. All X series frames are CNC cut and accurately milled unlike many of the cheap frames available from Ebay or Chinese vendors that are drilled by hand in low tech factories. The Hobbyking X series also feature thicker GF main plates for added stength.


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Haven't flown yet but the frame seems sturdy. Only hard assembly point is the attatchment of the springs on the legs.
This was my first ever Quad frame. It wasn't the easiest to assemble without instructions (at the time).

If you purchase this I would recommend buying the X525 v3 Glass Fiber Motor Mount (which are out of stock at this moment) double them up when you build it to make it stronger.

I am having to buy a new frame because One snapped (very bendy) and from previous comments they havent been instock for atleast 2month...

Overall the frame is good but I think stronger Motor mounts are definately required
Love this frame! Every thing assembled really well the one and only thing that will be changed is the landing gear springs are a little week if built on the heavy side. I will be just adding a heavier spring from a carb spring kit bought from my local auto parts store
durable quadcopter frame with all the features you would expect to find in a higher priced model
thats a great quadcopter frame. I use it with turnigy 900kv motors and afro esc with a 4s 5000mah lipo. as a FC I have the DJI Naza M Lite which works just fine. the radio is a frsky taranis x9d plus. I can recommend this frame to everyone who wants to build a really big quadcopter for aerial video filming or things like this.
Gute Qualitt

Es sind 5 Arme dabei im Set um auch plusCopter bauen zu knnen mit farblichen Akzenten >> 3x Silber und 2x Schwarz
Ich bin mit dem Quadcopter Frame sehr zufrieden. Was ich jedoch nicht so gut finde ist, das man nicht alle Einzelteile im Nachkauf bekommt.
Overall, a great frame. The arms are a little cheap, but then again you are not paying for titanium. When tightening down the screws on the arms make sure not to overnighten, as you will warp the metal. Oh and it comes with an extra arm!

This was the first frame I ever used and it had no problems handling crashes and erratic flying. The size is great too, it is a few mm shorter than 666mm though.
I've had this frame for about 6 months now, and I do like it! But there are some weak spots on the frame.

My setup: hk380 flight controller, 3x multistar 30A OPTO, 1x multistar 30A SBEC, NMT 28-30 800kv 300w, 3s 4000mah, FrSky Taranis, FrSky X8R, power distribution board.

All power connectors where bought with 3,5mm bullet-connector for easy setup.

This frame have long arms, so remember to buy extention leads for ecs's.

Pros: Cheap, easy to assemble,
Cons: Landing struts are a bit fragile and there is no spares for them in the shop.
This frame is perfect. This is the first quad I built. I used the KK2.1.5 controller, 4 Park480 motors, 30 amp esc's, and upgraded to the aluminum motor mounts - since my motors were larger than recommended. I then set my transmitter on an expo of 50 across the board, max throttle of 50pcnt, and took off for my initial flight. Trimmed it and it flew perfect. I used a painted bottom tray from a potted plant as a canopy.
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