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HobbyKing® ™ Radjet 800 EPO 800mm w/Motor (ARF)

HobbyKing® ™ Radjet 800 EPO 800m...

There is plenty of rad in the RadJet-800! With its amazing price, EPO foam and being Plug and Fly, this brilliant model has no trouble earning the RadJet moniker.
The Radjet 800 has been tested and flown to within an inch of its life and it...

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essential items and

There is plenty of rad in the RadJet-800! With its amazing price, EPO foam and being Plug and Fly, this brilliant model has no trouble earning the RadJet moniker.

The Radjet 800 has been tested and flown to within an inch of its life and it performed flawlessly, not only in terms of light performance but also reliability and believe me, we tried hard to kill the test version! It has several impressively simple and practical features such as the plastic skid on the length of the underside of the fuselage that will protect your Radjet from the usual tears and gouges, servo arm protectors on the wings, effective cooling for the ESC & Lipoly and so on.....and its how much?

But, it doesnt stop there, oh no! Whats it like to fly? Utterly brilliant! The light flying weight means that the outrunner motor gives tons of performance, the Radjet will pull massive loops and is capable of some pretty precise aerobatics, its quick, no doubt about it but throttle back and it becomes a total pussycat, fly it like you stole it or glide around, either way its a hoot! So to sum up, it looks great, its easy to assemble, flies brilliantly, is reliable, fast and cheap....Radjet? You better believe it!

Wingspan: 800mm
Length: 590mm
Flying Weight: 400g
Wing Area: 13.85dm2
Wing Loading: 28.9g/dm2
Motor: 1850kv Brushless Outrunner

Spare Prop

4 Channel TX/RX with elevon mixing
1300mAh 3s Lipoly
Servo 9g x 2


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Nice little foamy that performs well. Running on 1300 3S Nano with 30amp mystery ESC and HXT900 servos, with standard prop and motor. Found that the CG is roughly 290mm back from the nose as stated on other forums. Battery slides in nicely and sits hard up against the foam rest with no cutting required. Cut a few extra slots for added cooling
Propeller got my hand on second launching so be extremely careful. Also watch orientation at various angles as the Radjet attitude can be deceiving
So good I bought a second on the Valentine sale
Price has risen by 22% in less than a inflation that bad?
I just love this, even on the stock set up it fly`s great. I have one more left under the bench as a spare. Best to get one whilst you can.
Very good flying plan. Easily built. NTM 2835 3000v motor upgrade is insanely fast!
What is it about Hobbking? The CoG in the instructions is way off as is so often the case with HK instructions. It should be near the front of the finger grip recesses, nowhere near as far forward as suggested. If you use 1300mAh batteries as suggested, then the fuselage has to be cut out to accommodate them and the hatch below the canopy totally ignored. It flies great though once the changes are made.
in April the price was 41.24 dollars in October 47.91 dollars or 10pcnt more for what
Hobby king is getting worse and worse
Great little plane for the money! I'm flying mine with a Zippy Compact 850mah 35c battery and it was easy to balance. I'm using the stock motor, but I switched to an APC 6x5 prop and it's pretty fast and vertical climbing is easy. Flies great, definitely worth the money!
Very happy with my RadJet 800! Just one-day delivery from EU warehouse to NL. Actually this is my second RadJet as the first one got written-off by pilot error flying upside-down at low altitude... It was so much fun I ordered a new one instantly. I use two HTX900 servos and a Turnigy plush 25A ESC. Aside that you need two 12cm servo extensions and some foam safe glue, all available at HK EU.
With the standard 3cell 1300mAh Lipo you are slightly nose heavy, place the lipo as far back as possible in the canopy area. Trim the elevators so that the underside of the elevator is in the middle of the wing piece it mates with- straight flight instantly. I found it helps throwing the RadJet a little upwards, not flat as it takes some time to take up speed and it will sink the first few meters. FUN!
On my second airframe of this little rocket. I really love this prop jet. On a 4S 1000Mah I get about 3-5 minutes of flight. On a 3S 1300Mah I get a solid 5 minutes. Once you get the CG correct it is a very predictable plane. I'm old school and have no clue how to set up EXPO and all that stuff even though my radio has it, Which is from HK too, so if my old butt can have this much fun with it, it is sure to be a solid design. I have had 3 wide open throttle nose down, absolutely horrific crashes with this thing, and another wide open encounter with my big shop. It will take some serious abuse, and with a little fiberglass tape, contact cement, and maybe a balsa splint here or there, you can go out and do it again.

This one is priced extremely well for what you get. I fly mine with the motor and props it comes with and it's a blast. I have a 3800Kv motor coming to see how much faster it will get. If I can improve my flight skills enough, the Red Head Pulse Jet engine I bought from HK as well, will be strapped to it for some no dubitably exciting passes.

BUY IT! you will not be disappointed. I have never even flown a plane this style in all my years and I can even keep up for the most part with the throttle pulled back a little.
sehr schoen ausgefuehrt, auch Decor schon drauf. Material gut und fest, Teile passen gut. Seitenruder koennte man anlenken (waere vorgepraegt). Laest sich gut "tunen" - (staerkerer Motor und staerkerer ESC, 20A ist auch so etwas wenig)

Hoher "Spassfaktor)
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  • HobbyKing® ™ Radjet 800 EPO 800mm w/Motor

  • HobbyKing® ™ Radjet 800 EPO 800mm w/Motor

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