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Hobbyking™ S300 FPV Racer Composite Kit 300mm

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Hobbyking™ S300 FPV Racer Composite Kit 300mm

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The Hobbyking™ S300 is a great looking, 300mm quad frame of advanced design featuring unique outrigger style equipment platforms.

It is built from carbon fiber composite with machined aluminum spacers and a light, aluminum tube undercarriage for maximum durability and performance.
Super-simple assembly is helped by the pre-threaded aluminum spacers and minimal use of retaining nuts. The S300 utilizes only two sizes of bolts for the entire build, making the hardware very easy to keep in order and only requiring one size of hex wrench to assemble.

One of the distinctive features of the S300 is the integral shock-absorbing camera platform at the front, ensuring a clear, gello-free view for a superb FPV experience without the need for any additional mounting brackets. This Clean/Dirty vibration isolating design allows you to set up a tighter PID on your flight control system than would normally be the case.

In addition to the camera mount the S300 features a two further upper deck platforms, providing ample space for your A/V transmitter, receiver and a mini flight controller such as the KK Mini. 
With all of the upper decking neatly accommodating your radio and FPV equipment, the lower platform remains free to house up to a 3s 2200mAh LiPoly battery of your choice. 

All in all, the Hobbyking™ S300 is a fantastic, quick to build little multirotor to take and fly anywhere with the minimum of fuss.

• High quality CNC composite frame
• Integral shock absorbing camera mount
• Interlocking, tabbed construction
• Photo illustrated manual
• Easy assembly
• Compact size for flying in tight spaces
• Wide range of compatible accessories 

Wheelbase: 300mm
Height: 70mm
Frame weight: 126g
Estimated Flying Weight: 512g (w/electronics and battery)
Motor Mount Holes: 16/19mm

4 x 2206 Outrunner Motors 2000~2200kv (or similar size/kv)
4 x 10~15 Amp ESC
4 x 7x3 Prop (2CW & 2CCW)
1 x Multi-Rotor Flight Control Board
1 x 1800~2200mAh 3s 11.1v LiPoly battery
4ch Radio (6ch recommended for FPV and FC use)
FPV gear (optional)

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JOHN | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Jul 03, 2015

This is a nice kit. I have a bunch of quads and this one looks really good. The landing gear is a bit week and the arms flex a little. I'm running the arms upside down because I'm running 2204 2300 kv motors and they don't fit into the cups. Luckily I haven't crashed to hard yet because I don't think the arms would hold up even though they are sandwiched, they are thin. I think there should be some bolstering where the arms connect to the main frame. Other than these gripes this thing flies great and looks great. The 3s 2200Mah battery fits in the frame easy. I usually run 1800Mah for the weight savings. I also run on 4s 1600mah and it's crazy powerful. I run 18amp plush esc in the arms resoldered and shrink wrapped together. Naze32 fc. All up weight with fpv and no battery is 400g. Light and fast.

| Verified Buyer

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Certified Buyer Rated

Apr 20, 2015

Awesome looking frame. It feels nice and sturdy, after its all together. The one problem I have is that there is no mounting holes for your flight controller. It is not wide enough for a standard kk2.1, but a kk mini or naze32 size board will fit fine. Plenty of room for a decent sized battery. If you want to run a bigger motor than the cage will fit, just flip the arms over! I recommend getting this frame. It's definitely an attention grabber and conversation starter.

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