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JR XG11MV 11ch Modular Transmitter with TG2.4XP DMSS Module & RG712BX Receiver (Mode 1)

JR XG11MV 11ch Modular Transmitter with TG2.4XP DMSS Module & RG712BX Rec...


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Modular version of JR Propo's XG11 transmitter. The XG11MV features the same advanced programming functions of the XG11. The XG11MV can transmit virtually any RF protocol system using after market modules, but some channels and features may be lost.

When using JR's DSM2 or DMSS modules all 11 proportional channels can be used along with unique features such as 'model link bind', 'Intelligent output system' (IOS) and XBus. This means that when the DMSS module is fitted you have the same great features as the integrated XG11 but with the flexibility of the DSX11 & XG11 combined.

Pilots who still have 35~72mhz equipment can plug in their current JR 35~72Mhz module and
aerial and use on both PPM & SPCM modulation.

Dual Modulation Spectrum System (DMSS) 2.4GHz protocol offers a secure radio link that combines DSSS and FHSS capabilities into a wideband transmission system and includes high-speed response and high resistance against RF noise. One benefit of DMSS is the JR Intelligent Output System (IOS) which ensures there is no time delay when commanding servos used for critical functions, such as a CCPM swashplate on a helicopter, or when operating a wing control surface with multiple servos.

Receiver voltage telemetry is built in as standard in every DMSS receiver, and add-on sensors will give you real time feedback of information from your model, such as the RPM of an aircraft propeller or helicopter rotor blades, temperature and variometer/altimeter readings. Using an automatic safety system, "Model Link Bind," the receiver will not operate if the correct model has not been selected in the transmitter before flight.

The XG11 transmitter has many exciting features, such as servo balance which equalizes individual servo travel on multi-servo control surfaces. With 5 adjustable points, servos can be matched not only at the center but across the entire throw of the surface.
No matter what kind of airplane, helicopter or glider you fly, the XG11 is designed to enhance your control and deliver the extraordinary level of precision that JR brings.

This version of the XG11MV is supplied with a TG2.4XP DMSS Module and RG712BX DMSS X-Bus Supported Receiver. The popular RG712BX DMSS receiver has 7 PWM ports and 1 XBus port. This receiver also has the ability to be plugged directly into a helicopter flybarless system allowing a single connection between the receiver and FBL unit.

• Interchangable between DMSS, DSM2 and SPCM Modulation (with correct tx module fitted)
• Compatible with JR Propo XBus Serial Data System
• Large, backlit screen
• 30 model internal memory
• Airplane, helicopter and glider program options
• SD card slot for data sharing, storage and updates (SD card required)
• 3F2100 (Li-Fe) 6.4V, 2100mAh 2S transmitter battery pack
• Integrated charging circuit
• 9V AC/DC adapter supplied with automatic shutdown
• Easily adapts to stick modes 1-4
• Data entry via scroll bar and four push-button keys
• Telemetry with receiver voltage sensor built in, optional telemetry sensors available
• 5-point mixing curves with midpoint adjustment
• 3-axis gyro remote sensitivity adjustment
• Balance function for multiple servo setups
• Dual trim options
• Dual side slide-lever controls
• Touch Select System for switch selection
• 11-channel failsafe
• 3 independent programmable timers
• RG712BX diversity receiver
• XBus output x 1 + PWM 7ch output integrated.
• Full telemetry

Model: JR XG11MV 11ch modular transmitter with TG2.4XP DMSS module
Channels: 11
Modulation: DMSS
Band: 2.4GHz
Model types: Airplane, sailplane, helicopter
Model Memory: 30
Mode: Mode 2
Transmitter Battery: 3F2100 LiFe

Model: RG?712?1BX  DMSS 2.4GHz 7ch receiver with XBus
Type: Full range receiver
Channels: 7
Modulation: DMSS
Band: 2.4GHz
Voltage Range: 4.5V~8.5V
Length: 47.5mm
Width: 25.5mm
Height: 14.5mm
Weight: 15g

XG11MV 11ch modular transmitter
3F2100 LiFe transmitter battery
TG2.4XP DMSS Module with antenna
RG712BX receiver
9v AC/DC adapter
Instruction manual


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