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Mercury 3D Flat Foam Depron 900mm w/Motor (Kit)

Mercury 3D Flat Foam Depron 900mm w/Motor (Kit)


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The Mercury is a lightweight and agile high performance 3D plane that will push your skills to the limits! Reinforced with carbon fiber, the Mercury is designed for ultimate 3D and beyond! The light wing loading, combined with massively oversized control surfaces makes this the ultimate indoor 3D/F3P airplane. The vibrant color scheme looks great in the air and on the ground.

The airframe is of all 3mm foam construction with carbon fiber rods reinforcing the fuselage and wing sections. The carbon leading edge keeps the wing stiff, and also protects it from damage if you fly into anything.
To keep flex to a minimum, and precision to the max, the ailerons on the Mercury are fully reinforced with carbon struts that pass through a wing fence. This kit even includes the 2204 1700kv motor and prop saver. Just install your choice of electronics and battery to get the Mercury flying.

The Mercury is a full kit and requires about 4~6 hours to complete.

• Kit - Build to suit your preferences and install your choice of electronics
• 3mm Depron foam airframe with carbon fiber reinforcement
• Ultra-light weight landing gear and wheels
• Vibrant multi-color printed graphics
• Includes 2204 1700kv brushless outrunner motor

Wingspan: 870mm
Length: 980mm
Flying Weight: 175g
Motor: 2204 1700KV brushless

4+ Channel transmitter and micro receiver
3 x 7~9g servos
10amp brushless ESC
2S 7.4V 500mAh lipoly battery
8x4 GWS propeller
Foam safe glue


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Bought one of these, arrived quickly and it looked nice while in the box but it's virtually unusable as the black paint used has "eaten" its way almost right through the depron on the ailerons and wings. Similar erosion effect everywhere the black paint's been used. Pity. HK don't seem keen to reply to my enquiry about it either.
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verified_user Quality
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Wow, this is a real nice plane, very simple to build as long as you have a big, flat surface to build on. All the bits are there to finish it off, including lots of Z bends,CF rod, horns and shrink tubing. Do Not use the supplied Velcro, the glue doesn't stick to the Embossing on the Foam, YMMV. She Flies exactly like one would hope, Like it's on RAILS! total control in any position, slow climbed to hover and it just hung there, and slow rolled with no input, very nice. I don't have video yet, but if you can fly 3D and you want to try a nice F3P Patternship, check this out, cheap and Fun as heck,
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verified_user Quality
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I have recently finished building this plane and can say that it is quite enjoyable to fly. The build itself took 7 hours. That is from receiving the package to completely built. It arrives in pieces and each need to be taped and glued together. The carbon rod ends also sit inside the foam without any real backing to give them support so expect them to fall out of place pretty much every flight. The foam is especially soft which is good for the weight but means that it will flex pretty badly when picking it up for launch. I didn't bother putting the wheels on as they look way too flimsy for anything except a concrete runway which I would not recommend flying over due to the weakness of the plane if you crash.
In terms of flying it works extremely well, handling all the 3d moves i've tried. Compared to the Mini Saturn we have at home it lacks the build quality but handles 3d way better. I am using a 500mah battery, an orangerx 620 receiver with the case removed, the recommended 8x3 props and a hobby king fixed wing 10a esc. I believe using a slightly longer motor wouldn't have too much of an impact on the flight performance if you were looking to save money by buying a cheaper motor.
CA glue with kicker is essential otherwise this model would be too painful to build. Tape is also necessary for the wings.
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