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Mercury Aluminum Alloy 104mm 11 Blade EDF Unit CCW (6S 1900KV)

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Mercury Aluminum Alloy 104mm 11 Blade EDF Unit CCW (6S 1900KV)

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Arguably the ultimate hop up for any EDF jet designed around a 100/90mm fan unit, this Mercury all alloy fan unit delivers up to 5kg of thrust from a 6 cell LiPoly battery at a relatively modest 115A while giving you the impression of a turbine with a vibration free, jet-like "whooshing" noise.

A result of extensive research and development these Taiwanese manufactured 104mm EDF units are on the cutting edge of EDF design.

The housing is made from aircraft grade high tensile Aluminum alloy to improve performance and reduce deformity of the duct during installation. The 11 bladed high tensile aluminum alloy fan reduces high speed deformation by 90%, compared to a conventional ABS or plastic fan and is the result of 18 months of wind-tunnel tests and computer aided evaluation.

All of the Mercury Alloy fan units feature a unique 3 bearing system to eliminate resonance vibration by around 90% and ensure the most efficient transfer of power from the motor to the fan.

Each part is manufactured using precision CNC machining to allow a high level of accuracy in the manufacturing process and ensures strict tolerances can be maintained.

Most importantly, each fan is individually dynamically balanced before leaving the factory to make for exceptional smoothness in operation at all speeds. This is a major factor in achieving the jet-like sound of the unit.

• Unique cooling system (allows motor to down to room temperature within 15~20 seconds half throttle)
• High precision CNC manufacture
• Dynamically balanced
• High tensile aluminum alloy construction
• All alloy
• Optimized Air Flow

Motor: 40mm 1900KV brushless
EDF Unit: 104mm
Battery: 22.2v(6s)
Max Amps: 115A
Watts: 2550 watts (Max)
Thrust: 5000g @ 115A
ESC: 150A
Timing: Auto or 15°
Rotation: CCW
Unit Weight: 495g

Mercury 104mm 1900KV EDF unit
Mounting lugs and screws

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jose carlos | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Fabuloso EDF

Nov 20, 2017

Excelente producto, tiene una pinta impresionante y muy ligero, ademas en cuatro dias lo tenia en casa. MUY BIEN

Christopher | Verified Buyer

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  • Quality

Great sound and good thrust

Mar 03, 2017

OK, so no one has written a review for this one yet so I will. Let's start by saying it's a work of art these fans are. Very well made. The sound they make running all out is great. None as to the manufacture specs......let's just say they are under rating these units. I set mine up with a Castle 160HVF ESC for control. Batteries are the new Graphene 3s1p 6000mah 65c rate packs- 2 of these run in series. I set the fan up on the new RCLander trust stand V2 which the controller has a max. amp out put of 150 amps. Ran the fan up to full throttle and popped the fail safe on the test stand controller. So I rest the unit and started again running it up to just short of it's max amps to 149 amps. At that amp draw, readings were 3,048 watts and teat stand thrust reading was 6.1 kg. Ran it at this for two minutes then slowed down to a bout 25% power for cool down. Fan used 3,000 mah's and motor temp was 169 degrees Fahrenheit. So a lot of thrust and not to bad on the heat, but way over there stated amp ratings @ 150. I would say use some 35 c rated packs which will save you son cash and get the fans power levels closer to what the manufacture specs are. My next test will be in plane with thrust and intake ducts.

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