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Multistar 2206-2150KV 3~4S 320w FPV Racing Motor "The Baby Beast"

Multistar 2206-2150KV 3~4S 320w ...

Looking for the ultimate power system for your next Multi-rotor project? Look no further!
The Turnigy Multistar outrunners are designed with one thing in mind - maximizing Multi-rotor performance! They feature high-end magnets, high qual...

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Looking for the ultimate power system for your next Multi-rotor project? Look no further!
The Turnigy Multistar outrunners are designed with one thing in mind - maximizing Multi-rotor performance! They feature high-end magnets, high quality bearings and high pole counts for less noise, smooth, responsive power and increased efficiency. They have custom motor mounting, and all are precision balanced for smooth running, these motors are engineered specifically for multi-rotor use and are not based on airplane motors.

The 2206-2150KV Multistar nicknamed the “Baby Beast”, is the monster motor for the small 250 class Quadcopters! Designed for 5 or 6 inch 4 blade props, this motor has power on tap, and ready for your fully loaded 250. The motor has been beefed up in all the right places for FPV durability, with 3.17mm center shaft, 11mm prop flange and a 5mm prop shaft, there is no need to worry about the occasional tree in the way. It’s fitted with shimmed and pre-loaded bearings and high-grade silicon wires. If you’re looking for more power, durability and value for your sub-300mm multirotor, think…. Multistar 2206 the Baby Beast

Multistar is simplifying the world of Multi-Rotors with their purpose built product line and taking the guess work out of your setup. 

*Note: lower mounting screw length is critical to check. The lowered housing was reduced in height to make a nice compact 2206, the tradeoff is the motor winding is closer to the bottom, so overly long mounting screws could potentially contact the windings and damage the motor.

Thrust Data
Prop       Type    Thrust        Amps
4 Blade   5040    851grams   18.32amps 

KV(RPM/V): 2150
Lipo cells: 3~4s
Max Power: 320w
Max Amps: 18A
Dimensions(Dia.xL): 27 x 17mm
Motor Shaft: 3.17mm (5mm prop shaft)
Prop shaft: 5mm
Weight: 30g
Bolt hole spacing: 16mm * 19mm
Connectors: 2mm bullet

*Note: The box may reference incorrect power specifications. The power specification listed on this page are correct and accurate 3-4s 320w max


Additional Information

  • Blade Count:
  • Speed (Sec/60deg):
  • Torque(kg)(min. 0.01kg)
  • Diameter X(Inch)
  • A(mm):
  • B(mm):
  • C(mm)
  • D(mm)
  • E(mm):
  • F(mm):
  • SKU
  • Brand
  • Weight(g):
  • Length:
  • Width
  • Height
  • Kv(rpm/v):
  • Max Currents (A):
  • Power (W)
  • Length B (mm)
  • Can Length D(mm):
  • Max Voltage(V):
  • Shaft A(mm)
  • Unit Weight (g)
  • Diameter C(mm):
  • Total Length E(mm):
  • Resistance (mh)

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i Did not try it so far. But be careful:

The specs in the Description say 18 Amps 3-4 S.

The Spec Table says 10 Amps and 2-3 S (which is what the Package says as well.) No Mount ( M3.0 are needed i guess).
Update once i instelled it.

Let me just say that hobbyking makes good products. Motors run great and the price was good. Then while doing a checkout run on my new quad it turned into a 3 bladed lawn dart. Problem? The set screws on the motor were not installed. Glue for the screws lasted long enough to get in the air untill under stress. QC dropped the ball on me.
Ordered 4 of them, two came with noisy ball bearings, reflecting on a lot of vibration in the fpv video recording
the bad : poor quality control (ball bearings).
the good : runs warm with 6x4.5 , 3s battery, powerfull
Great motor with cool design and unstable quality. Ordered 5 of them. Two came disbalanced. One was rotating with noise because plastic clip inside the motor body which holds incoming wires was not in place, dont know how to repair it. Beasts are working with Red Brick 10A ESC (flashed Wii-ESC) at 2S and 3-blade GWS6030 just fine . My quad is almost happy with them, but still vibrating a lot. Will buy more with hope that they will come without defects.
As stated on video they don't actually work with the afro12a v3. Not sure if the afro need firmware update but has de-sync problems. If you do buy this motor with the recommended afro 12a esc make sure you also order the afro esc programmer.
Really very good quality. Best choice for 250 class multi copter
They got a good punch on a Laser230 frame and are decent value for the money, but need quite a bit of balancing. Still, a real nice choice for micro quads.
I got these motors. Running 3S 2200 30C battery with 5X4.5 3 blade props on the low slung 250. The motors are strong come down barely warm. I wish HK would sell them in a kit with two CW and CCW. I had been flying for a while then finally had one of my prop nuts back off resulting in a catastrophic crash broke the frame. I did put red lock tight on the nut, a guess not enough. This time I'm going to get nylock nuts and tie thread around props so they cant spin off. If you run these motors the motors that spin CW will tend to unscrew the prop nut. So M1 and M3 need to double nut lock tight or make sure the nut stays on double check every now and then.
Great little motors. I used them as an upgrade on my FPV250 V2 as I was tired of using 5x3x3 or 5x3x4 props with the stock motors. These swing a 5x3 prop nicely, plenty of power. Could probably even prop up to a 6x4 as these come down cool after a 5 minute flight.
A little heavy motors, but great perfomance. Running at 3S with a 500 gr self design quad, they work fine, smooth and powerfull. Recomended only to heavy microquads with rigid frame
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