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Hobbywing Quicrun WP Brushed Electronic Speed Controller For Rock Crawlers 80A

Hobbywing Quicrun WP Brushed Electronic Speed Controller For Rock Crawlers 80A


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The Hobbywing Quicrun WP Brushed Electronic Speed Controller has been specifically designed with Rock Crawlers in mind, the reliable hardware combined with powerful software (features an array of programmable parameters like start force, drag brake rate etc) creates an ideal power solution to 1/10th, 1/8th rock crawlers.


The waterproof and dust-proof design allows the WP Crawler Brushed esc to be used in all weather conditions and eliminates the risk of damage caused by water or dust ingress.


Hobbywing's innovative, fine-tunable drag brake rate and adjustable brake settings greatly improve the drag brake which delivers excellent results when crawling at your favorite offroad site.


The WP-Crawler-Brushed ESC, features 15 programmable parameters which are applicable to a wide selection of vehicles and track conditions. A standard, dedicated LED program box (included) allows the user to easily program the WP Crawler ESC.


• Specifically designed for 1/10th, 1/8th Rock Crawlers
• Adjustable PWM frequency & advanced DEO / freewheeling technology
• Suitable for all weather conditions
• Excellent braking performance
• Super internal BEC
• 15 Programmable Parameters
• LED Program Box included


Spec Check:
Scale: 1/8th & 1/10th
Cont./Peak Current: 80A / 400A
Input Voltage: 2-3S LiPoly / 5-9 Cell NiMH
BEC Output: Switch Mode 6V / 7.4V@3A
Input Connectors: XT60
Output Connectors: No
Size: 36.2 x 31.6 x 17.0mm
Weight: 58.5g


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verified_user Quality
playlist_add_check Overall
trending_up Value
Questo esc è veramente eccezionale, ha veramente tante opzioni da poter settare, è in grado di modificare drasticamente il comportamento del veicolo su cui viene montato.
Grazie a questo esc ho potuto di nuovo assaporare la bontà del mio radiocomando, ha una erogazione della potenza estremamente precisa ogni più piccolo movimento del grilletto viene riportato al motore garantendo le massime prestazioni in qualsiasi circostanza ed una precisione indiscutibile.
La qualità dei materiali con cui è fatto è indubbia.
I cavi sono così lunghi che su una 1:10 quasi sono esagerati ma va bene così, ci si può veramente sbizzarrire nella posizione dell'esc grazie a questi lunghi cavi!!!
Per quanto mi riguarda questo esc è un must have per tutti coloro che vogliono avere il massimo dal proprio motore a spazzole!!!
---------------------------------- English version -----------------------------------
This esc is really exceptional, it has really many options to set, it is able to drastically change the behavior of the vehicle on which it is mounted
Thanks to this I could again enjoy the goodness of my radio control, it has an extremely precise power output, every small movement of the trigger is brought back to the engine, guaranteeing maximum performance in any circumstance and an indisputable precision.
The quality of the materials with which it is made is indisputable.
The cables are so long that on a 1:10 they are almost exaggerated but it's okay, you can really give the free way to fantasy in positioning the esc thanks to these long cables!!!
As far as I'm concerned, this esc is a must have for all those who want to get the most out of their brushed engine!!!
Highly recommended!!!!!!!
verified_user Quality
playlist_add_check Overall
trending_up Value
trending_up Value
verified_user Quality
playlist_add_check Overall
This ESC is probably one of the best ESCs for brushed motors in RC cars. It has very useful programming options, is waterproof and it light and small. Well worth the extra money over the cheap options. I use it in a monster truck, on road F1 car and will use in a buggy as well.
trending_up Value
verified_user Quality
playlist_add_check Overall
playlist_add_check Overall
trending_up Value
verified_user Quality
I've been using mines for a while on my SCX10 as a trail rig with a variety of motors and set ups and it's been great!
Ambient temperature is still quite cold where i am. Around 10C / 50F. Running a 17 turn 540 motor on 3s lipo, bashing it around on the beach and crawling / up hills it didn't even get warm. Cold to the touch.
I ran it on a 1600ft hill walk over about 5 hours, through thick mud, up steep rocks etc. 3s lipo, 21t GoolRC 540 motor and 13/87 gearing. The ESC didn't even get luke warm where as the motor was on it's limit.
After playing around with the settings i've finally got it running how i want it on a 65t motor. With this motor the ESC is silent. No whine from it at all which is great for scale driving.
The LVC works great. Around 3.8v for the high setting so just perfect for storage after running.
There is no shortage of settings and having the little remote box to change settings without having to unplug the ESC is very handy.
It's 100% waterproof from my experience. I've submerged it fully several times just as it is, and it's never so much as glitched once.
For the price, this ESC cannot be beaten. It's better than some of the other bigger brands that cost 3 x as much.
playlist_add_check Overall
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verified_user Quality
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