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TBS Dominator RX (5.8GHz) V1.3

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TBS Dominator RX (5.8GHz) V1.3

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The TBS Dominator compatible Rx unit (V1.3) 5.8 GHz receiver module is made specially for the Fatshark Dominators. Featuring custom, high-sensitivity 5.8 GHz receiver modules compatible with all 5.8 GHz systems sold to date. More specifically transmitters sold by HobbyKing, Foxtech, etc and out-of-the-box systems such as the SpyHawk FPV are supported, as well as all Airwave-compatible transmitters (e.g. ImmersionRC).

Note: compatibility with Airwave is provided, but the quality will not be desireable. We suggest the use of BOSCAM video transmitters.

• 40-channel compatibility across 5 bands, 8 channels each
• Channel scan trigger
• Fatshark Dominator compatible, toggles channels using the Fatshark button
• Included 5dBi circular polarized patch antenna designed by IBCrazy (Video Aerial Systems LLC)
• Serial input protocol to access functions (for our DIY folks!)
• Works with all BOSCAM A/V transmitters (200mW, 400mW, 500mW)
• Works with Airwave transmitters (tested with the new ImmersionRC 600mW)
• Can be installed into Fatshark Attitude goggles

Input Voltage: 3.5 - 5V
Channels: 40 (5 Bands with 8 channels each)
Sensitivity: -90dBm
Antenna: RP-SMA connector
Dimensions: 25 x 42mm
Weight: 20.5g (with antenna)

5.8 GHz TBS Fatshark Dominator Receiver
5.8 GHz 5dbi RHCP Patch Antenna - designed by IBCrazy

1 - Band A, 2 - Band B, 3 - Band E, 4 – Airwave, 5 - Race
CH1 5865 5733 5705 5740 5658
CH2 5845 5752 5685 5760 5695
CH3 5825 5771 5665 5780 5732
CH4 5805 5790 5645 5800 5769
CH5 5785 5809 5885 5820 5806
CH6 5765 5828 5905 5840 5843
CH7 5745 5847 5925 5860 5880
CH8 5725 5866 5945 5880 5917


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