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Turnigy 160A 1:8th Scale Sensorless ESC w/Fan

Turnigy 160A 1:8th Scale Sensorl...

Turnigy 160A 1:8th Scale Sensorless ESC w/Fan

Input Voltage: 2~4 Cell Lipoly
Operating Current: 120A (160A Peak)
LVC Cut-off: Autodetect (3.2v/Cell)
Over input voltage protection: Above 5S
Thermal Pr...

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Turnigy 160A 1:8th Scale Sensorless ESC w/Fan

Input Voltage: 2~4 Cell Lipoly
Operating Current: 120A (160A Peak)
LVC Cut-off: Autodetect (3.2v/Cell)
Over input voltage protection: Above 5S
Thermal Protection: 95deg C
Lost RX Protection: Yes, Delay 0.5sec
BEC: 6v, 3A
Dimensions: 54.9x47x36mm
Weight: 116g

Programming Options*
Battery Type: Auto, NiCD, NiMH
Operation Mode: Forward/Revers, Forward Only
Initial Brake: 10% ~ 80%
Drake Brake: 0% ~ 30%
Motor Timing: Low, Normal, High
Acceleration: Low Medium, High
Forward Limit: 0% ~ 90%
Reverse limit: 10% ~ 100%
Drive Frequency: 8Khz, 16Khz
Dead Band: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 
Rotation: Normal, Reverse

* Requires programming box.


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great esc, no problems
I didn't use this product, sorry
Buon regolatore da usare su automodelli in scala 1/8 e 1/10 sua on road che off road si pu usare con motori non eccessivamente spinti considerando che ha 120 A solo di picco sono 160 A quindi da non esagerare con i kv dei motori per 1/8, comunque consigliato.
Powerfull, got it along with a 2100 kv turnigy. Runs good in My Slash 4x4
very powerful durable easy set up need better instrutions
Exelente variador de velocidades, a 7.4v lipo provoca"wheelies" en mi E-Maxx.
Installed my esc into an rc8be with turnigy 1900kv motor. I was very happy with performance using 4s 5000 20c turnigy lipo. I then changed to 18t pinion and esc blew up on the first run. Not sure if it was over geared .
Bought this for my sons traxxas REVO 3.3 brushless conversion so far great esc running on 3s and truck is same speed when the 3.3 was in it very easy conversion to
Hey everyone, This is a VERY cool esc its running very cool with the 2350kv sensored trackstar (without the need of the sensor cable plugged in. I have got the bug now & have also ordered the 1900kv to see how power differs, next on my list is the 2650kv) Its working perfectly with the default settings, Lots of Ooommmphhh. One thing I liked extra about this ESC is that you can program it without the need of a program card, using the button on the on off switch & the LED flashing counts which makes this possible..

I have run it 4 times through a 4s 5800 25c lipo in a buggy, & now need new tyres, thats how good this combo is performing... 48t & 18t pinion

& above all it was value for money to begin with, & it all payed off subsequently, I was in 2 minds thinking will this combo even come close???

YES it came close & has even made way for my other builds, saving me even more money..

Apart from the mamba I originally wanted the 150a trackster or HK 150a esc, BUT this was in stock and being cheaper & its power surprised me, SO dont hold back people, get it whilst you can, IT will fitt the GAP for much less then xXx...
New review here. After initially having trouble with this ESC I worked through all the problems and although it took a while I did manage to get a working speedo. At this point I can tell you that if you can avoid the bind problems its a very good speedo. I have this in my hyper/ofna 7 conversion and run it on 1900kv motor with 21t pinion. Its very smooth but sometimes from a standing start does cog to a point where the car does not move, however after another pull of the trigger sets off just fine. Speeds are good and the car runs around the 45mph zone, a little faster under certain conditions. I would recommend this to others.
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