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Turnigy H.A.L. (Heavy Aerial Lift) Quadcopter Frame 585mm

Turnigy H.A.L. (Heavy Aerial Lif...

The Turnigy H.A.L. (Heavy Aerial Lift) Quadcopter Frame is crafted from high quality anodized aluminium offering both great looks and performance. The H.A.L. has been designed in-house by our engineering team and manu...

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essential items and

The Turnigy H.A.L. (Heavy Aerial Lift) Quadcopter Frame is crafted from high quality anodized aluminium offering both great looks and performance. The H.A.L. has been designed in-house by our engineering team and manufactured ourselves to keep costs low. We set out to create an aerial video platform that would provide high performance at a price that won't break the bank, and we have achieved that goal!

The extended carbon fiber lading skids and wide variety of motor mounting options make this frame ideal for carrying payloads such as camera systems and other electronic components. This makes an exceptional camera rig for capturing awesome aerial video!*

The H.A.L. also features a stylish removable dome to protect the electronics and provide a tidy look on the main frame. We have even designed an optional aluminium landing skid set for those who do not plan to use this frame for aerial video (see related items below).

H.A.L's motor mounting plates allow for top or bottom mounting of 28 and 35 size brushless outrunner motors. We also offer a full line of quality multi-rotor electronics such as multi-rotor control board, ESC, motors and more, so there is no need to compromise on your electronics setup either!

*Optional 3-axis camera gimbal/mount available, please see related items below.

Weight: 614g (w/out electronics)
Width: 585mm
Motor Bolt Holes: 16/19/25mm
X or + Landing gear setup

28-XX or 35-XX brushless outrunner motor x 4
18~30A brushless ESC x 4
8x4~10x4.7 propeller x 4 (2 standard/2 reverse rotation)
Multi-rotor control board
2200~3000mAh 11.1V lipoly
4CH Transmitter & Receiver


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questo quad e molto robusto per la sua categoria un po macchinoso per la costruzione, un po pesanta per la sua categoria ma ottimo nella rigidit?.
I am very happy with this frame, It's just that I wanted. This frame is strong and a little heavy so in my opinion will be good idea upgrade to X8 octocopter. Please upgrade, it's very easy.
Its big and little bit difficult to assembling.

BTW. Its looking great.
Very nice drone and very affordable
decepcio es la paraula correcta. pesa molt. massa. amb motors 28 vola molt justet. he tingut que cambiar a motor 35 i variadors de 5 amp. pales 10x5. l'unica forma de volar amb seguretar. te l'espai just per ficar l'electronica. sense gaires alegries d'espai. mes aviat al contrari. lo pitjor es el tren d'aterratge. prim, debil, justet. est trenca com tant sols mira-ho. les peces de plastic de color taronja son una merda. es trencan molt facilment. encara que sigui de metall no aguanta gaire. es doblega facilment. per portar una camara sony tipo handycam, es te que motoritzar molt be. amb el pes de les bateries i la camara queda molt pesat i si a sobre el tren es una merda. doncs ja tens un bon pollastre. aterrar manual. si aterras amb la placa segur que trenques el tren.
Good frame. Looks nice, but the landing gear breaks easily. The motor mounts have a tendency to bend in hard crashes, but I have never broken the arms, despite having many hard crashes.
Not the best, motor mounts are super soft, if you crash almost certain will result in bend arms or motor mounts, overall I would say it is alright if you expert pilot, but if you new to it or a bit kamikaze I don't think is a good Idea! .. Lading gear also is very fragile.
This is my second H.A.L. (first one has crashed by prop destroying in the air). I am very pleased with frame quality and durability. When crashed it saves all my electronics and had lost just legs and one tube. Ordered full frame set to have more spare parts.
the only complaint I have is that the landing gear is very weak. the plastic joints cant take the weight of the quad.
the instructions are not good, but the quality of the multi-rotor it self its really good, and the price is better
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