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Turnigy TGY-i10 10ch 2.4Ghz Digital Proportional RC System with Telemetry (Mode 1)

Turnigy TGY-i10 10ch 2.4Ghz Digi...

Looking for a 10 channel radio system complete with onboard telemetry? The Turnigy TGY-i10 has arrived! The TGY-i10 is bursting with features which are perfect for the modeller who requires maximum control and real time telemetry. 

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Looking for a 10 channel radio system complete with onboard telemetry? The Turnigy TGY-i10 has arrived! The TGY-i10 is bursting with features which are perfect for the modeller who requires maximum control and real time telemetry. 

The TGY-i10 uses 2.4GHz AFHDS 2 (automatic frequency hopping digital system 2) which spans the whole frequency band. Equipped with a high sensitivity receiver, this radio system guarantees an optimal and highly secure link between the transmitter and receiver. 

The innovative design of the new TGY-i10 makes the handset extremely lightweight while the menu items and data is presented on its 3.55 inch TFT touch screen!

The TGY-i10 radio system uses high gain, high quality multi directional antennas, each transmitter has a unique ID, when binding, the receiver saves that unique ID and will only accept signals from the transmitter it is matched with, this prevents interference from any other radios and ensures the safety of your model. 

The TGY-i10 radio system utilizes extremely efficient components and high speed processor chips for those complicated mixing settings. In comparison this radio system uses 1/10th of the power of a standard FM system. 

Another key feature of the TGY-i10 is its telemetry capabilities, the radio system has the ability to monitor real time rpm / voltage and temperature data which provides added security when flying your models. 

If you require more than 10 channels an i-Bus receiver (TGY-AEV01) is included, which will provide you with an extra 4 channels which allows an additional 16 servos to be connected. 

The TGY-i10 really is one of the most intelligent and innovative radio systems available today and all at a price that will not break the bank!

• 2.4 Ghz AFHDS 2 (automatic frequency hopping digital system)
• Compatible with all TGY AFHDS receivers
• Real time telemetry monitors signal strength, Rx voltage, flight pack voltage, RPM and temperature
• Audio and visual warnings when limits are exceeded
• 3.55 inch, 240 by 400 pixels (WQVGA) colour, high contrast TFT-LCD touch screen
• Power on/off safety feature
• 3 way switch x 2, 2 way switch x 5, momentary switch x 1 and slider control switch x 2
• Easy access pop up / down VR controllers x 3
• High-precision double ball bearing gimbal and ergonomic design
• Double antenna structure for improved signal transmission 
• 20 model memory including memory expansion slot 
• Free software upgrades available online 

Transmitter Functions Include:  
General functions: Flight conditions, linear, curve mixing, functions, channel, throttle delays, channel mixing, logic switches, Aircraft type, RX setup, dual rates, expo, endpoint adjustment, channel offset, trim, subtrim, throttle down, curve, delay, reverse, system menu, model name, timers etc.

Airplane / Glider functions: Aileron, flap, spoiler, elevator to flap, butterfly, V-tail, dual elevator etc. 

Helicopter functions: Throttle hold, mix, curve, pitch curve, swashplate mixing, type, ring, governor, gyroscope etc. 

Channels: 10
Model Type: Helicopter / airplane / glider
RF Range: 2.4055-2.475GHz
bandwidth: 500KHz
Band: 140
RF Power: Less than 20 dBm
2.4G system: AFHDS2A
Code type: GFSK
Low Voltage Warning: Yes (less than 3.75V)
DSC port: Yes (USB, HID)
Memory Expansion: SD card
Antenna Length: 26mmx2
Weight: 620 grams (with battery)
Battery Capacity: 3.7V (1700mAh)
Dimension: 195 x 189 x 43mm

Package Includes:
(TGY-iA10) 10 Channel 2.4GHz receiver
(TGY-BA1700) Li-ion battery 1700mah
(TGY-ATM01) Thermometer sensor
(TGY-AVT01) Voltage sensor (optical module)
(TGY-APD02) RPM sensor
(TGY-AEV01) I-bus receiver
Trainer Cable
Micro USB cable
Stylus pen
User Manual (CD)


Additional Information

  • Blade Count:
  • Speed (Sec/60deg):
  • Kv(rpm/v)
  • Torque(kg)(min. 0.01kg)
  • Diameter X(Inch):
  • Max Currents (A):
  • Power (W)
  • A(mm)
  • B(mm):
  • Length B (mm):
  • C(mm)
  • Can Length D(mm)
  • Max Voltage(V):
  • D(mm):
  • Shaft A(mm)
  • E(mm)
  • F(mm):
  • Diameter C(mm):
  • Total Length E(mm)
  • SKU
  • Brand:
  • Weight(g):
  • Length
  • Width
  • Height:
  • Capacity (mAh):
  • Discharge(c)
  • Length-A(mm)
  • Height-B(mm):
  • Width-C(mm):
  • Unit Weight (g)
  • Max Charge Rate(C)
  • Watt Hour:
  • Discharge Plug:

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love the looks and feel of it. Light, yet gimbals feel solid. I would like a ratchet or detent on the throttle, but I'l get used to it. One issue i had with elevator exponential. It would jump to 100% expo and I could not adjust it. I then used the airplane structure menu and used the modify option to tell it there were two elev servos, I had assigned it to aux 1 (chan 5) when this window sees that there are two servos, it wants the second on channel 9. so i reset to factory setting, then put it on chan 9 and now the rate and expo functions work as they should. That is kind of a 'gotcha' but it would be nice if we had a "problem-fix" info sheet somewhere for this type of issue.
Acquistata per il suo aspetto meraviglioso, display semplice, non ho ancora letto il manuale perchè e semplicissima, leggerezza e confort senza confronti, manovrabilità eccezionale, paragonata a Aurora 9ch Hitec, non ci sono paragoni, molto più semplice, ottima radio anche per principianti. la consiglio a tutti.
Ottimo telecomando della Turnigy di ultima generazione provvisto di 10 canali ricevitore e sistema di telemetria
ho avuto dei problemi sulla ricevente in quanto se collegavo sia con una Y o con la miscelazione due servi vi erano dei comportamenti strani su entrambi i servocomandi. Dopo un'accurato controlla delle batterie e di tutto l'impianto elettrico sono arrivato ad una conclusione, il problema era sull'alimentazione del ricevitore che durante il lavoro dei servi vi erano dei picchi i quali creavano dei disturbi ai servi. Ho risolto il problema inserendo un condensatore elettrolitico di 2200mF 25VL direttamente al ricevitore su un canale libero in modo da eliminare eventuali picchi prodotti dai servi. Con questa soluzione ho eliminato completamente il problema. Per chiarimenti sono a vostra disposizione
Best Price for a 10ch with telemtry 2 receivers voltage sensor and all extra's,

even 16ch is posseble. 5 minute job to convert to mode 2 easyst one so far and big savings
Hey all....
Habe die Funke seit knapp zwei Wochen....
Ein Hammer was Preis/Leistung anbelangt !!! Mega Ausstattung super einfach zu programmieren und klasse verarbeitet....
Ich nutze die Funke fr Multicopter und lsst keine Wnsche offen.
Kann das Teil nur empfehlen !!! Viel Fernsteuerung fr schmales Geld....
Bonjour, je viens dacqurir une radio TGY-i 10 (firmware qui satisfait toutes mes attentes. Seul le point suivant m'interpelle .

L'autonomie: 1h 55mn

J'ai effectu les mesures suivantes:

A la dernire alarme et extinction de lmetteur la tension de la batterie mesure est de 3,75V affiche sur lcran 3,6V. Le courant mesur pendant le fonctionnement est de 0,195A. J'ai sorti la batterie de lmetteur et continu la dcharge sous un courant de 0,2A jusqu la tension de batterie de 3,5V; dure 3h 42mn. J'ai prolong la dcharge jusqu' 3,3V (tension darrt des accus de propulsion Lipo) et obtenu 49mn supplmentaires.

En consquence serait-il possible d'ajuster, par fonction sur l'cran, le seuil de dclenchement de la dernire alarme avant coupure ou la lecture de la valeur de la tension affiche.
Review Turnigy Fsi10
After three mouths intensively flying and testing with my Edge 540 and Extra 260 Im still enthusiastic about this Turnigy TGY i10 transmitter/receiver set. Of course there are a lot of members in my association who still cant believe that you can build a reliable transmitter set for roughly 250 dollars and they all are waiting for the day that they can say You see I told you so. My experience is that Turnigy produces a lot of reliable, solid and durable products for a highly competitive price. Technically this set is equal to the Carson Reflex Stick Ultimate Touch or the FlyskyFs i10. Of course the last two are very good looking but Im very glad that Turnigy puts the vertical trim is better reachable. I subscribe the description of the TGY i10 on the HK site.

great but how can i change the channels
throttle is channel 3 and so long for the others
i need throttle on channel 1 how can i reaffect throttle to channel 1 if there is a way to do this
I bought this item on 19/05/2015 . Item was faulty - USB broken port. I have sended item back, with was received by HK on 2/06/2015 (EMS tracked). Today is 19/07/2015. SEVEN (7) weeks passed since they received broken item and no new item or money back. Should I be happy?
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  • Tunrigy i10 Firmware Updates

  • Tunrigy i10 Firmware Updates

  • Tunrigy i10 Firmware Updates

  • Tunrigy i10 Firmware Updates

  • Tunrigy i10 Firmware Updates

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