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Turnigy TGY-i10 10ch 2.4GHz Digital Proportional RC System with Telemetry (Mode 2)

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Turnigy TGY-i10 10ch 2.4GHz Digital Proportional RC System with Telemetry (Mode 2)


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Looking for a 10 channel radio system complete with on board telemetry? The Turnigy TGY-i10 has arrived! The TGY-i10 is bursting with features which are perfect for the modeller who requires maximum control and real time telemetry.

The TGY-i10 uses 2.4GHz AFHDS 2 (automatic frequency hopping digital system 2) which spans the whole frequency band. Equipped with a high sensitivity receiver, this radio system guarantees an optimal and highly secure link between the transmitter and receiver.

The innovative design of the new TGY-i10 makes the handset extremely lightweight while the menu items and data is presented on its 3.55 inch TFT touch screen!

The TGY-i10 radio system uses high gain, high quality multi directional antennas, each transmitter has a unique ID, when binding, the receiver saves that unique ID and will only accept signals from the transmitter it is matched with, this prevents interference from any other radios and ensures the safety of your model.

The TGY-i10 radio system utilizes extremely efficient components and high speed processor chips for those complicated mixing settings. In comparison this radio system uses 1/10th of the power of a standard FM system.

Another key feature of the TGY-i10 is its telemetry capabilities, the radio system has the ability to monitor real time rpm / voltage and temperature data which provides added security when flying your models.

If you require more than 10 channels an i-Bus receiver (TGY-AEV01) is included, which will provide you with an extra 4 channels which allows an additional 16 servos to be connected.

The TGY-i10 really is one of the most intelligent and innovative radio systems available today and all at a price that will not break the bank!

• 2.4 GHz AFHDS 2 (automatic frequency hopping digital system)
• Compatible with all TGY AFHDS receivers
• Real time telemetry monitors signal strength, Rx voltage, flight pack voltage, RPM and temperature
• Audio and visual warnings when limits are exceeded
• 3.55 inch, 240 by 400 pixels (WQVGA) colour, high contrast TFT-LCD touch screen
• Power on/off safety feature
• 3 way switch x 2, 2 way switch x 5, momentary switch x 1 and slider control switch x 2
• Easy access pop up / down VR controllers x 3
• High-precision double ball bearing gimbal and ergonomic design
• Double antenna structure for improved signal transmission
• 20 model memory including memory expansion slot
• Free software upgrades available online

Transmitter Functions Include:  
General functions: Flight conditions, linear / curve mixing, functions / channel / throttle delays, channel mixing, logic switches, Aircraft type, RX setup, dual rates / expo, endpoint adjustment, channel offset, trim / subtrim, throttle down / curve / delay / reverse, system menu, model name, timers etc.
Airplane / Glider functions: Aileron / flap / spoiler, elevator to flap, butterfly, V-tail, dual elevator etc.
Helicopter functions: Throttle hold / mix / curve, pitch curve, swashplate mixing / type / ring, governor, gyroscope etc.

Channels: 10
Model Type: Helicopter / airplane / glider
RF Range: 2.4055-2.475GHz
bandwidth: 500KHz
Band: 140
RF Power: Less than 20 dBm
2.4G system: AFHDS2A
Code type: GFSK
Low Voltage Warning: Yes (less than 3.75V)
DSC port: Yes (USB, HID)
Memory Expansion: SD card
Antenna Length: 26mmx2
Weight: 620 grams (with battery)
Battery Capacity: 3.7V (1700mAh)
Dimension: 195 x 189 x 43mm

Package Includes:
(TGY-iA10) 10 Channel 2.4GHz receiver
(TGY-BA1700) Li-ion battery 1700mah
(TGY-ATM01) Thermometer sensor
(TGY-AVT01) Voltage sensor (optical module)
(TGY-APD02) RPM sensor
(TGY-AEV01) I-bus receiverMicro USB cable
Trainer Cable
Stylus pen
User Manual (CD)

*Firmware upgrade
 Version: TGY-i10 19-3-2015

This update fixes some bugs and adds refinements to the programming.  It also improves the overall stability of the system.

Warning!  Please make sure all your current models on the TGY-i10 must be stored on a SD card before you proceed to firmware upgrade.  Otherwise all the model memories in the transimitter will be lost.

Please find the upgrade firmware in the files tab. 

  • Capacity (mAh) 1700.00

Dimension Diagram Guide

  • attributeset-12


  • Turnigy i10 Telemetry Radio
  • Tunrigy i10 Firmware Updates
  • Tunrigy i10 Firmware Updates
  • Tunrigy i10 Firmware Updates
  • Tunrigy i10 Firmware Updates
  • Tunrigy i10 Firmware Updates
  • Tunrigy i10 Firmware Updates
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Rob | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

very nice transmitter with very much possibilities.!

Apr 14, 2018

very nice and good transmitter

Aaron | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

out of the box fail

Apr 01, 2018

bought this a while ago in preparation for my first drone. finally take it out of the box and the left stick has no response on either servo or servo display on screen for rudder and throttle. update to the latest version of firmware oh and it fails update, awesome thanks for coming, now as every one else that comments on this i have the same problem, i have a shiny paper weight that doesn't turn on. great product... not

Zhangyu | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

The best in the market

Dec 31, 2017

So if you thinking about to buy this, I would say buy it right now. I am a European Champion modeler, before i have expensive transmitters. To set a new model was always a pain and the receivers was also very expensive. 0 problem with this i10, and not a pain anymore to set a model, and the receivers are very cheap. You can not find better in the market than this. Hall effect gimbals should be a blessing for all of us who use this transmitter.

Rosario | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Really nice radio for the money

Nov 03, 2017

I have been a Futaba man all my time in this hobby 40 + years. I have the old attack R 2 ch when I first started out- T6ch EX Fasst & 7ch Heli Fasst radios and 2 old 2 ch pistol grip sport radios. I was looking to buy a newer radio w/s bus capability when I ran across the TGY i10 I could not believe all the options it came with & telemetry it has all the features I wanted and then some! It feels awesome in my hands well balanced,thin, light weight it did not feel like a $100 "plastic" cheap radio to me at all very VERY pleased with it I almost bought the 9ch Taranis but only for the voice feature I thought it would be very helpful to "hear" my low battery or time warning rather than try and look down or listen for the beeps & I did not want to spend a extra 80'ish more dollars just for that. I did contact HK and was told that it will be mentioned in the next meeting to maybe add that feature in a software up date if HK would do that this would be the PERFECT RADIO IMO hands down! I really like this radio for the money and everything it has to offer you just can't go wrong. HK PLEASE offer the software up date for the voice feature there would be a lot of HAPPY HAPPY TGY i10 radio users for sure!

Steve | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Super nice

Oct 26, 2017

WOW. All I can say is wow. I went from a Futaba 9 ch to this guy and the TGY-I10 is awesome. Cant beat the price. Super simple setup. Its dummy proof...

Honggu | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Great Value and capability

Sep 25, 2017

Im using this radio for bunch of my DIY planes.
It works fine and great.
I am buying Quad for rtf one. I am planning to use this awesome radio.
That telelemrly system works just fine, voltage is accurate.
It really helps me through flight

T-Bone | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Set up tips for PX4 / Pixhawk

Aug 31, 2017

Step 1, upgrade firmware on both tx and rx. all done through supplied usb cable.
Step 2, under rx setup, enable ppm. this gives you 8 channels on ch1 output on receiver.
Step 3, plug in supplied ibus servo extension module for channel 9 and 10 use.
Step 4, leave the model type as plane to allow 6 flight modes to be setup using conditions. video will be available on youtube channel Shift Happens.

T-Bone | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

The best value for money

Aug 25, 2017

What's awesome.
The screen, size, buttons/controls, included battery, included accessories/sensors, ability to update.
Once updated, you can use the receiver in PPM mode for pixhawk which is not advertised. I almost wasted my money on buying the iA10B receiver seperately.
What's not so awesome.
The drone mode removes a lot of usable settings like end points, linear mixing, etc, why!??!!? this makes this mode useless for me as i want 6 flight modes, using another mode just means the image is of a plane, but still, it annoys me. and would be an easy fix.
Please fix this issue HK!
Other than that this is awesome value for money.

Daniel | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Nice thing ... good surprise!

Aug 18, 2017

Just received on this aug 2017, has a right firmware version (1.07/07-08-2015, including quadcopter!).
- Good packing, nice rx sensors (easy to set up), good and soft sticks, excellent ergonomy. SD card (accepts TF micro card) is a real plus!
It tooks some time for finding functions and programming a test fixed wing model.
- First checks and feeling: looking good and working, I keep it!
So I opened and modded it a bit (set to mode 1, bigger internal battery, reverse the handle, install a sun shade). Will add a charging socket for USB plug longer life and buy other receivers. No real need to update firmware, for my usage...
Still the "throtlle cut" problem, but can be OK using a condition switch and flat curve!
- All included sensors work, an extra altitude one works also: telemetry is nearly perfect, but limited to 4 lines! I will never need all the features: I prefer to fly than spending time to track potential bugs...!
- This system is pleasant, handy, modern and good price! Included help files are useful for learning the system specificities and succeed the programming.
- Now, remains me the range test in open field: I hope more than 800m for my gliders? This will be the key of being fully happy!

Clark06000 | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Turnigy TGY-i10

Aug 16, 2017

Quickly shipped and received... and paid $50 taxes to customs-UPS!
- Beautiful tx. All OK, nice box, good packing. Only English choice: missing other langages...
- Firmware version 1.07 from 07-08-2015, including quadcopter (good surprise!)! But Throttle issue still there!
- I have easily changed to mode 1, installed a stronger flat lipo (5.400mah), reversed the handle,
- Stick springs are Ok for me. Will put a shade mask and a charge plug to avoid USB breakage.
- Very complete and friendly programming... after some hours. Lots of features (generally only 25% are used) for future complex models.
- Middle range, to pass good flying time, not really for champions.
- Don't accept mounting other HF module (i.e. Frsky, ...) but will bind with most existing flysky receivers!
- Perfect telemetry (easy to setup). convenient sensors included (just missing the altitude one). Hoping future GPS one for fixed wings.
- But alarms can't be shut off quickly and kill the ears! Should be revised...
Good price, light weight and small, very good ergonomy, ...: what else to ask?

Customer files
No File Name Download [3151]
Manual - Eng Download [7612]
Nearby perfect control desk Download [4200]
control desk Multiplex SX Download [4152]
6channel-IA6B with sensors TGY-AVT 01 Download [1234]
Factory mode Download [1929]
Declaration of Conformity Download [67]
Handleiding Turnigy TGY I10 Download [7764]
FW update failed - dead - HOW TO Download [219]
Howto update FW Download [112]
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