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Wilga 2000 EPO 950mm w/Flaps (PNF)

Wilga 2000 EPO 950mm w/Flaps (PNF)

The Polish built Wilga is famed for it's STOL capability and ruggedness, two features that this great little scale model also shares!

Manufactured from ultra-tough EPO foam, this Wilga is nicely molded with plenty of detail, assembly ...

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The Polish built Wilga is famed for it's STOL capability and ruggedness, two features that this great little scale model also shares!

Manufactured from ultra-tough EPO foam, this Wilga is nicely molded with plenty of detail, assembly is fast, helped by the included brushless motor, servo's and ESC all being pre-installed. Considering it's price, this great looking Wilga is packed with features, including sprung main wheels and tail wheel, hinged side door with a latch for easy battery access, pre-fitted flaps and a scale prop that is secured by a practical O-ring saver.

This Wilga is the perfect scale parkflyer, it's combination of a light flying weight and toughness make the Wilga easy to live with and it's slow fly capability, especially when using the pre-installed flaps is impressive, this is a brilliant model for a relaxing days flying!

Plug and Fly - Simply add your own RX and Battery! (not included)
Tough Epo Construction
High Level of Scale Detail
Easy and Fast Assembly
Flaps Pre-Installed as Standard
Removable 1pc Wing for Easy Transport
Sprung Main Under-Carriage Wheels
Sprung, Steerable Tailwheel
Motor, Servo's and ESC Pre-Installed
O-Ring Prop Saver for Reliability

2 x Scale Prop

Material: EPO
Wingspan: 950mm
Length: 678mm
Flying Weight: 360g
Speed Controller: 15A brushless ESC w/BEC
Servo: 1 x 8g and 3 x 6g
Motor: 2226-2300kv Brushless Outrunner
5 Channel

Your own 5~6 Channel Tx/Rx
2s 7.4V 1000mAh Lipoly Battery

* ESC Uses JST style Connector


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Ordered Sunday, delivered in Qld Thursday. much improved on recent orders.

What a cute little thing. About the same wingspan as my Ares Gamma, but really only about half the size. Went together very easily, but the elevator servo was dead when powered up. Not a problem, as I won't try flying it until I get some bigger wheels. those sweet little things would never handle our grass. I think it's going to be perfect for my grandson's next plane, after the little Ho88yZone Sport cub.

Now come on HK, get the Yak 12 sister plane in Oz, it would be nice to have the pair.
Outstanding design, packing all 5 channels into a lightweight parkflyer. I maidened mine yesterday and the sprung gear made it a joy to fly from the paved runway at my local sanctioned field. It balanced at 52mm but was still a bit tailheavy, si I'll probably ditch the prop saver and use a collet mount for extra weight up front.

Until I nail the CG at its optimum, I used no more than takeoff flaps of 10 degrees or so, but they work perfectly and make her an even easier flyer. The wide and tall gear made the Wilga a smooth lander, too. There were spotty rain showers passing so I only flew two packs' worth or 15 minutes total, but she's a delight,

If I get the Easysky Yak or another Wilga, the only mod I might do would be substituting Dubro micro clevises for the supplied ez-connectors for easier fine adjustments. Top marks, a lovely airplane!
Plane and other items arrived today. I've only dry-fit the parts, but I can say this, I'm sure glad I bought it.
RCGroups has a lot of very helpful info.
I certainly would suggest buying this plane to others.
WOW! This plane is neat! I was doubtful whether 2S would be enough, it has more pull than my super cub on 3S. The wheels are too small. but we all know this. I have a plan for this, I will try this soon!

I havent maidened BEATRYCZE (Polish name that means Voyager) yet as it is windy. I cannot wait to fly her though!

Everything went smooth, I just need my turnigy 9x to let me make the flaps work!

Thanks HK for a cool plane
Excellent flier, great ground handling, great ROG and and landing manners. White with orange for great orientation. Long wheelbase, well forward mains. Almost impossible to nose over. Loose the spring "ankles" and you have a axle waiting for a bigger wheel. I stubbed a piece of 5/32 brass tubing on to use 2 3/4 diamond tread tires. Looks great. I also did 2 wraps on each foam "pantleg" with thread and ca. I ditched the tail wheel spring and glued a piece of carbon spar in place, bigger tail wheel too. HK servo reducer on the flaps and she behaves even better. An Orange RX 3 axis stabilizer is a very easy fit. 2 cell 1000 mAh ditto, love the side door. I was very green on 4ch but can fly the snot out of this thing. High wing and low hanging big wheels make for a very stable and easy to recover airframe. Buy this plane!
Mit einem Gyro fr 16 Euro ausgestattet macht die Kleine Spa ohne Ende. Mit Klappen steht sie in der Luft. Etwas fr die Wiese um die Ecke oder den Sportplatz in der Nhe. Den Prop drauf zu fummeln ist etwas mhselig. Sonst alles prima.
Very good plane. Easy and slow to fly. Needs some additional weight inside the nose (I simply screwed in 2 bolts) for better CG. Landing gear is actually useful and takes some hits without breaking or ripping out of the model. Flaps work nicely. Only downside I could think of is its quite short flying time. Using a 2S 1000mAh nanotech I get around 5-7 minutes of flying time, (around 50pcnt throttle). The prop saver & props are quite easily lost. I ordered a 3mm (to 5mm) colet propeller adapter and mounted a TGS 7x4E prop.
One of the most succesfull planes You ever delivered. Perfect parts,fits like a glove.Landing in moderat headwind with Zero ground speed. Perfect size for medium cars. Flies like a big bird. So far best value for the Money.Strong motor, good servos. Nicely molded.
What a nice plane, very good job, Hobbyking!

Assembling was easy and fast, no problems at all. I used Servo extension cables for ail and flap servos (which are located in the wing), so I could fix the receiver in the body and can easily plug/unplug the wing servos when taking off/on wings for transport.

This cutie (or ugly duckling) flies marveous. In air the ugly duckling is a swan :)

I fly with Turnigy 1000 mAh 2s 20C, and center of gravity is perfect when placing the batteries in the most forward position.

When maidening the plane, everything worked perfect - I did only have to trim ail very slightly, everything else was perfect.

What a nice plane. I love it.

It is an extreme slowflyer, even without flaps out you are able to fly nearly in walking speed, with flaps walking speed is possible. But the motor is strong, and the plane also does have quite a lot of power. Loops are possible, but it is of course no aerobatic plane.

Landings are very easy because the plane can fly that slow.

Highly recommended, also for beginners, very cheap price, everything you need comes with the plane but battery and rx,and everything works! Very easy to build, wings can be taken off (1 screw), what makes transport and storage easier, and it is really easy to fly.

Thank you for this fantastic plane, Hobbyking!
This little plane is big fun for low time pilots. With the flaps, you can really hover it in for slow landings, and elevator takeoffs. With the flaps up, the plane does well in 5 knot winds and will go a bit faster around the pattern. It's easy to put together and set up; just take your time and let the glue cure before rushing out to the flying field. The 1000 mAh battery is a perfect power match for the supplied motor, and since it flies so slowly, crashes usually won't require too much bench time. My buddy has been flying one of these; he was having trouble making the jump to 4 channels, but with this little bird, he's now an ace. He's splattered and crashed it in every way possible, but we've patched it up and it keeps on flying. We also use this plane for our spot landing contests, and everyone has a grand time trying to hit the mark. Treat yourself to this excellent plane.
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