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XK (RTF) K123 Mini AS350 Scale 6ch Helicopter w/Brushless Motor & 3/6-Axis Gyro System

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XK (RTF) K123 Mini AS350 Scale 6ch Helicopter w/Brushless Motor & 3/6-Axis Gyro System


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For those wishing to fly an RC helicopter that looks like the real thing, the AS350 from XK is just the ticket. This scale-looking model which includes a collective-pitch 3-blade rotor-head, is based on the Eurocopter AS350 Écureuil (or Squirrel) light utility helicopter. Being scale though does not hold the AS350 back, with its powerful brushless motor set up it is still very capable of flying aerobatics and advanced 3D maneuvers. The XK AS350 is stabilized using a state-of-the-art gyro system that has the ability to be switched from a 6-axis mode for super stable flight to a 3-axis mode which allows for aerobatic and wild 3D flying. A very handy feature when you have the 6-axis gyro selected is "Hover Mode", at the flick of a switch on the transmitter the AS350 will sit in a stable hover without any inputs from you on the control sticks.

Included in the box is everything you need to get flying, a 2.4Ghz 6ch transmitter with a large LCD screen for programming different settings, a 3.7V 500mAh 25C LiPo battery, and a USB charging system that is capable of charging 2 batteries simultaneously. The transmitter has the ability to be easily switched to operate as either Mode 1 or Mode 2, these modes give you the choice of which control functions, are on which control sticks.

Another quite unique feature of the AS350 is that it can be flown if you wish using a Futaba S-FHSS radio system. This will appeal to experienced pilots who would like to use their own Futaba computer radio. Power to the main rotors is supplied by a powerful 1106-11000KV brushless motor, and the tail by an efficient and reliable 8520 coreless motor. This coupled with the AS350 being manufactured to the highest of standards, with the highest quality components for strength, reliability, and crash resistance, makes this a must-have heli for the intermediate to experienced RC pilot.

• Fitted with a great looking Eurocopter AS350 Écureuil scale fuselage
• A switchable 3/6-axis gyro for maximum versatility
• Supplied with a switchable 2.4GHz Mode 1/Mode 2 transmitter with large LCD screen
• Powerful brushless motor capable of aerobatics and 3D flight
• Flybarless scale-looking 3-blade rotor-head with collective pitch and stabilized control system
• Has the ability to be used with a Futaba S-FHSS radio system
• Transmitter range up to 150 meters

Type: XK (RTF) K123 Mini AS350 Scale 6ch Helicopter
Frequency: 2.4GHz
No of Channels: 6
Transmitter Range: Up to 150 meters
Transmitter Modes: Mode 1 (right-hand throttle)/Mode 2 (left-hand throttle) switchable
Main Motor: 1106-11000KV brushless
Tail Motor: 8520 coreless
Battery: 3.7V 500mAh 25C LiPo
Flight Duration: Up to 5 minutes
Rotor Diameter: 276mm
Tail Rotor Diameter: 56mm
Fuselage Material: ABS
Length: 275mm
Height: 77mm
Width: 48mm
Weight: 79.5g

XK (RTF) K123 Mini AS350 Scale 6ch Helicopter w/Brushless Motor & 3/6-Axis Gyro
6ch mode switchable 2.4GHz transmitter w/large LCD screen
3.7V 500mAh 25C LiPo battery
USB charging system capable of charging 2 batteries simultaneously

6 x 1.5V "AA" batteries for the transmitter

  • Capacity (mAh) 500.00
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