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5.5HP 53cc Twin Cylinder Gas Engine

5.5HP 53cc Twin Cylinder Gas Engine

The new 53cc twin boxer engine has two horizontally opposed 26.5cc cylinders providing 5.5hp of low vibration power.
The two cylinders dynamically balance the engine, making it a smoother running and more reliable idling engine than a single ...

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The new 53cc twin boxer engine has two horizontally opposed 26.5cc cylinders providing 5.5hp of low vibration power.
The two cylinders dynamically balance the engine, making it a smoother running and more reliable idling engine than a single bore motor of the same size. Having double the spark this engine not only idles better, it also has quicker throttle response and a much nicer exhaust note!

Take note of the CNC machined crankcase and finely cast cylinder head, this is a quality motor!

• CDI Electronic ignition with auto advance
• Walbro membrane pump carburettor with manual choke
• Automatic advancing electronic ignition
• Dynamically balanced
• CNC machined crankcase
• Finely cast cylinder heads

Performance: 5.5hp
Bore/Stroke: 34x29mm
Weight: 1477g
RPM: 1,900~9000rpm
Spark Plug: CM-6
Suggested Props: 22x8~22x10
Fuel: 2 stroke oil/fuel mix (25:1 break-in 40:1 general use)
For more power use unleaded fuel with an octane rating of 93 or higher.
Never power the CDI with more than 6v. Doing so will break the CDI module. Take note of your battery packs true voltage when fully charged.

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Great engine for the first ten flights, then the crank shaft cracked and it all went pear shaped. Heavy landing on an expensive model because this engine gave up mid flight.

One thing I must say is that the hobby king after sales support was second to none, very professional, friendly and effective. Well done hobby king, I will be buying more stuff from you for definite.
Engine is so far getting great performance :-) :-) :-) Had about 2 litres of gas (1:25 oilmix) during initial runs, and the videos is with (1:30 oilmix). The throttle respons is awesome, just take a look at and
J'ai reu mon moteur rcemment et je ne peux juger de la longvit cependant la facture est excellente il n'y a pas de prsence de copeaux ou limaille dans le moteur comme cela tait le cas dans beaucoup de mthanol. Ce moteur a une belle finition et les ajustement et usinages sont dans les standard de ce type de construction. la mise en route est aise et le fonctionnement exempt de vibrations comme on est en droit de l'attendre. bref il n'y a pas de mauvaise surprise (en tous cas rien de ce qui a t crit dans certains forum ou l'on peut ce demander si ceux qui crivent ont dj vu ce moteur.
I bought one of these early in the flying season and I have been very pleased. I have mine mounted to a top flite giant corsair, it fits entirely enclosed in the cowl. It will also fit entirely within the cowl of the FW 190 and the P-47. I have all 3 and wondered. It in a great running reliable engine with a 22x10 prop. The mounting bolts seem small, but the thing runs so smooth I don't have the slightest concern any longer. Fuel consumption is the same as any single cylinder engine of the same displacement. roughly 1 oz per minute when wide open. TL;DR Buy it, great sound and great performance.
Mucho me cost comprarlo, casi 5 meses y luego 20 das para recibirlo dentro de otra caja con accesorios varios y todos en perfecto estado. El motor, dentro de su caja, me lleg golpeado en las aletas de refrijeracin y una partida. No parece ser producto del viaje hasta mi pas, parece haberse golpeado en su propia caja antes de que lo enviaran, una lstima. Lo dems se ve bien, de buena calidad y habr que probarlo en funcionamiento a ver si mejora mi humor. Saludos!
Nice little engine, running really smooth. Pulls a 22x10 easily. Will start any time by hand. Some little problem: out of the box the pressure connecting tube of the carb was kinked - easy to replace. Next the carb didn't want to pump fuel on the first trys, later it worked fine. Then the pick-up sensor quit after about 1 hr of operation: engine started to sputter, wouldn't get to high rpm and quit suddenly, but could be restarted. Took me a while to verify it was the pick-up, but then repair was done in minutes. Now it runs like new again. Have it in a 80" homebuilt Giant Stick.
This is an update of the 53 cc twin that I purchased 2 yrs ago. After approx. 50 flights and numerous dead stick landings; some of which didn't end well, including the last one, this engine gave up and ceased to go. Upon pulling the engine down it was discovered the big end bearing had let go, sending small shards of metal into the cylinder head. I was very disappointed with the result as I had done everything by the book, as far as correct running in, using top quality oil, only to find that this motor is let down by cheap chinese bearings. Cut a long story short, eventually found parts elsewhere as typical Hobbyking style, that don't back up their engines with spare parts. The crank shaft was replaced as big end bearings are pressed in at factory, new rings, new Japanese bearings. Engine runs strong again; but in the future I will probably stay clear of xyz engines and buy better known brands. A good learning experience for me.
The motor I received is only rated at 5 HP and 52.6cc's according to the owners manual and does not come with the clear plastic wire wrap as pictured.HK wake up!
Verarbeitung scheint gut zu sein. Ein Freund hat in schon eingebaut. Der Auspuff ist zu laut. Eventuell ei Resorohr dazukaufen. Auf jeden fall einen Auspuff/Muffler mit Doppelkammernsystem kaufen als Ersatz fr die beiden mitgeliferten.
I have been setting mine up for my 1/6th Sea Fury. Easy to start ran with little effort after a few flicks. Not yet run in I get 6450 rpm with a Turnigy 21x8 wood prop. the engine is really well finished. Would buy another. This engine just fits in the cowl of the radial engines Fury.
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