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Avios (PNF) Grand Tundra Plus Sports Model Blue/Silver 1700mm (67")

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Avios (PNF) Grand Tundra Plus Sports Model Blue/Silver 1700mm (67")


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The Avios Tundra has had a massive cult following over the years within the RC community and rightfully so as it's easily one of the best flying RC foam planes on the market with an impressive flight envelope. This was followed sometime later with the launch of the Grand Tundra which encompasses all your favorite features but on a larger scale. The Grand Tundra Plus version has kept 99% of the features of the original version, because "if it ain't broke don't fix it". The one change that has been made is to the wing servo connectors, which have a new design to give a stronger and more reliable connection.

With the Grand Tundra Plus, you can still enjoy short take-offs and landings with the huge 90-degree flaps, wing vortex generators, large tundra wheels, optional floats, navigation lights, and much more. This electric RC plane happily flies on a 4S LiPo battery, however, on 6S you'll realize there is another side to the Grand Tundra Plus, so to quote another proverb: "it's a wolf in sheep's clothing". If you have never tried skis or floats then this amphibious floatplane is for you and it's something that everyone must try as there is nothing quite like landing or taking off on the water.

Please note: The Floats and Skis are optional extras, please see related products.

The Grand Tundra Plus is an impressive RC aircraft with a huge presence in the air. The wide flight envelope makes for a very forgiving aircraft giving you the confidence to challenge yourself. From slow flight through to fast aerobatics, the Grand Tundra does it all with such finesse. This PNF plane kit includes metal gear servos, ball-linked control rods, glider tow point, and navigational lights. Also included is an FPV cockpit tray, attach the camera of your choice and put yourself in the pilot's seat for a truly epic ride.

Adventure and great flying await with the Avios Grand Tundra Plus.

• Plus version with upgraded wing connectors
• Wide flight envelope for stability and aerobatics
• 90-degree flaps for short take-off and landing
• Quality metal gear servos and ball-linked control rods
• Large soft Tundra wheels with actuating suspension
• Navigational and landing lights
• Glider tow point

Wingspan: 1700mm (66.9")
Length: 1260mm (49.6")
AUW: 2850g (inc battery)
Wing Area: 44.5dm2
Wing Loading: 64g/dm2
Motor: SK3 5045 500KV
ESC: Aerostar 80A RVS Reversing ESC (w/XT90)
Servos: 2 x 9g, 4 x 17g metal gear
Propeller: 17x8 for 4S battery OR 16x8 for 6S battery

1 x 6~7 channel transmitter/receiver
1 x 4-6S 3000~4500mAh LiPo Battery

Please note: A copy of the instruction manual is under the "Files" tab.

  • IC/2:Elec Electric
  • Motorsize(diam-or-cc) 50.00
  • Wingspan(mm) 1700.00
  • Length(mm) 1260.00
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beachmaexx | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Toller Flieger

Jun 07, 2021

Fliegt sehr schön, genug Power, mitgelieferter Propeller passt nicht zu 6S Batterie. Ich fliege die Grand Tundra mit 6S 4000 mAh und 12x8 Propeller. Das EPO-Material könnte besser sein. Ansonsten bin ich vom Flieger begeistert!

snoty | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value


May 27, 2021

A great plane, fly`s like a puppy, easy to see, easy to fly.

Halcon | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Grand Tundra - One of the best foam Airplanes

Apr 16, 2021

In the last time I have already bought 5 Grand Tundra for me and my friends in the club and now the sixth as V2 version. I and my club friends are fascinated by the good flight characteristics and the versatile application possibilities.
We fly the Grand Tundra with landing gear, floats and in the winter time also with skis. The Grand Tundra is fully aerobatic capable (5-6 S Lipo). The quality and workmanship is excellent for a foam model. Congratulations to Avios and HK for this 5 Star Modell

Rick | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Failed after using it five times.

Nov 30, 2020

Tundra flies great, BUT poor quality in the rudder hinges. You have to remove the center hinge on the vertical stab and align it to the rudder. The main wheels are junk!!! They come off the rims and they are not round which causes an extreme vibration on fast or long take-offs and landings. All three of my Tundras have the same problems. The wheels have to be replaced if you are going to fly it very much. I am currently modifying the landing gears to use the Carbon-Z SS tundra tires. I would rate it FIVE stars if the wheels were better.

Canuck 1 | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Grand Tundra 1700mm

Oct 12, 2020

This is another great flying production from Avios. Goes together easily and flies and lands great on almost anything. I used a 15x9 prop instead of the one supplied and ran it on 6S.....Great product. I wish they would paint their foam white though...

adrianmol | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Such a great RC plane to fly

Sep 11, 2020

I have been flying RC off and on for 40 years. I had a bunch of 4000 4S cells and I needed a new plane to I bought the Avios Grand Tundra. I fly from a grass stip in all weathers. There are many Tundra type RC kits out there and the HK Avios Grand Tundra seemed best value to me with some good You Tube reviews.
Good Points:
Well made
Well packaged
Easy to assemple.
Flies like a dream, no trimming required, I did 8 touch and Go's on my first flight. So easy to fly' loves being flown low and slow.
Rugged undercarriage with good suspension.
I can fit my GoPro to the alternative cockpit cover.
I can get 6 mins on a 2200 4S and it will just about thermal with light batteries.
I normally use 4000 4S , quite aerobatic, very little mixing required for knife edge.
Huge fusalage makes it easy to locate receiver.
Bad Points
I needed to use a 3mm tap to clean the threads on the undercarriage mounts, probable bunged up with glue.
If you use full flap the Avios can tip stall because the flaps act like air brakes so add a bit more power.
My Avious flies great on 6ch receiver, if you want to connect all the Nav lights and have working thrust reverse you will need an 8 or 9 channel receiver.
I mix in 20% down elevator to get level flight on half flap
I mix in 25% down elevator to get level flight on full flap
Store the wing struts inside the fuselage, fit the struts to each wing panel before connecting the wings, so much easier to assemble.
A great buy, wish I had learned to fly on a plane like this.

LKruse | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

A great design and up-grade!

Aug 16, 2020

Having flown the original Tundra for a number of years, both on wheels and floats, I was anxious to see how the new Grand Tundra measured up. It arrived within four days of ordering and showed no shipping damage whatsoever as I unpacked the large box. The fit and finish was spot on, and i found nothing in my initial overview that was missing, although unpacking had to be done carefully so as to not overlook a part.
The model comes with no instruction manual and there are no clear directions or links to a more detailed web site. I Googled in "Avios Grand Tundra Instruction Manual" and was able to print off a two-color multi-page manual that was primarily a pictorial guide to the process, although the booklet has no page numbers, so it's important to watch how it comes out of the printer!
The plane is fairly intuitive as far as assembly goes. The fact that the several types and sizes of screws are packaged individually in labeled the packets is both helpful and necessary--and a screwdriver of the right type and size is provided.
The electronics are all installed and well-centered, although the ESC could have benefitted from a bit longer leads. The wings plug in nicely without the hassle of having to connect individual wires, and even though the small wing anchor screws are a bit fussy, they do screw into brass housings, which should speak for the longevity of the mounting system. The plastic ends of the struts in my kit did need to be dressed down a bit for the cotter pins to slide into their intended holes in the anchor pins. Once you go through the process at the field once or twice it becomes easier, though.
The plane flies as advertised using a 4S 4000mAh battery. I've been getting five minute flights with about 30% of the battery left. The flaps did require some coupled down elevator in both the half-flap and full flap mode to keep the plane from ballooning.
With over a dozen flights on my model at this time, I'm becoming more and more impressed with it. Half-flap take-offs are straight ahead and governed only by the amount of power applied. Half and full-flap landings are an absolute delight on either grass or paved surfaces with those big soft tires It is becoming more and more the first plane that I pack when headed for the field.
The only disappointment I have at this time is the unavailability of floats. I hope that will be remedied in the near future. Then I can compare it favorably with my original Tundra as one of my favorite planes of all times. \
In the meantime, good job Avios! Keep providing us with quality products like the Grand Tundra at an acceptable price.

Pahlevan | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

A very nice plane

Aug 02, 2020

Bought this because i liked the look of it. Crashed it (totally my fault) the first day I took it out. Was flying it on 6S and the performance was great. Decided to buy another one when I got back from the field. Think I will switch to 4S. It is a great plane for touch and goes but is fully capable of doing lots of stuff. Crashed it because I discovered too low and too late that I did not have enough rudder for 3D. Pity that there are no real replacement parts as the fuselage was the core area of damage. The only problem I have observed is that the hubs on the wheels don't really take much stress and break with any side force on a landing if you suddenly get a cross wind. Would love to have those a bit stronger. I just love the way this plane flys though.

Customer files
Grand Tundra Manual Download [2]
GRAND_TUNDRA_DENMARK_2020_1.jpg Download [283]
GRAND_TUNDRA_DENMARK_2020_3.jpg Download [158]
GRAND_TUNDRA_DENMARK_2020_4.jpg Download [157]
GRAND_TUNDRA_DENMARK_2020_5.jpg Download [264]
GRAND_TUNDRA_DENMARK_2020_6.jpg Download [156]
GRAND_TUNDRA_DENMARK_2020_6.jpg Download [156]
GRAND_TUNDRA_DENMARK_2020_7.jpg Download [154]
GRAND_TUNDRA_DENMARK_2020_9.jpg Download [204]
GRAND_TUNDRA_DENMARK_2020_11.jpg Download [215]
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