Looking for some RC aircraft in the UK? We're offering these featured RC Planes that are in stock and ready to be shipped for our British hobbyists!

Available in the UK Warehouse:

  • H-King High-performance paramotor PNF

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While RC planes and EDF jets are cool, sometimes you just need something different to spice up the hobby. That's where the H-King Paramotor comes into play. Its gentle and stabl flight characteristics make it fairly easy to master and once you do get the hang of it, you can perform slow loops and rolls which are something quite novel even for the seasoned RC hobbyist.

The parafoil is made from 100% ripstop fabric and comes pre-rigged with tough polyethylene lines. In the air, the H-King Paramotor truly looks like something straight out of a James Bond movie minus all the hard crashes.

  • Durafly Ugly stick v2 (PNF) electric Sports model 1100mm Blue

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The Durafly Ugly Stick is highly regarded as the best "unconventional" RC trainer plane. Initially manufactured as an aerobatic sports plane, her unparalleled handling at both high and low speeds, combined with her conspicuous design made her a popular "2-in-1 hybrid" choice amongst beginners.

The Ugly Stick comes highly prefabricated and only requires a screwdriver to be completed. Her dynamic color scheme not only makes her a point of discussion on the ground but in the air, orientation is also made easier. At low speeds, she performs superbly just like any other trainers, however, once you get more comfortable, you could try pushing her to the limits and start experimenting with some simple aerobatics maneuvers.

  • H-King ttx (PNF) EPO Plane 1100mm (43")

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The H-King TTX is an impressive scale rendition of the Cessna TTX. It's made of tough EPO foam and is beautifully crafted with panel lines, scale cockpit, and other immaculate details. Plenty of power with the scale 3-blade propeller.

With an 1100-millimeter (43-inch) wingspan, the TTX is small enough to be transported fully assembled, however, you also have the option to easily detach the wings with the quick-connectors. Take-offs and landings are a breeze thanks to the scale-slotted flaps and the super bright navigation lights. The large hatch area also makes any sort of installation or maintenance super easy.

  • Volantex 759-2 phoenix v2 (pnf) epo RC glider 2000mm (78.7")

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Made of tough EPO, the Phoenix V2 glider fuselage has been blown molded with pylon formers to make it near indestructible. The Phoenix was made to last a lifetime with its smooth, rigid, yet remains light enough for the glider to perform. Assembly can be completed in under 15 minutes so you'll be flying in no time.

Both the main wing and tail are screwed into place, while the two wing halves have a carbon fiber rod for added strength. The main wing is 2000 millimeters long and includes ailerons and flaps for better controllability. All 9g servos, speed controller, and brushless outrunner are included. Just add your own receiver and battery to be flight-ready! The Phoenix will rise from the ashes again and again with this super durable glider.

  • Volantex 759-1 Asw28 (pnf) Electric sailplane Epo 2540 mm

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The Volantex ASW 28 is a sport-scale model that does incorporate flaps, unlike its full-scale counterpart. It comes as a PNF model so you just need to complete some final assembly, install your battery, receiver, and fly. The airframe is a mix of EPO foam for the wings and tail, with a blow-molded plastic fuselage. This gives a slick finish that is also extremely durable.

A recent addition to the ASW 28 is a more powerful 4018-1050kV brushless outrunner motor that rockets the ASW 28 to altitude, then when you throttle down, the propeller folds back for extended soaring. Accessing the battery is easy through the canopy with four small snap locks that keeps the canopy secure.


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