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Corona 919MG Digital Metal Gear Servo 1.7kg / 0.06sec / 12g

Corona 919MG Digital Metal Gear ...

Corona 919MG Metal Gear Servo 1.7kg/ 0.06sec / 12.5g


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Corona 919MG Metal Gear Servo 1.7kg/ 0.06sec / 12.5g

Model: DS919MG
Operating Voltage: 4.8V / 6.0V
Operating Current: 200mA / 240mA
Operating Speed: 0.07sec.60º/ 0.06sec.60º
Stall Torque: /
Size: 22.5X11.5X24.6mm(0.88"x0.45"x0.96")
Weight: 12.5g
Dead Band: ≤3uSec
Operating Travel: 40º/one side pulse traveling 400us
Potentiometer: 2 slider/Direct Drive
Ball bearing: MR85
Gear: Metal
Connector wire: 215mm
Operating Temperature Range: -20J+60J
Spline count: 21


Additional Information

  • Blade Count:
  • Diameter X(Inch):
  • SKU
  • Weight(g)
  • Length:
  • Width:
  • Height
  • Speed (Sec/60deg)
  • Torque(kg)(min. 0.01kg):
  • Unit Weight (g):
  • A(mm)
  • B(mm)
  • C(mm):
  • D(mm):
  • E(mm)
  • F(mm)

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Perfect Servo for faster small aircraft. Good centering, high precision and reliable. Recommended product.
I found the servo to constantly chatter without any load and the dead zone in middle setting was large enough to cause about a 4mm movement in my elevator.
I cant think of any purpose for this servo sorry.
one of the best servo´s i know.
Great little servo for 3D plane. fast reaction and not at all twitchy. they find centre great and are nice and strong on big control surfaces. I'll be putting 2 more in my plane to complete the plane with all these servos.
Doing exactly what they should in my DH-88
I use these and other Corona digi BB MG servos in my slopers, especially my combat machines. Great value, very reliable and work as advertised. I give all my MG servos a lube job with Teflon based grease which makes then extra smooth and quit.

I read where people question that they're advertised as metal geared, but find one plastic gear present. The reason for that is that the teeth can get bent, jam the servo, overload the circuit and fry the servo. Hence the sacrificial plastic gear.
Bought one to use on my yaw mechanism for a scratch built tricopter. after the first crash, the servo lost all of its holding torque and made a horrible whining sound (worse than the usual servo whine) but was still usable so i continued flying it. A few crashes later and I could no longer move my yaw mechanism. Took it home, popped it open and found that I had stripped a gear. Did a little research and apparently there is a "sacrificial" plastic gear in amongst those metal one. VERY DISAPPOINTED.
I purchased it by seeing the good previous comments. Finally I am a little bit disappointed about the play on the bearings. Two ordered and both impacted. I am using them on a jet of 75cm wing span and both elevons have almost 1mm freedom on each direction. Not very well for fitting a stabilizer...
Other characteristics sound good.
Perfecto para mi helicoptero Mini Titan E325 SE, trabaja muy bien con flybarless Tarot ZYX. Es super rapido.

Muy recomendado.

Perfect for my helicopter Mini Titan E325 SE, works very well with flybarless Tarot ZYX. It is super fast.

Highly recommended.
un microservo digitale molto veloce
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