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Durafly™ Auto-G2 Gyrocopter w/Auto-Start System 821mm (PNF)

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Durafly™ Auto-G2 Gyrocopter w/Auto-Start System 821mm (PNF)


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A new take on one of Durafly's® ™ most beloved models!

The Durafly® ™ Auto-G took the R/C world by storm, being the first and only "Plug and Fly" R/C autogyro in the history of the hobby. With the new Auto-G2, Durafly® ™ has raised the bar yet again by building on the unique flying experience that the original Auto-G brought to the world, with innovations that make the best, better.

The main feature of the Auto-G2 setting it apart from the original is the all new Auto-Start system. This device spins up the rotor head automatically with the flip of a switch on your transmitter. This eliminates the unwanted torque effect that is created when an ordinary autogyro's unpowered rotor head gets up to speed during take-off. The Auto-Start system makes ROG take-offs and hand launches easier than ever before! We've also added a steerable, shock-absorbing tail wheel to improve ground handling, as well as an all new color scheme offering better visual orientation in flight.

The pre-installed Auto-Start system is very easy to use. It gets its power from your battery's balance plug and is operated by a spare channel on your transmitter. Simply flip a switch to turn the system on/off. It's connected to the main rotor head by a flex shaft and one-way bearing system allowing the rotor head to spin freely when the power is switched off. This Auto-Start system is ideal for use with ROG take-offs, hand launches and can even be engaged during flight to assist with pin-point landings.

For those of you looking for a new flying experience, the Auto-G2 is just the ticket. This model will be especially appealing to those who fly both helicopters and fixed wing aircraft, as this model falls somewhere in between. With its very unique flight characteristics, the Auto-G2 is by far one of the most interesting models we have ever flown. In addition to its super slow flight and auto-rotation capability, it can even perform aerobatics such as stall turns and loops!

The Auto-G2 fuselage and tail are constructed from ultra durable EPO foam, while the tail boom is made from lightweight carbon fiber. This model is super easy to assemble with its pre-installed electronics, bolt on horizontal stab, pre-fitted servo linkages and push-in landing gear. The only part on this model that requires gluing is the vertical stabilizer. This means you can have your Auto-G2 in the air in as little as 15 minutes!

• All new Auto-Start System
• Tough EPO Construction
• Fast and Easy Assembly
• Strong, Impact Resistant Rotor Blades
• Steerable Tailwheel
• Power System and Servos Pre-Installed
• Simple, Low Parts Count Design
• Unique Flying Experience

Rotor Diameter: 821mm
Length: 795mm
Height: 392mm
Weight: 680g
ESC: 20A
Servo: 9g x 4
Motor: 800KV brushless outrunner

All hardware

Your own 5CH (or more) transmitter and receiver
1300mAh 3S lipoly battery

Spare parts available HERE!

Manual available HERE

  • Wingspan(mm) 812.00
  • Durafly™ Auto-G2 Gyrocopter w/Auto-Start System 821mm
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dummy | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Its ok kit

May 03, 2020

It is an ok kit but it crashed on first flight and having a hard time trying to find replacement parts. It seems hobby king does not really care to show the replacement parts for I have not found them all yet if they are even available without buying another kit. Their site is really hard to scrowl through because if you look at one item, it takes you back to the first page to start over. That too me just plain SSSSSSSucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Todd | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Auto-G2 Gyrocopter

Apr 01, 2020

I have read about people having problems but mine is still going strong after many flights. It's not a precision model but a fun bang around toy.
Flies just fine and is a lot of fun. Only change I made is I Velcro the battery to the bottom of the gyro.
I drag mine out flying all the time. Still have yet to see another one fly but hear stories that they don't. Fire mine up and fly it around showing them it flies well. Don't expect a pattern plane as it will hunt and wander a little. Loops are fun and no power landings are fun.

cliff d | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Overall good

Mar 07, 2020

A fun gyro to learn on! I'd recommend a hand launch into wind.
I purchased 2 of these - got the second after the pre-spin motor failed in the first. Turns out the 2nd pre-rotation motor failed as well. I ended up just removing them both and flying this as essentially a standard auto-g, without a pre-rotator.
After removing the defective pre-rotator and finding the whole assembly on backorder, I just flew it as is. It flew great and is quite a fun experience - just something new after many, many years of r/c planes and helis/quads.
HK - please get the pre-rotator figured out - they are intermittent at best and defective at worst.

Capt. Taz | Verified Buyer

  • Value
  • Quality
  • Overall

I’m not the only person who had problems with start up motor

Feb 05, 2020

Another fun flying plane/heli but the first one I got the start up motor worked 3 times. HK said send the whole thing back. What a pain and expensive task. The replacement was sent and I got the start up motor to work 2 times and a servo failed in flight. I got half credit for that and now I wait for parts to come into stock to fix.

RALPH Z. | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Value
  • Quality

Nice But Fragile

Nov 18, 2019

Easy to put together, looks great, but watch the CG and have an experienced gyrocopter pilot to help. It's easy to screw up. If it crashes like mine did the main rotors broke and there is no spare parts stock to order from. HK needs to do better with that. I'm still waiting for notice that parts are available again.

Diamon47 | Verified Buyer

  • Value
  • Quality
  • Overall

Not working out of the box

Nov 01, 2019

Bought this to fly something different at my club field. Was easy to put together and looks great. Problem is that the Auto-rotation system does not work. I’ve traced it down to the esc/switch or the motor. Not sure that I should go any further in case that if I take apart the autostart system to troubleshoot further, I might void any warranty it has.
I tried to fill out a form but the form requires a photo on the model and the form will not accept a picture off my phone. Currently, I’m trying to work with HK, but the autostart assembly they sell is out of stock with no date is given to get more. I tried to contact Dynam for help but they did not answer my request AT ALL. At least HK is trying. Meanwhile, everything else works on the model, the switch I assigned to the model on my transmitter is working and the Autogyro sits on my workbench instead of flying.

andrgior | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

I am completely satisfied

Oct 04, 2019

Nice and cheap. Easy to build, easy to fly.

Steve | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Value
  • Quality

Fun when you have parts....

Aug 30, 2019

The Gyrocopter itself is fine. It flies good for its weight/price. They haven't had parts for this thing for at least a month. It's very frustrating. The autostart stopped working on mine and I tried to take off anyway... guess how that went? If there were parts it would be a solid 4. Very fun when you have parts.

Hui-Freak | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value


Aug 17, 2019

Tolles Fluggerät macht sehr viel Spass hätte es gerne ein wenig größer .
vielleicht gibt es ja eine Neuauflage des Super Autogyro.

Aaron | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Value
  • Quality

not that great

Jul 29, 2019

I bought this as a trainer for a bigger gyro I was given, so I had some idea of how to fly one of these odd ducks. The assembly was a breeze. The rotor head is extremely flimsy. My biggest gripe about this Gyrocopter is that the spin-up motor ESC fried the first time I brought it to the field. I plugged it into the balance lead per the instructions and next thing all the smoke came out of the ESC. I was able to get enough head speed with a ROG launch and was able to get a maiden in, but a gust of wind flipped the gyro upside down on final approach and I was not able to recover. This crash obliterated the main rotor assembly and bent the propellor shaft of the main motor. I was only about 10 feet off the ground and coming in very slow, almost vertical due to the wind, so it should have been able to withstand the impact. Too bad, because I was really enjoying the flight up to that point.

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Customer files
Manual - Durafly Auto-G2 Gyrocopter w/Au Download [5301]
Manual - Durafly Auto-G2 Gyrocopter w/Au Download [5301]
Manual - Durafly Auto-G2 Gyrocopter w/Au Download [5301]
Manual - Durafly Auto-G2 Gyrocopter w/Au Download [5301]
Manual - Durafly Auto-G2 Gyrocopter w/Au Download [5301]
Print Fuselage Bottom Download [2728]
Print Fuselage Ruder Download [8577]
Print Fuselage Left Side Download [3861]
Print Fuselage Right Side Download [3894]
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