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H-King SkySword 1200mm Orange EDF Jet (PNF)

H-King SkySword 1200mm Orange EDF Jet (PNF)


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Cut through the sky with the impressive looking H-King Skysword. Featuring stunning looks and impressive performance, the Skysword comes in an ARF and PNP configuration with an array of quality components.


All of the hard work has been done for you with pre-applied decals, servos, ESC and EDF pre-installed. In addition, the wings are fitted with easy connect plugs so that it can be easily transported and reassembled at the field. The nose is also removable to protect it during transportation.


The large battery hatch features a unique spring-loaded clasp to speed up battery changes along with a foam pad and velcro strap to stop the battery moving around. The battery bay also has an inlet so that cooler air is circulated around the battery compartment. 


The 10-blade fan strikes a balance between performance and flight time with a very convincing and realistic jet engine woosh. The all-alloy tricycle landing gear is exceptionally well finished with no slop or movement in the landing gear. The Skyword comes with three white LED navigation lights for orientation in a landing approach, and sturdy ball-link controls for precision and high-end performance.  This plug-and-fly model also features a junction box to keep your avionics bay clear. 


• Wing plugs for easy connection
• Easy to build bolt-together pieces
• Battery cooling tray to prevent overheating
• Large battery hatch with spring-loaded clasp
• 10-blade fan for more realistic sounds
• Cheater vents for cooling and balance
• Retractable tricycle landing gear
• Navigational lights for orientation


Wing Span: 1200mm
Fuselage Length: 1600mm
Servos: 12g x 8
Motor: 3632 KV1500
ESC: 100A with BEC (XT90 Connector)
Flying Weight: 3200g
Radio: 6 channels and up
Fan Blades: 10


Flight Battery: 5000mAh 22.2V 6S 65C Lipo


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This Jet has all the quality components of any TOP LINE MANUFACTURER! Retracts are rock solid, fan is proven HSD quality. Presence in the air is AWESOME! And on top of all that it fly's great..........Great Job Hobbyking!!! I am using the new Turnigy Heavy Duty 6 cells and getting great use. Thanks Again!!!
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First flight went great! Very smooth in the air & an extremely stable platform. A couple clicks of trim & it was grooving straight & true. No bad habits, but when you come in to land be sure to carry a little speed...once you start giving a little back pressure she bleeds off speed really quick. If the wing tips start to oscillate up & down, add power! :)
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What an incredible aircraft. It looks futuristic and straight out of Star Wars and flies with authority straight out of the box. The finish on this thing is really incredible. I own a dozen other EDF jets, and the paint and finish on this only looks like foam upon close inspection. From a few feet away it looks like it could be fiberglass.
It assembled very quick and I had it ready to fly within an hr of it arriving on my doorstep. It didn’t come with an instruction manual, and I couldn’t find the link to the .pdf instructions on HobbyKing, but a quick chat session and they forwarded me the link. I assembled the jet without instructions, and really only needed them to achieve the proper CG location.
I would consider myself in the expert category of EDF flyers, and I also fly jets for living. The day I put the maiden flight on my orange Sky Sword, the winds were gusty and I was initially apprehensive of doing the maiden flight in such conditions after watching the gusts toss my 70mm A-4 around.
I decided to fly anyway, and was rewarded with a stable platform that only needed minor aileron and elevator trim adjustments for a 3rd pass 10ft off the runway at maximum speed. It did not need elevator mix for flaps and the robust landing gear delivered a smooth touchdown despite the gusts.
This is definitely an intermediate to an advanced level EDF jet. It will be a rewarding upgrade for anyone who’s already cut their teeth on something like the Stinger or Avanti type entry level EDF types.
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