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H-King High Performance Paramotor PNF

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H-King High Performance Paramotor PNF


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The HobbyKing™ Paramotor is extremely easy to fly due to its very gentle and stable flight characteristics yet once you are used to it, it will perform loops and rolls with ease. Due to the design, the huge high-performance 2400 millimeter sail opens quickly for easy launching and it will retain its shape even in turbulence. The single skin durable sail is made from 100% ripstop fabric and comes pre-rigged with tough polyethylene lines that are ready to attach to the durable aluminum gondola. It does require a computer radio with mixing and servo control curves, to see what is involved in the radio set up please watch the attached video and also the one for the setting up of the parafoil itself.

There is a high level of prefabrication so assembly time is minimal and it is Plug-N-Fly so all you require is your own transmitter, receiver, and battery. The Paramotor is fitted with a powerful 3530-1400KV brushless motor swinging a 10 x 4.7 propeller, it also has a 50 amp electronic speed controller with 5 amp BEC and 2 powerful 15kg high torque metal geared servos. A 3S lipo battery is recommended and it can vary in capacity to suit different flying conditions. The recommended flying weight is 1.6~2.0kg, in light wind conditions it is best to put a lighter battery in to keep near the 1.6kg weight. In windy conditions, it is better to put a heavier battery in to fly around the 2kg mark. The undercarriage is easily removed for hand launching and catching and also for slope soaring.

If you fancy trying something a little different then the HobbyKing™ Paramotor is for you. Great fun to fly without being too challenging and it looks great in the air. Pre-assembled and Plug N Fly also means you can be airborne very quickly after taking delivery.

• High performance powered parafoil
• Plug and Fly format (you only require a Tx, Rx, and battery)
• High level of prefabrication for quick assembly
• Gentle flight characteristics, however, it can perform loops and rolls
• Removable undercarriage for slope soaring etc
• Durable aluminum airframe
• Wide flying weight range (1.6~2kg)

Type: Plug-N-Fly Paramotor
Parasail Span: 2400mm
Motor: 3530-1400KV brushless
Propeller: 10x4.7
ESC: 50amp
BEC: 5amp
Servos: 2 x 15kg high torque metal geared
Flying Weight: 1.6~2kg
Recommended Battery: 3S lipoly (not supplied)

1 x 3ch or more computer transmitter with mixing and servo control curves
1 x 3ch or more receiver
1 x 3S (11.1v) lipoly battery and charger (5000mah Recommended for Weight)

  • IC/2:Elec Electric
  • Motorsize(diam-or-cc) 3530.00
  • Wingspan(mm) 2250.00
  • Unbox, build and initial set up
  • Radio set up, lying and fine tuning
  • H-King Paramotor - HobbyKing Product Video
  • Build and Radio setup for Spektrum
  • Awesome flying by JohnVHRC!
  • ♛ H-King High Performance Paramotor PNF - Unboxing (Deutsch)
  • Maiden
  • HK Paramotor Mikey's Solo
  • H-King Paramotor maiden flight
  • Turnigy i10 Paramotor setup
  • HobbyKing Community Content: H-King High Performance 70mm EDF Parajet PNF Maiden flight
  • HobbyKing Community Content: HK RC Paramotor It's really awesome!
  • Winter Flight
  • Night Flying Paramotor
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Arvid | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

A different but fun model

Sep 21, 2021

The videos made it look easier to launch than it is. But that just made the first successful launch so much more memorable.
If you’re a paraglider or paramotor pilot then this is a must have!
I think an additional mechanism to pull the A-risers on launch would make it possible to take of from the ground.

Ed | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

I love this flying

Sep 18, 2021

Nice flying.
Dont forget to ad 1kg. This help to fly with wind. It is very amusing.

chad | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Great fun

Sep 15, 2021

Great paraglider. Wish they had other colors though and more parts available hopefully someday soon they will get some more in

chad | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Great fun

Sep 15, 2021

Great paraglider. Wish they had other colors though and more parts available hopefully someday soon they will get some more in

Noname | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Very good

Sep 04, 2021

Good product

Chris C | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Must add weight!!!

Aug 22, 2021

Big learning curve getting this thing launched. After watching about 20 videos of other people making it look easy as hell, I tried somewhere around 50 times to launch this bugger. Almost completely destroyed, rebuilt and un-bent the frame 3 times. It wasn’t until I added almost 2 pounds of weight that I finally got it to fly! HK support was no help at all! Most of my attempts were with NO wind at all. When I finally launched it, there was a nice 5-7mph steady breeze that really helped.
I decided to completely replace the frame, prop guard and arms at a very reasonable $20, but unfortunately, HK doesn’t have parts in stock so they have to be shipped on a slow boat from China with a ridiculous $35 shipping fee!!! I’ve opted to leave it as-is. It could have been so good with just a little help from their customer support.

ChrisD | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Awaiting right weather to test fly

Aug 21, 2021

This looks as though it will be fun to fly. Important to note the need for programmable Transmitter to get the best for ease of control. Ver concerned about spares comments. This seems to be a weakness across the board with Hobby King. Cannot get spares! Have a Spitfire AOG awaiting the specified prop. Kits still selling

Tifosi | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Great product, terrible service from HK

Jul 15, 2021

This took nearly 2 months to come from Australia to NZ!! Even in these Covid times my other freight can take 4-10 days to get here with similar costs. Spent a lot with HK over the years but had enough.

Skrag | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Fun paramotor with little caveat and new learning curve

Jul 15, 2021

I bought this paramotor from HK because it sounded like a fun new thing to learn to fly and different. I was correct on both counts. It is fun to fly and it is different. I did initially have an issue with the ESC not initializing and HK's excellent support sent a replacement that exhibited the same issue if not initializing. A little internet research revealed that on some systems (mine is Spektrum) the throttle trim must be set down to lower than usual for the ESC to initialize. After doing this, the ESC did initialize and I was then able to learn to fly the craft. The line trimming is CRUCIAL to successful flights. My first flight the brake lines were not taught enough so my steering was very weak and it ended with me drifting into some low limbs of a tree. Survived well however and after correcting the steering issue, the second flight was very successful and the flying and handling was just very fun and relaxing. Much like flying a glider or a Slow Stik type plane but with a different feel. A few lessons learned is that you do NOT want to use much throttle on take-off (as was explained in several youtube videos I watched), and not much throttle for acceleration in flight either unless you want a wildly rocking and jolting craft for stunts, etc. Just a little throttle to get altitude, then back to a cruising setting (about half usually) to let it fly around. Now let's talk about the launches. Best to keep this thing for dead calm to very mild breeze days. And probably the biggest learning curve of the whole thing is the launching. I tried and tried the hand techniques shown in many videos, but just seemed to struggle getting the right inflation with the right amount of take off throttle without the chute deflating on one side, or just twisting, etc. for me. So my success came with my grandson doing the overhand launch so would watch the chute and when it did come up right and I applied just a light throttle it coasted off as pretty as you please. So that will be my work for future flights, just getting the launches down right. But overall, this is a fun rig, and I would recommend it to anybody just looking for something new and different to try. And once it is up and flying, it is fun to watch and control. So good luck and enjoy!

Leen | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Very nice

Jun 25, 2021

This is a very good product

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HK-Paramoteur-Manuel.pdf Download [921]
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HK Paramotor wiring box Download [641]
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Mejoras al paramotor Download [3]
HK _High Performance Paramotor_with_Pilot Download [5]
HK-Paramotor prop nut cover M6 Download [818]
FlySky FS-i6x for HK paramotor.pdf Download [75]
How To Setup Futaba T16SZ Download [4]
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