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HobbyKing™ Propeller 10x6 Black (CW/CCW) (6pcs)

HobbyKing™ Propeller 10x6 Black ...

3 x 10x6 Propeller Standard
3 x 10x6 Propeller Counter Rotating


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3 x 10x6 Propeller Standard
3 x 10x6 Propeller Counter Rotating


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These look like good Slow Fly propellers. however I haven't gotten to use them yet. I bought them for my F450 quadcopter with 2212/13T 1000 KV motors, but the hub on these propellers need to be drilled out to fit :(
Very stable and good ballanced prop for the Q450 Quad and NTM 2830 1200.
Awseome deal! always need props!
Praktisch alle diese Propeller sind masiv unausgewuchtet. Mit der Auswuchtwaage von Hobbyking habe ich versucht sie auszubalancieren. Es muss viel weggeschliffen werden um nur annhernd das Gleichgewicht zu erreichen. Fraglich dabei ob danach die Aerodynamik berhaupt noch vorhanden ist? Ich betrachte dieses Produkt als unbrauchbar und bewerte es mit der niedersten Krone. Andere Marken Propeller mit der gleichen Waage ausgemessen sind einwandfrei und mssen kaum ausgewuchtet werden.
Nice set for Hexacopters, used with an 800KV motor. The 28-30 prop adapter was a little too big, so I had to tap the hole. Further security can be added with an M4 nut.
Fantastic item, I use it all the time in all places. Copters and planes. Nice n shiny finish, good covering.
Not bad for that price, but quality and disbalance is baaaad. Flattering on high throttle on my heavy quad.
price performance style is apc propeller

It is a very good product
I am currently using these props on several of my planes. I like regular planes and pusher planes so this pack works out great for me. You can't beat the price.
Finally got around to reaming these out to 4mm so I could try them out. Took some balancing and a couple seemed like maybe the hub was a little off center. That's before I reamed them too. Worked ok though. Lot's of thrust but I still prefer the gemfan 4.5/4.7 pitch sf props for my quads and flying style anyway. JMO
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