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Jumper JP4IN1 Multi Protocol Transmitter Module

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Jumper JP4IN1 Multi Protocol Transmitter Module


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The JP4IN1 integrates the CC2500, NRF24L01, A7105 and CYRF6936 RF chips into one PCB. The JP4IN1 is an OpenTX original accessory which can do serial digital signal communication with the Frsky series radios. Recognizing PPM signal from radio output, then converted to the corresponding radio protocol to achieve control of the fixed wing and drone aircraft. Supported protocols such as Walkera DEVO, Spektrum DSM2/DSMX, Flysky, Esky, Frsky, WLtoys, Hubsan, Hisky, Futaba SFHSS Assan etc are built in.


The JP4IN1 module offers greater flexibility with the ability to control most protocols and popular brands in the market today. It also gives the user the ability to use there own radio for more precise control and a better flying experience than the small radios often included with ready to fly products.


Manufacturer RF Chip Examples of Compatible Protocols
Cyprus Semiconductor    CYR6936 DSM/DSMX
Walkera Devo
Texas Instruments CC2500 FrSky
Futaba SFHSS
Amiccom A7105 FlySky
Nordic Semiconductor NRF24L01    HiSky
and most other Chinese models  


A full list of compatible protocols can be found in the Jumper JP4IN1 Manual under the files tab on this web page.


Note: due to the copyright of the protocol, JP4IN1 only provides hardware, please refer to the following link to download the firmware:


Weight: 42g (include antenna)
Dimension: 64*49*23mm (exclude antenna)
Shell shape compatible with: Frsky, JR radio etc. MCU: STM32F103CBT6 (128K ROM, 20K RAM)
Working voltage: 4.5-7.0v
Working current: <=100mA
Working frequency: 2.4G ISM band
RF power: +22dBm
Firmware update: Yes, via USB


Supported Protocol List:


More details, please refer to::

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Mike | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Best Value for your JR Module Bay

Jun 22, 2021

Easy to use with OpenTX Transmitters with JR Module Bay - reliable for the most of you receiver types and so it can replace a lot of any kind of transmitters.

Michael | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Excellent TX-Module - works flawlessly with my TG 9XR Pro

Jun 07, 2021

Bought this module as a replacement for the 9XR Pro ORX Internal Module with Telemetry (had issues with OpentTX and some DSM-Receivers) and had success from the beginning!
I drive this with newest OpenTX V2.3.11 and BootLoader 1.9 in my Turnigy 9XR Pro (Serial Mode - NOT PPM!) and bound several Receivers from different brand (WLT-Toy, DMS2 and DSMX ...) so this replaces the ORX module completely ...
Think this little 'wand' works with all kind of transmitters wich support a JR-bay AND Serial-Mode ...
I can recommend it unreservedly - an excellent piece of technic.

William | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

did not work with Turnigy 9XR Pro

May 12, 2021

After doing a lot of research in various user groups, this seemed like the perfect add-on for my Turnigy 9XR Pro radio. there are several vendors with similar products so I chose to order from HobbyKing as I have been quite happy with their products over the years.
After the usual shipping delays I received the module .. no documentation, and the module pictured at the time had the rotary button and bind switch (the picture has been updated at the time of this review), this module does not have those options.
I found the software and instructions online .. It was pretty confusing but the firmware loaded easily once the separate software and firmware components were located and installed.
I tried both OpenTX and erSkyTX software on my radio, I was able to get DSM2/DSMX receivers to bind easily and they seem to work well on the bench, I did not try a range test. I could not get my FrSky D8R receiver to bind properly (the receiver works fine when using the XJT transmitter module and erSky software).
I contacted support for help .. they offered a RMA .. I pay for shipping and wait ..
I guess I'll throw this on the pile for future salvage / experiments and get the module somewhere else.

crazytiti | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Work as it shopuld

Feb 07, 2021

I plug it in my old turnigy 9x, flash the latest er9x "et voila" it work !
I don't have the telemetry mod so can't judge it.

Tench745 | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

A bit of work at first, but I love it.

Dec 14, 2020

A few years ago I replaced my DX6i with a Taranis X9D+ and an older Orange DSMX module, but I constantly had to rebind and play with settings to get the Spektrum gear to cooperate. In comes the Serial 4-in-1 module. I just go into the menu in my TX, tell it what I’m binding to, assign a receiver number, and I’m good to go. The radio remembers the RX, no more rebinding when I switch models. As an added bonus I can fly my tiny H8 quad and Zyma quad from a real transmitter now! There is some futzing around with firmwares out of the box to make everything talk, but it’s relatively straightforward once you’ve waded through the online documentation. This module lives permanently in my radio now.

Jo | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Never received order

Nov 13, 2020

Poor customer service

Chris H | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Works Well, Easy to Use

Sep 01, 2020

I bought a couple of micro helis and needed a multi module. There are various similar looking items available, I thought I would try this one. Simple to use, just plug-in, ensure Open TX is current, then go to your model settings and choose the appropriate external TX setting for the receiver you want to connect to.

Peter | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Good Value

Aug 27, 2020

Good value TX-Module for the Taranis Q X7S Transmitter. Fits perfectly into the back of the transmitter case with plenty of space to spare. and no need to remove plastic or alter the case to fit. The Jumper Module itself will probably need a small piece of Velcro or similar material attached to the back to hold it securely in place

gordon | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Good module for the money

Mar 01, 2020

Great module works with any reciever. Fitts straight in back of x9d or x7 frsky radios. If you run software open tx 2.3.3 or more up to date then the module can be selected in the radio menue as external multiprocol. Just scroll through the versions of protcols/recievers that it supports. Can be easily firmware updated from the gthib 4 in1 website using the pins on the back of module and a serial usb to serial pcb. All explained on the 4in 1 module website. one only downsite is the plastic case is a bit cheep and clips or not secure to hold module in transmitter. I had to file the case to get module to fit into transmiter securly.

Ernie & Bert | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Absolut Mega..5Sterne

Dec 27, 2019

einfach echt spitze, sehr zu empfehlen, hab schon was nachgeordert, weiter so HK..
Und allen ein frohes fest und einen guten rutsch

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