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Mini Fabrikator V2 3D Printer - Silver (EU Plug)

Mini Fabrikator V2 3D Printer - Silver (EU Plug)


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Following on from our super popular original Mini Fabrikator comes the Mini Fabrikator V2 with a bunch of new features that will blow you away.

The first thing to notice about the Mini Fabrikator V2 is its rock-solid aluminium case, this may seem like overkill on a printer this size but it does offer a huge benefit in that a stable printer is an accurate printer and you simply won't find a more precise printer in this price range. The print detail on this machine is astounding and it is the same print after print after print.

Print quality isn't the only fantastic feature in this printer, it also has a heated 100mmx100mm print bed that will allow you to print in ABS and PETG, in fact most rigid filaments that require a heated bed will print well on the Mini Fabrikator V2. The bed also comes pre-prepared with a black PEI tape that not only ensures your first layer sticks everytime but does it many, many times over (it will eventually wear out so we do sell spares).

These features alone would make for a great value printer, but we wanted more, so we added three different methods of uploading gcode files: 

  • You can have a dedicated USB link to your computer
  • You can upload directly from a microSD card 
  • You can upload files and control your printer directly via Wi-Fi and a web interface using Repetier Host

On top of all these great features the Mini Fabrikator comes at a price that makes it suitable for first timers, students or seasoned 3D printers who want a quality secondary printer for smaller jobs. Now remember this is a desktop mini printer so you aren't going to print a giant Saturn rocket replica on it, but it is a great size for all the little widgets and gadgets that make 3D printing fun and accessible for everyone.

The Mini Fabrikator V2 has taken a good thing and made it great!



  • 100x100mm build volume
  • Rock solid all aluminium construction
  • Heated print bed
  • PEI print surface
  • USB, Wi-Fi or microSD interface
  • Remote web interface access
  • Print in PLA, ABS or PETG without modifications


Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm (0.015 in)
Positioning Precision: XY 11 microns (0.0004 in), Z 2.5 micron (0.0001 in)
Layer Resolution: 100 microns (0.0039 in)
Input Power: 100-240V, Max:80W
Mains plug: AU type
Nozzle heating: Max 250℃
Filaments: 1.75mm diameter PLA, ABS, PETG
Interface: Memory card, USB and wireless network
Build Surface: Heated aluminium bed with PEI coating
Supported File: STL, OBJ/G-Code
OS: Windows10, Mac OS X, Linux
Certificates: CE, ROHS, FCC, ISO 9001:2008
Product Dimensions: 172 x 183 x 270mm
Build Volume: 100 x 100 x 100mm
Shipping Box: 220 x 220 x 320mm


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This is an excellent printer hardware, out of the box working like charm. The sw is not so perfect. The USB driver hangs regularly, so it is highly advised to print from the SD card. HK provides two files with initial printer and print material configuration, which are not I think this is a printer is aimed to beginners. Would be helpful from HK to fine tune the provided configuration files (temp. and speed) to guarantee a successful first print. I had to spend some hours with google to find the settings until the first layers was sticking well.
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Great printer. I own one of the first Cel-Robox on the market and it broke during first print and now its just gathering dust. The Fabrikator v2 is fantastic and now i own 3 lightsabers thanks to the printer.
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I purchased this printer as my first 3d printer, even though I have almost all the parts to build a massive 800x800x800mm volume Ultimaker type printer. It's build quality is good, solid and well finished. It's very easy to use, even for a beginner, although you should read some other documentation about 3d printing than the one provided. Also, the prints are quite ok if using the right material (it's not very good with PETG, but good enough with ABS and PLA). Also, if you want to print some big model, it's best to put it on the SD card and print directly from the printer, sometimes the connection through USB fails midprint.

-well built, looks good also
-easy to work with
-sd card
-ABS prints in 0.1mm layer resolution look fantastic
-heat bed heats only to max 50 degrees C, needs raft or brim for ABS (also glue or hairspray, or even ABS juice)
-printhead only heats to ~247
-PETG doesn't print very well
-USB connection sometimes is lost and print ruined

Overall: for this price, it's very good, but don't expect it to be amazing
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