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Quanum RTR Bomb System 1/6 scale Plug-n-Drop

Quanum RTR Bomb System 1/6 scale...

Ready to drop!
The Quanum R/C bomb system can be installed in minutes and is triggered by a spare servo channel in your receiver.
The bomb release mechanism uses a double hook system with a taper to positively release the bomb each and e...

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Ready to drop!
The Quanum R/C bomb system can be installed in minutes and is triggered by a spare servo channel in your receiver.
The bomb release mechanism uses a double hook system with a taper to positively release the bomb each and every time! The bomb is made from a super tough nylon so it will not break easily.
The kit also includes a spare release plate so you can make your own bomb of any shape/size.
You can fill the bomb with fine powder such as chalk to create that perfect explosion effect on impact.
An excellent addition to any .25 size or larger R/C plane.

The Quanum R/C bomb has become so popular it has been reviewed on many non-r/c sites and forums as a cool 'must-have' gizmo!
Take a look at gizmodo's blog:
Scale: 1:6
Servo: 9g
Dimensions: 235 x 81mm (Bomb),  85 x 64 x 20mm (Base)
Weight: 103g
1 x Bomb
1 x Release base (with servo installed)
1 x Foam nose
1 x Spare release plate 
Do not use this product in the vicinity of houses or other people. Always use rubber safety nose (included). Bomb now made of Nylon/fiber mix for longer life. Replacement nylon bombs available.

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I have 2 of these now and have a blast dropping them from my Durafly Tundra. The bombs them selves feel a little cheap, but have not broken from some pretty high drops. I had no issues with my servos, but a friend had one that the control arm was installed wrong, so check it before powering up. Lots of fun, check out my video of dual drop:
Nice easy to install module that is easily added to any airframe and works simply and effectively - essential for the bomb effect
wow this thing is great. installs easily, you can tap it on or screw it on ur plane, I put baby powder in mine. works great. installed it on a sport cub
I bought one just for fun, because I am only a heli pilot ATM, but one day i want to build a plane with this attached to it, it looks amazing and feels really sturdy, and with sponge/foam tip I cant see how this would break down. The release mechanism works great as well, is light and sturdy. Tested releasing it 30 times and it never failed. Amazing, fun and well made product.
So much fun! and so durable! I highly recommend filling it with baby powder for some cool explosion effects!
Pretty dog gone neat can't wait to try it out
I have purchased a number of these units from HK and for the money there are a great buy . Very scale looking. However I have had to play with these to get a better dispersion of four or talk. I decided to modify these considerably and If you go on rcgroups and type in Modified Quanum Bomb you will see a modification I did to this bomb that provides much more talc or powder dispersed in the air after it hits the ground. I changed the tip of the bomb with a silicone egg separator bulb and when it hits the ground the air pushes out the backend. Works very well and hopefully HK might want to make a version of this. Good luck
Very cool. I bought these for my brother who is building a C-130. It has added a cool effect to the look and something else we can compete with :)
great for some summer target practice
Just got mine and am way happy with it. It looks great! Exactly what I was looking for. Release works smoothly every time from an aux channel. The nose cone doesn't stay on but I don't care. It looks more realistic without it. It's going on the belly of a .25 size high wing sport trainer being done up as a gunship. I got the machine gun sound and light kits too.
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