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SpyderByte 190 Lightning X Racing Drone (Frame Kit)

SpyderByte 190 Lightning X Racing Drone (Frame Kit)


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SpyderByte 190 Lightning X Racing Drone (Frame Kit)

This SpyderByte Lightning X frame is built for speed. It comes with strong machined 4mm carbon fiber arms, so there is no flex when you’re at extreme speed. The top and lower decks are of machined 2mm carbon fiber to keep the quad rigid. The 190mm wheelbase frame takes a 4” propeller to keep the drone moving at speed.

This frame comes with a mid-point 2mm carbon fiber tower to hold all your electronics. Such as flight controller, PCD, receiver, FPV camera and Video TX which are protected by the frame. 

The tower comes with an adjustable FPV camera mount (suitable for FPV board cameras) so you can move the FPV camera to an angle that meets your flying requirements. If you use the smaller 1177 style cameras, such as Foxeer CCD style cameras that have a camera tilt holder, the tower frame can be changed to support these smaller cameras. It also frees up the top section for an action camera to be strapped.

Another unique feature is the ability to have your Video TX aerial come vertically out of the back of the frame or out of either side frame. The lower deck has built in slots to allow for battery straps, keeping your battery safe and sound.

The SpyderByte Lightning X is the frame you need for serious racing.

• Strong and rigid 190mm racing frame
• 4mm Carbon Fiber Arms
• 2mm Carbon Fiber Decks
• Adjustable FPV camera position

Wheelbase: 190mm
Weight: 110g (frame only)
Size: 165 x 165 x 77mm
Arms: 4mm Carbon Fiber
Decks and frame components: 2mm Carbon Fiber

Frame Kit

4 x 1806~1808~2204 Motors
4 x 4” Propellers (CW/CCW)
4 x 12~20A ESCs
1 x 3~4S 1000~1600mAh LiPoly Battery
1 x Flight Controller
1 x PDB
5~6 channel radio and receiver
FPV gear (optional)


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Great idea, poorly executed. This could be a market leading frame if the manufacturer put in a little more R&D. Let's start out with the problems I encountered with this one. The first thing I noticed was there is no nylon standoffs for the pdb or flight controller. At nearly 50 bucks for the kit this is a huge oversight. You actually need 2 sets as they will stack together. The floating camera mount is all but useless as its cut too small so will not hold the set angle, it's also designed for a board cam only. Hs177 mounting options are a must these days. The so called antenna mount is also no good as there is not enough room between the mounting hole and the pod to allow any respectable antenna to be attached.  This is made worse by not having a path for the pigtail to run back inside the pod to your transmitter. The rear most mounting holes on the pod also do not align with the standoff as the top plate has been designed too long. As a suggestion this frame could do with another 25mm or so wheelbase as it would make the motor/esc install much neater. I really like the way the arms interlock to create a square, this appears tough as nails. Also a battery strap would be nice. Overall a good frame which flies great just took a lot of modification to bring it up to the next level. I would not recommend at this price. It's more like a $30 tops frame considering what you need to do and add yourself to get it in the air.
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verified_user Quality
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i've purchased and flown many good frames ,but this one is in the front of the line for good reason. it is versatile w options for your fpv camera and/or hd camera too! it is very ridged and strong ,and has very tight tolerances for 5'' props ...this frame is an awesome value that will scream like no other w 2600kv motors! no other frame will be as durable for what you pay here. i absolutely love this x frame,and after i'm done writing this review, i'm going to buy another ! the only way you could possibly improve this frame is to add another camera plate for hs1177 cameras too, and offer 5mm arms ....then i believe this frame could never be beat! thank you for offering this to the fpv racers hobbyking! :-)
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verified_user Quality
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Brilliant. Moved my electronics from a ZMR250 to this frame. Can actually fit a 5 inch (only just but there is around 1-3mm of clearance so it isnt too close). Flies a lot better than my ZMR due to the weight reduction as well as the pure x design. Soooo happy with this frame, cant believe more people dont use it. The pod has a little give on mine as I took out the front brace to fit electronics (not necessarily a bad thing as it will take a crash better) and the long screws are just a little too long for the stadoffs (just took a file to the end of two of them and it was all good).
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