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Skywalker X-6 FPV Wing EPO 1500mm (Kit)

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Skywalker X-6 FPV Wing EPO 1500mm (Kit)


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The X-6 FPV wing from Skywalker Technology has been specifically designed for FPV and UAV applications. It was optimized for a large wing area and light weight allowing a much greater payload. An awesome looking and fantastic flying FPV / UAV platform, molded out of EPO so it's nearly indestructible!
The airframe was designed from the outset to take FPV and other video devices. Separate cavities in the model allow you to mount your FPV transmitter or other equipment futher away from the flight receiver, reducing the chance of interference. Serial style connectors at each wing root means assembly and disassembly is very easy, no need to fiddle with servo connectors.

Arriviing as a kit, the X-6 is a blank canvas for you to fully customize your FPV and flight control setups. A voluminous battery bay accepts a wide variety of packs or extra flight equipment.
It's an impressive airframe that spans 1500mm and has a rather imposing silhouette!

• Kit - Assemble and install your choice of electronics
• Molded EPO Airframe
• Detachable wings with quick secure servo connections
• Separate cavities for installing your FPV transmitter
• Carbon spar increases rigitidy
• Accepts a wide variety of battery sizes

Wingspan: 1500mm
Length: 660mm
Airframe Weight: 770g

6 CH transmitter and receiver
3~4S 11.1~14.8V 2200~4000mAh lipoly battery
2814 kv980 or 3815 kv1000 Brushless Motor
60A ESC 
2 x 17G servos

  • Wingspan(mm) 1500.00
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Sypei | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Value
  • Quality

Great plane but has its minor flaws

Mar 09, 2018

The plane is amazing and easy to build and comes with its own glue that is perfect for it. The biggest problem I have found is that the wing connectors tend to unplug when in high speed turns just enough to cause the servos in the wings to lose connection, so if you only have servos in the wings its better to just skip putting the connectors on and just manually connect them for flight, I would also recommend buying a gyro stabilizer if it is generally windy where you live as it really doesn't like it . All other problems are pretty minor and easily fixed with stuff on hand. I would also recommend buying different servo rods because the original ones are overly bendy and snapped on my first flight attempt. But the downsides are minor compared to the upsides, The best part of the entire aircraft is the cargo capacity, it's so large that you don't have to have pliers to connect things as you can easily fit your entire hand inside to do so. Flight time is very good at about 20 minutes even with only two 1500Mah batteries in parallel. The wing is also large enough to carry a generous weight allowing more equipment than you can on other aircraft. The wing also allows you to imbed the transmitters for fpv into the precut holes. I love this aircraft as a long time flier and its general design and recommend it highly to anyone

Ivan | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Value
  • Quality

A versatile FPV platform

Feb 24, 2017

This is an excellent FPV platform with LOTS of room in the fuselage to install whatever you want. Very very easy access - no need for needle fingers to hook up wires and electronics. All component slots are pre-cut, as are the wire conduits... it's so easy and stress free.
Get the CG spot on!!.And use dual rates.. medium/high for launch and low rates for cruising (those are some big elevons). This bird does not like wind but i found it handles it better when it's heavier (5000mah lipo and all the FPV gear). It can be launched easily with your natural throwing arm but you have to give it a good throw. I'm right handed but I have to throw it with my left...this only just works out. I'm running 1000kv with 12x7 folding prop and I wouldn't want anything less on launch!! Once she's up she cruises effortlessly at 6amps on 5000mah lipo (40min!) :-) A fantastic wing. Highly recommended. Only issue was one elevon was slightly deformed but a hair dryer for heat and some bending brought it back to true.

1flyguy | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

Jul 01, 2016

GREAT FPV PLANE!!! love it! Much better then my full-size sky hunter! Just start with low rates and it the feel. You will love it!

paz | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

Apr 18, 2016

woha what a platform !

i setup mine with an 3536 900 kv 4s motor and prop that originaly comes with the "godiscover" model with a 60amp esc
but im using it with a **3S** 3000mah battery and its amazing.
very light plane gives you amazing glide rate with incredibly slow and balanced flight
i installed an a3 super 2 gyro with fatshark 250mw rx and ezosd by immersion

cg is where that serial connectors carbon rods are (allmost half way into the wing)

flight time is amazing. very efficent i got around 30 minutes with this setup

RC Roller | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

Jan 23, 2016
Great big plane no bad tendencies can go with quick and fast build or slow and maticulious.
The only negative, found it to bounce around in mild winds, needed extra wide fpv view to compensate.

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