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Multi-Position Flashlight SP-WL49A

Multi-Position Flashlight SP-WL49A


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The perfect portable flashlight for your home, car, workshop or camping. The powerful LED light has a range out to over 100 meters while the translucent side light is perfect for use as a bench light.

With a design that allows it to be free standing, it also has two magnets in the base to attach it to metal surfaces as well as a hook, allowing it to be suspended.

Powered by only three AA batteries it is light and yet tough.  It is easy to store in a drawer, glove compartment or backpack.

This is a very handy and versatile flashlight and the next time you need one, you'll be glad you got yours from Hobbyking today.

• Powerful LED light
• Translucent bench light
• Soft rubberised housing
• Magnet base for fixing to steel surfaces
• Self standing design
• In built hook for suspension from roof, ceiling etc
• Only 3 x AA batteries required (Not included)

Model: SP-WL49A
Color Temperature: White
Weight: 225g 


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That's what she said when I showed her this monster. It's more than 10" long, and has some girth to it. I'd never had that reaction before when I showed someone my flashlight. It's reasonably bright, and has great dispersion. It's obviously not as bright as a $50 flashlight, but if you bought 5 of them, i bet they'd make more light and you'd have money left over. Lumens per dollar, this thing can't be beat.
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Yeah my words exactly as I dug though the goodies that arrived today. There were these two long white boxes ... You got it ... Big red flashlights! 11.25 inches long box to be exact and they work well. The end spot is low power and well focused so in a pinch you will have great battery life. The side light is an array of 8 surface mounted LEDs and they project a near perfect even flood of light which is great for that tire change on the side of the road or really good illumination on the work bench. Magenta, hook, folding both ways on each end and it pretty much covers every need for a free standing light. Get three 2550mah low self discharge NiMh cells and grab one or two of these lights, they're on sale!
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