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ToolkitRC M6 1~6S 10A 150W DC Balance Charger/Discharger

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ToolkitRC M6 1~6S 10A 150W DC Balance Charger/Discharger


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The ToolkitRC M6 is a versatile battery charger that integrates functions such as charging, discharging, cycling, smart consumer-grade drone battery charging, and battery/cell checker, it also has servo/receiver test functions. The M6 is a DC unit only, so requires an input voltage of 7~28V DC, this makes it perfect for charging at the flying field, race track, or boating lake. For use in the workshop, it can be connected to a mains power supply that can supply the correct DC voltage, and a current of 12A.

A wide variety of different chemistry batteries can be charged on the M6, these include, LiPo, LiHV, LiFe, and Li-ion @ 1~6S, NiMh @ 1~16S, and Pb @ 1~10S. Setting the parameters of the M6 couldn't be easier with the simple-to-use touch buttons, and full-color TFT 1.8" 160x128 pixel display screen. The servo test function allows you to test and set up servos without the need for your RC equipment, and the signal input feature allows you to test your receiver output.

Ports include an XT60 DC input socket, and outputs include an XT60 charging port, a 2~6S balance port, a signal port, and a USB output/upgrade port. When required, the powerful, intelligent, high-flow cooling fan cuts in at half speed when internal temperatures of the charger exceed 40°C, this will then switch to full power when temperatures exceed 50°C.

The ToolkitRC M6 battery balance charger/discharger is a must for every modeler due to its compact size, ability to charge/cycle a wide variety of batteries, and its easy-to-use, intuitive programming menus.

• A versatile unit for charging, discharging, and cycling a wide variety of batteries
• Will charge LiPo, LiHV, LiFe, Li-ion, NiMh, and Pb batteries
• Ability to smart charge consumer-grade drone batteries such as those used in the DJI Mavic, Phantom, and Inspire
• Easy-to-read, back-lit, TFT 1.8" 160x128 pixel display screen
• Firmware upgrades, and mobile device charging via the USB socket

Type: ToolkitRC M6 1~6S 10A 150W DC Balance Charger/Discharger
Input Voltage: 7~28V DC
Charging Power: 0.1~10A@150W
Synchronous Charging Power: 1 x 0.1~25A@500W
Discharge Power: 150W@10A max (recycling)
Discharge Power: 8W@2A max (normal)
Balance Current: 400mA@2~6S
Battery Types: LiPo/LiHV/LiFe/Li-ion@1-6S, NiMh@1-16S, Pb@1-10S
USB Output: 2.1A@5V, Upgrade@USB3.0
Display Screen: TFT 1.8" 160x128 pixel LCD display screen
Internal Resistance Measuring: 1~100mR@1~6S
Signal Input/Output: PWM/PPM/SBUS
Dimensions: 70x50x26mm
Weight: 80g

Please note: A copy of the user manual which includes a full list of all the functions is available under the "Manual/Files" tab above.

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