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Turnigy dlux AC/DC 130W 10A 6S Balance Charger/Discharger with Accessories (US Plug)

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Turnigy dlux AC/DC 130W 10A 6S Balance Charger/Discharger with Accessories (US Plug)

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Featuring the Turnigy dlux 130W AC-DC balance charger/discharger. This charger demonstrates the high quality you see through the rest of the dlux range with its quality feel, tough construction and functionality. It has a touch sensitive interface and a clear back lit screen showing you all the charging information you would ever need. Unlike the more complicated chargers, this one is very easy to use making this an ideal first charger but it is also just as at home in the experienced modellers charge box. It is capable of being powered from the mains (100-240v) or from your 12v supply with a convenient, pre-fitted XT60 plug and has all the power leads you need included in the box. Also includes an XT60 lead made from quality wire and has 4mm gold bullet connectors expertly soldered for your convenience to be used when powering from 12v or as a charge lead when powering from the mains. Not only will it charge your LiPo's, it will charge LiFe, Nicd, NiMH, PB and more plus it has 5 selectable memories to store your most commonly used programs. It also features all the charge and discharge protection you would expect from a charger of this quality.

• High power 130W charger
• Delta-peak sensitivity (NiMH/NiCd)
• Individual cell balancing
• Li-ion, LiPo and LiFe capable
• Ni-Cd and NiMH capable
• Large range of charge currents
• Fast charge & storage charge function
• Time limit function
• Input voltage monitoring (Protects car batteries at the field)
• Data storage (Store up to 5 packs in memory)

Input Voltage: 10~18v DC - 100~240v AC
Charge Current Range: .1~10.0A
Ni-MH/NiCd Cells: 1~16
Li-ion/Poly Cells: 1~6
Pb Battery Voltage: 2~24v
Weight: 670g
Dimensions: 157x154x53mm

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Waldemar | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Oct 30, 2014

Prosta, tania, niezawodna, wystarczajca dla typowych zastosowa. 130W = 6cell x 5A.

Tarek | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Jun 18, 2014

the pros very good overall quality with a cool vintage look very simple to use even without manuel but there is a plenty of tutorial for four button charger on the net

the cons no manuel even in pdf no european power leads and the fan is a little noisy in lipo storage mode

well pleased with it as a first charger

kwack chil sick | Verified Buyer

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Certified Buyer Rated

Apr 24, 2014

'm Quite favorite touch button

gielkop | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Feb 03, 2014

Be aware that this is a 60W charge using internal power supply!! It will only be a 130W charger using external power supply!!!

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