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Turnigy Talon Quadcopter (V2.0) Carbon Fiber Frame 550mm

Turnigy Talon Quadcopter (V2.0) ...

The Turnigy Talon V2 Quadcopter frame is a crafted from high quality genuine carbon fiber offering both great looks and performance. Our engineers set out to create a Quadcopter frame without compromise, several materials were tested and rejected ...

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The Turnigy Talon V2 Quadcopter frame is a crafted from high quality genuine carbon fiber offering both great looks and performance. Our engineers set out to create a Quadcopter frame without compromise, several materials were tested and rejected until they decided that only genuine carbon fiber would meet the goals we had set out to achieve. Every component was weighed and measured shaving mere grams where possible to achieve a light weight yet extremely rigid frame. We didn't allow any compromises and neither should you.

Our team took the already popular Talon frame and studied the design, based on feed back from the multi-rotor community and our own ideas we redesigned the motor mounting plates allowing for top or bottom mounting of 28 and 35 size brushless outrunner motors (see photos for reference of different mounting options). The improved clamping system alone underwent 3 redesigns until our engineers were satisfied that the perfect strength and weight saving combination had been achieved. The center frame clamping system was almost doubled in size to ensure a strong brace on each boom. We stress tested the design until a 5kg load could be held on the center plate with minimal flex from each boom. Every aspect of this frame was thoroughly examined and thought through.

All this attention to detail has resulted in the elegant simplicity that is the Talon V2, A Quad frame that we are as proud to put our name behind as you will be to own.

We also offer a full line of quality multi-rotor electronics such as multi-rotor control board, ESC, motors and more, so there is no need to compromise on your electronics setup either!


Weight: 280g (w/out electronics)
Width: 550mm
Motor Bolt Holes: 16/19/25mm

28-XX or 35-XX brushless outrunner motor x 4
18~25A brushless ESC x 4
Multi-rotor control board
2200~3000mAh 11.1V lipoly


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Amazing quality comes with high quality parts, would like to see a couple of allen keys included for the screws, overall amazing.
Great light frame, the only problem is that the aluminum motor mounts bend easily. There's also not a lot of space in the center for anything...
Very sturdy and light!
Great and lightweight carbon skeleton frame. If you want to fly a "X", you shouldn't use the cut outs in the bottom plate for battery straps because the battery would have an angle about 45 degrees, bad for the balance.

The Installation guide is without notes, make sure you install the booms and mounts in the right direction, the bigger diameter of the booms for motor mount ends. Note that the blocks also have a direction to mount and check you use the right side to screw in the alu blocks and mounts. Pushing the booms with the bigger ends in the blocks will bend them and the mounts won't hold at the thinner ends of booms.
A bit of an arse to assemble. It seems that some of the carbon fibre parts are slightly different size to others. Almost like some parts were made on a Monday and others on a Friday. I had to use a bit of brute force and ignorance to get the thing together. The screws are pretty low quality and made of soft metal so make sure your allen keys/tools are an exact fit for the screws. Apart from that, once assembled it seems like a very solid and light frame. My Turnigy D2836/8 1100KV out-runners fit directly onto the motor mounts and the cables run nicely through the centre of the booms. I would't really recommend this for an absolute beginner unless they are handy with a few tools to bash and wallop it together.
I have assembled this quad frame and while it is nice and light and appears to be quite strong I find I am disappointed in it's layout with respect to the positioning of ESC's without it looking like a birds nest!!
Nice frame with good carbon quality and very light but with little room. It is stable and It can handle some crashes. Good frame but expensive.


Dobr rm pre zaiatonkov alebo pokroilch ale ma mal stred pre upevnenie veci (musel som dorba). Zatia nemm ale chcem vyui FOV a Gimbal ale bojm sa e ho nebudem ma kam umiestni kee je celkom mal stred. Rm sa vyzer by celkom kvalitn a pevn s hlinkovmi chytkami pre motoreky. Myslm si e vzhadom na cenu sa viac oplat V1 ako tto V2.
Awesome frame. Went together easily and in about 25 min. Extremely strong and almost no flexing under stress at the center plate. A little heavy, but excellent when landing.
Esto es un marco muy bueno, fibra de carbono cruzada (dimetro 14 mm, 1 mm de espesor) con placas de carbono 2 mm de espesor para el cuerpo principal. Los soportes del motor y las abrazaderas del brazo son de aluminio ligero , Un motor 28 NTM serie encaja bien. Este kit tambin viene con algunos tornillos de los separadores de nylon para su tarjeta del controlador. solo tienes que utilizar sellador de rosca (loctite 242) este es mi primer quad de excelente calidad y precio
Nice carbon quality but very poor fitting of the tubes in the collars!
The tubes diamaters are MUCH to large so Ive to decide either to grid down the tubes or to bore the collars - so Im really peeved for this!!!
Die Qualitt und Festigkeit der Rohre aus Carbon-Kreuzgewebe macht einen sehr guten Eindruck. Auch die Aluminium Klemmteile sind sauber gearbeitet und wirken hochwertig.
Leider passt keines der Rohre in keine der Aufnahmen!!! Wenn man ein Rohr "reinprgelt", biegt sich die Klemmschelle dermaen auf, dass man mit deren Bruch rechnen kann. Fr DAS Geld sollte man erste Qualitt erwarten knnen. Nun darf ich mich entscheiden, entweder die Rohre abzuschleifen (=> Sollbruchstellen) oder alls Aufnahmen aufzureiben - absolut zum Kotzen!
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  • Turnigy Talon V2

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