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HD Wing Camera 1280x720p 30fps 5MP CMOS

HD Wing Camera 1280x720p 30fps 5MP CMOS
HD Wing Camera 1280x720p 30fps 5MP CMOS

This handy pocket camera offers stunning HD quality video in a compact and light weight package. With support for up to a 32gb Transflash card (Micro SD) you will be able to shoot hours of HD 720p footage. The built in 850mAh Lipoly battery provides up to 3 hours of recording time. This camera is the perfect companion to your FPV system, allowing you to install a second camera (other than your actual FPV camera) to capture your flights in 720p HD without adding a large weight penalty to your existing FPV platform. Even if your not into FPV this tiny HD camera is great for just about any model. Strap it to your car, heli or plane and record all the action to share with your friends in HD quality.

120 degree wide-angle HD camera lens,
5 Megapixels COMS sensor
Video resolution: 1280x720p 30fps
Selectable video quality: Superior/Standard/economic
Unique motion-detect recording function
Selectable motion-detect recording time: 10sec, 1min, 5min, 10min
Unique loop recording function
Photo resolution: 2560x1920 JPG
Built-in 850mAh Lipoly battery provides up to 3 hours of recording
Vibration alert support (Vibrates to confirm functions)
Memory slot: Transflash (Micro SD) support up to 32 GB
Size: 74mm x 28mm x 15mm
Weight: 29.4g
PC camera function
TV-OUT mode for Video play back and Funtion setup
TV-OUT modes Supports PAL/NTSC

Camera Unit
USB cable
AV cable


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Weight: 125g
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Price $36.98

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 Customer rated
Total of 1092 discussions.
Denis Eduardovich  4 points - 10/9/2014
video have interference!!! Video will come later
Warren  1 points - 10/8/2014
I had an issue where the camera was fully charged and when I turned it on I could take photos but as soon as I went to video mode it turned off. The sd memory card was empty and I am using a 16gb.(I had erased all video and photos from it.) I rechecked the sd card and even though there were no videos or pics on it it showed full, so I reformatted it and the video came on again. Did not think to reformat each time, but I will when I download my videos and pics each time.
Steve  2 points - 10/4/2014
Hey Foks, where can i find the Software to program the cam ?
RonRC  3690 points - 9/30/2014
These are great little cameras in my opinion. With a class 10 micro SD they work fantastic. They even do well in low light.
 rcrun13 5 points
Looks like it work just fine, I buy stop crying!
angroid  7 points - 9/23/2014
Ok. Looks like ot is finally died! The story is : I put it for charge - red light ta back side (by SD card) goes on and a blue LED on top as well. RED goes off- means it is fully charged. The charge cable is still in it. Blue still on. Unplug the charge cable, blue LED goes off. I puysh and hold Onn/off button - blue goes on and is on while I push the button, I release button and the light goes off. Does not vibrate! Sometimes when I push on/off button the RED light goes on!And when release it - a green light blinks once!That's it! There is no troublesooting section in any manual in "Files" section here What's wrong with this camera?? I Used it twice and that 's it! A Single time use disposable version?????
 hansemann 20 points
Try to press the reset button once, just to the right side of the Micro SD card. Hopefully this will solve the problem?
 angroid 7 points
Thanks, Hanswmann, but it does not work!
 Sungio 82 points
Angroid. I have had one of these cameras for about 2 years. its been through hell and back and I can still get it to work. one problem I have now is the A/V Connection has come loose from the board and if I don't push it back flat to the board the camera wont turn on. just thought id mention that.
 Lorenz 2 points
I have also problems with my new camera. It did not turn on anymore after using it once for a minute. Reset button did not work. I fully charged it, but even with the USB power connected, it did not work and not even vibrate. After 2 days I tried again and it went on! But still the quality is very bad. It has horizontal lines in the video and repetitive about every second there is some light flash visible. I tried again with reset, but there was no change in quality afterwards. According to the youtube videos from others the quality should be much higher. What now?
 hansemann 20 points
Just connect it to your TV with the connecting cables that come included with the camera and press the button nearest the Micro SD Card several times until you see a menu where you can set and save the picture to a "fine" mode. Here you can set the time and date too. Hopefully this will solve your problem. I have had my camera for about three years now and it stlll works. Maybe the battery must be changed but it still works......
 angroid 7 points
Can anybody help me to fix the camera based on my problems' description? May be software gone wrong? HK won't take it back as it is not "as received" as i glued velcro to it but it never flew! HK buddies- where are you? *cry*
 angroid 7 points
Sometimes when connect to USB it turns violet and yellow LEDs, red LED at back of it goes off fast saying "charged". When i push ON button it turns off yellow and violet becomes bright red! Sometimes it turns only dimm blue.
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cam HD help please.....
Overall Rating
12 thumbs up!
Really good camera for the money. Use it in a small Quadrocopter for FPV. This cam records much better then a keychain cam plus you can use it as fpv-cam (with a little trick)! For sure this cam can´t be compared to a GoPro but you get it for only $35 - I´m very happy with it. For all who want to use this camera as FPV-cam while recording - read this! Normally you won´t get any live view at the TV-OUT while recording but I found out a little trick how it does work: - switch on the camera - wait until it´s initialized (long vibration) - set it motion detection video mode (press on/off button twice untile yellow and blue leds will be on) - plug in your AV-plug - wait for a short time until you will see the live view on your Display/TV ! The following steps must be done very fast, if you do this too slow, the camera will switch off ! - pull out your AV-plug - set camera to video mode (press on/off button twice untile only blue led will be on) - plug in your AV-plug again This has to be done very fast, otherwise the camera will switch off! Now you can push the record button to start recording while AV-Out gives live view signal for your transmitter.

41 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
5 thumbs up!
This camera is awesome for the budget. Very easy to use after you got the buttons order.

1) Press the button far from the lens for 2 seconds to turn it on (blue led). In a few seconds the vibrating motor will confirm that the camera is ready to go.

2) Select the mode using the same button:
Blue - record video
Red - photo.
Blue / Yellow - record video automatic with any camera move.
Red / Yellow - the same, but for photos.

3) Press the middle button to start/stop recording or to take a photo.

4) To turn it off press the button far from the lens again for 2 seconds. If you forget the camera on it will turn off after 3 minutes.

The camera was design to record with the buttons up, so it´s better to use it on the top of the plane.

Well, after recording you could watch the movies (avi) on your TV or computer. The computer is the only way to erase and copy the videos and you just need to connect via USB. It works very well on a PC or MAC.

Using a TV

Connect the camera cable to any Video Input on your TV. The default setting is for NTSC video, so no problem. You could change this and many other settings using the "camera´s tv menu".

1) The button closer to the lens is a menu selector. Press it for 2 seconds and you bring the menu up.
2) Use this button and the middle one to select options. (DON´T CHANGE THE LANGUAGE UNLESS YOU LIVE

13 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
James Boyd
2 thumbs up!
This will be my first bad review of anything on here. Don't waste your money for this one. I bought one and got 2 videos worth looking at. now the camera will not come on. I request again, that you do not waste your money on this item.

23 comments. Reply..

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Overall Rating
2 thumbs up!
This camera worked only once and never twice. Moreover there was no user's manual supplied so one cannot understand the functions of the buttons. You just have to try and learn. Anyway mine is not working anymore and replacing it will cost more than its value with the prices to be paid for transport so I will just throw it away. BEWARE, you have to plug a micro SD card for it to work and it is not supplied with the unit.

34 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
2 thumbs up!
Excelent, good camera, very cheap, I use it with a 16Gb Class 10 micro SD card, better than I thought, Look at my

2 comments. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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