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Avios (PNF) Super Tucano w/Retracts, Flaps & LED Lights EPO 1600mm

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Avios (PNF) Super Tucano w/Retracts, Flaps & LED Lights EPO 1600mm


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The Avios Super Tucano is a large, impressive, modern-day warbird that offers super-scale looks with a sports plane feel. It has a low wing loading, rock-solid stability throughout its entire speed range, and an awesome presence on the ground or in the air. When flying it tracks like it is on rails with no bad tendencies, and the ground handling is also excellent courtesy of the tricycle landing gear and rugged all-metal, sprung oleo struts. All these traits including long flight times make it the perfect choice for beginners to flying scale model warbirds, and experienced pilots will also love the impressive amount of power and torque from the 6S setup and highly efficient 5-blade scale propeller. This amazing amount of power enables the Super Tucano to carry out large, scale-like maneuvers with confidence and loads of panache.

The flying characteristics are where the Super Tucano comes into its own and make it stand out from the crowd. It flies so well, with a balanced, neutral feel, it can perform aerobatics just as well as any purpose-built pattern-ship. It is also surprisingly 3D capable as well, hovering, rolling circles, knife-edge loops, harriers, and even crankshafts it will take in its stride, the Avios Super Tucano can do them all.

The features of this "Plug N Fly" model are also very impressive, large flaps for super slow, controlled landings, and very slow, low passes, day-bright LED nav, formation, and landing lights, and a set of all-metal durable servoless retracts with sprung oleos and scale strut covers. This setup makes for excellent ground handling and also smooths out all those lumps and bumps we get on many of our grass airfields. Power is supplied by a spirited 5052-525KV brushless motor coupled to a 100A Aerostar RVS G2 brushless ESC, as an option this can provide reverse thrust for an extremely short landing run. 6 x 13g servos provide control to the ailerons, elevator, rudder, and flaps, and a stronger, more powerful 25g servo provides control to the steerable nosegear.

The strong, lightweight EPO airframe is painted and finished in a scale Philippines Air Force color scheme with shark mouth nose-art, and the parts count is minimal making for a quick and straightforward building process. The beautiful scale decals are also expertly applied at the factory as is most of the scale detail. A feature of the full-size Super Tucano is the large tandem canopy and cockpit, this is superbly captured with this Avios version. The cockpit is well-detailed and includes two pilots for added realism, it also lends itself nicely to accepting an FPV setup for an even greater flying experience. The large quick-release hatch gives excellent access to the radio/battery compartment, whilst allowing for super quick and easy battery changes.

So if you are looking for a large, very impressive, easy-to-fly scale modern-day warbird that will appeal to both experienced and those pilots wanting to fly a scale model for the first time, then look no further than the incredible Avios Super Tucano.

• A large, easy-to-fly scale modern-day warbird with an awesome presence in the air and on the ground
• Rock solid stability throughout its entire speed range, perfect for beginners to scale models, and experienced pilots alike
• "Plug N Fly" with motor, ESC, servos, retracts, and day-bright LED lights
• The 6S setup and 5-blade scale propeller provide an impressive amount of power and torque
• Includes large, scale flaps for super slow flight and landings
• Incredible scale details include a large, detailed cockpit with pilots
• Strong, lightweight, easy-to-build painted EPO airframe

Type: Avios Super Tucano
Wingspan: 1600mm (63")
Length: 1617mm (63.67")
Scale: 1:7
Motor: 5052-525KV brushless
ESC: Aerostar RVS G2 100A brushless
Prop: 13x8 scale 5-blade
Servo: 6 x 13g/1 x 25g
Channels: 6~7. Aileron, elevator, rudder/steering, throttle, flaps, retracts, RVS/Braking (optional)
Battery (not supplied): 6S (22.2V) 4000~6300mAh 40~60C LiPo recommended
Color: Grey w/authentic shark mouth nose-art
Flying Weight: 4100g (9lbs)

1 x Super Tucano painted airframe w/pre-applied decals
1 x 5052-525KV brushless motor
1 x Aerostar RVS G2 100A ESC w/optional reverse
1 x 5-blade scale propeller
6 x 13g servo
1 x 25g servo
1 x Set of tricycle servoless retracts w/sprung oleos, and scale strut covers
1 x Set of day-bright LED nav, formation, and landing lights

1 x 6~7ch transmitter and receiver
1 x 6S (22.2V) 4000~6300mAh 40~60C LiPo battery
1 x Suitable LiPo charger
Foam glue

Please note: A copy of the assembly manual, and the Quick Setup Guide are available under the "Manual/Files" tab above.

  • IC/2:Elec Electric
  • Motorsize(diam-or-cc) 50.00
  • Wingspan(mm) 1600.00
  • Length(mm) 1617.00
  • Official Hobbyking review of the PNF Avios 1600mm Super Tucano
  • Official Hobbyking review of the PNF Avios 1600mm Super Tucano
  • How to build the Super Tucano!
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WILLIS | Verified Buyer

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Best engineered, best flying, highest performance war bird right out of the box.

Jul 13, 2024

Reveived my Tucano from Singapore a week ago. I took my time setting it up and had no issues at all. Maiden flight was yesterday and I found out right away what a fabulous flying aircraft this is. Takeoff was short and right away I found this to be the highest power to weight warbird I have ever had. Vertical has to be interrupted by the pilot or it would go out of sight. Schmoooth flight, biggest loops, flys as if on rails with no fuss landings and great gear. Even the peanut gallery liked it :)

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Avios PNF Super Tucano Quick Set Up Guide Download [5]
Avios PNF Super Tucano Assembly and Set Up Manual Download [14]
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