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H-King F-16 Falcon Jet EPO 64mm 3S EDF sports 670mm (26") PNP Version

H-King F-16 Falcon Jet EPO 64mm 3S EDF sports 670mm (26") PNP Version


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Go ballistic with the H-King replica of the world-renowned F-16 Fighter jet. Sports scale EDF jet performance from a lightweight, strong EPO molded airframe combined with 64mm high-powered 6 bladed fan.The Falcon has high-torque servos, 50A electronic speed controller and a 4800kv EDF factory installed.
Specifically designed for intermediate and advanced pilots with dynamic performance including high-speed rolls, big loops and fast fly bys will put a smile and your dial. 

• Ballistic flying performance
• Sport scale replica of the world-renowned F-16 jet fighter 
• Lightweight EPO foam construction
• High power black tornado 3S/4800kv high RPM brushless motor
• Powerful 64mm 6 bladed EDF
• high power, high torque servos
• Large elevons or aileron control
• Easily removable landing gear for short grass field handling
• Factory applied decals

Wingspan: 670mm (26")
Length: 1035mm
AUW: 850g
ESC: 50A with BEC
Motor: Black Tornado 3S 4800kv brushless outrunner motor
EDF unit: Black Tornado 64mm with 6 blades


1 x 4-6ch transmitter and receiver with elevon mixing capability
1 x 1800~2200mAh 3S Lipo battery
2 x 9g servos for additional ailerons
1 x Need for speed !!


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I've had 5 of these. 3 kits. 2 PnP. This plane is somewhere between a 64mm and 70mm. The intake is too small in FSA for high blade count 70mm, yet the exhaust is 56mm.. not optimal for 64mm but good for 70. Also, a 70mm fan almost fits the fuselage perfectly, but a 64mm is loose. There's some foam creating a narrower passage before the edf.. is flush on a 64mm but reduces airflow on 70mm. It's SAPAC F-16 With a few alterations. The original was 70mm, too... so this one has been altered to fit 64mm but elements of the original 70mm remain.
I dremel the narrower passage out on the intake side and make flush. I remove the 64mm edf unit and replace with WeMoTec Evo Pro 9blade and 3000kv+ 28mm motor, e.g. Leopard 28603D 3400kv and fit a thrust tube. 100a esc completes the setup.
I also glue the elevons on and use the control horns attached to the surface so as to avoid flutter at high speeds. On 4S this is close to 100mph. On 5s, it's 130ish.
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verified_user Quality
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Nice quality plane! I removed the rudder servo and fly with elevon only! I hardened the intake with glasfiber for belly landings. 1800Mah 3s 40c flightmax lipo gives it a flight time of 3 minutes. I made ventral fins just like on the real thing otherwise the elevators are the lowest part of the plane to hit the gras first!. Totall flying weight in this setup is just 756 gram. Thrust around 670 gram. The cg is 90mm from leading edge! The cg on the box is not correct! Easy to hand launch and easy to land due of its light weight. Very happy with this plane!
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Good quality of parts, servos are OK (MG-90S clone?). I think, EDF should be 70mm and 60A ESC. My modifications: plywood parts reinforced with CA glue, all parts are disassembled and glued with CA. Very stable in flight, but little underpowered with 64mm turbine and 50A ESC.
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  • Hobbyking F-16, FMS 64 12b, 3S

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