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HobbyKing Programming card for BlueSeries Brushless Speed Controller

HobbyKing Programming card for B...

HobbyKing Programming card for BlueSeries Brushless Speed Controller


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HobbyKing Programming card for BlueSeries Brushless Speed Controller


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Über cheap, last long, no internal batt or storage, passive Hobbyking Blue Series ESC programmer.
1. Connect.ESC to card via 3 wire connector
2. Set coresponding jumpers.on card to "true" or "false" possition. Not.once but all jumpers one after another desired.memory to be written onchip.
3. connect 2s 1p cell, 3s 1p is also possible.
4. always on performing.motor tuning with proppelers off.
5. after health run of motor, set throtle range on ESC`s adopting Tx/Rx input stick`s range.
This product is cheaper in operation for the set esc.
Works perfect, costs little, saves you an amazing amount of boring programming time. Worth it! BTW I used this successfully on the ESC for the BFG2600 glider

Die Programmierkarte ist genial und gnstig. Sie lst fr alle Regler dieser Marken: HobbyKing Blue ESC, Mystery Blue ESC, PowerHD ESC
Nice n shiny finish, good covering. Fantastic item, I use it all the time in all places and electronics
this programming card makes setting up the ESC a doddle, works straight from the packaging with no problems, excellent purchase
Program cards are a must have for the ESC's. Makes life so much easier when setting up a plane or truck. They are cheap enough that I have one for all the different ESC's that I run. Another excellent tool!
I am sure this works qreat for Blue Escs, not regular Ubec Escs
What a Programm Card....when funktions are removed? Frequency Change? Nice....2 Minutes of Music via Throttle again.
Works great, all you need to do is set the options with jumpers, plug in the ESC and connect the battery. One beep and new options saved.
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