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H-King (PNF) Reno Aces FG-1 Corsair "Lucky Gallon" EPO 990mm (39")

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H-King (PNF) Reno Aces FG-1 Corsair "Lucky Gallon" EPO 990mm (39")


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The H-King FG-1 Corsair "Lucky Gallon" is the third in the mini-series from H-King, the "Reno Aces", WW2 fighters dressed to impress at the air races. The FG-1 Corsair "Lucky Gallon" with the included stock 3108-1070KV brushless motor offers a really quick model straight out of the box with speeds approaching 100mph when using the recommended 2200mAh 4S LiPo. However, if you are an experienced hand and are looking for 100+ mph speeds then there is the optional drop-in fit 3108-1170KV 'Pro' brushless motor. This will give your great-looking Reno Ace really ballistic performance on the same prop, ESC, and 4S battery for those that can handle the extra rotational torque on launch.

The Reno Aces FG-1 Corsair "Lucky Gallon" is a bent wing hot rod, it is fast, is very aerobatic, but is also a very stable flyer. Just like the other models in this range, it really grooves and feels locked in at full power, but slow it down and it is a real pussycat too, and just as much fun. The stall is very benign, it's basically non-existent, the controls remain effective throughout the complete speed range. Once you're done with your 6+min flight, fully flared landings are very easy to achieve and make belly landing the FG-1 Corsair a pure joy.

The full-size "Lucky Gallon" was the first Corsair to be used for racing and competed in the 1946 Cleveland Air Races. The pilot was Cook Cleland and he raced in the Championship Race, and achieved an average speed of 357.5mph, finishing in a credible 6th place.

The H-King version of this classic racing FG-1 Corsair comes "Plug N Fly" which means it has the motor, ESC, and servos pre-installed. The tough EPO foam is finished in the authentic color scheme of Number 92 "Lucky Gallon". Assembly is very easy and straightforward with its one-piece wing and simple slot in horizontal stabilizer (no glue required). Other features are the substantially reinforced fuselage, plywood and carbon are used to create a stiffened and strengthened fuselage, and motor box. Plastic skid plates are fitted to all the underside contact areas for protection when landing, and you are supplied with the option of both a clear, or a silver canopy to add the finishing touch to your Corsair.

So to summarize, the H-King FG-1 Corsair "Lucky Gallon" is fast out of the box with the pre-installed motor (optional 'Pro' motor available for even more speed), it has fantastic flying qualities with good fast and slow speed handling, is strong, and quick to assemble. It is a great contender for use at fun, club pylon racing events with the strength and maneuverability to do "Bank and Yank" pylon turns. A great, fun airplane that is brilliant to fly, looks fantastic in the air and will have you smiling from ear to ear the whole time you are flying it.

• Fast on the stock motor, 100+ mph speeds with the optional 'Pro' motor
• EPO foam reinforced with plywood and carbon for stiffness and strength
• Plastic skid plates on the lower contact areas for protection when landing
• Easy and quick assembly, no gluing required
• Easy to hand launch
• Super stable at high and low speeds
• Optional clear or silver canopy included

Type: H-King (PNF) Reno Aces FG-1 Corsair "Lucky Gallon"
Wingspan: 990mm (39")
Length: 785mm (31")
All Up Weight (RTF): 960g (33oz)
Stock Motor: 3108-1070KV brushless outrunner
Pro Motor: 3108-1160KV brushless outrunner (optional)
ESC: 40A brushless w/BEC
Propeller: 8x6
Servos: 4x9g digital

1 x H-King FG-1 "Lucky Gallon" EPO airframe
1 x 3108-1070KV brushless outrunner motor
1 x 40A brushless ESC
1 x 8x6 propeller with domed spinner nut prop adapter
4 x 9g digital servos
1 x Clear canopy
1 x Silver canopy
1 x Accessory pack
1 x Quick start instruction leaflet

4ch or more transmitter and receiver
2200mAh 4S 30~60C (or greater) LiPo/LiHV battery w/XT60 connector
Suitable LiPo charger

Please note: A "Quick Start" manual is supplied with every model, the full instruction manual is available to download under the "Manual/Files" tab.

  • IC/2:Elec Electric
  • Motorsize(diam-or-cc) 31.00
  • Wingspan(mm) 990.00
  • Length(mm) 785.00
  • Official HobbyKing Video for the H-King (PNF) Reno Aces FG-1 Corsair Lucky Gallon
  • Assembly of the H-King (PNF) FG-1 Corsair Lucky Gallon
  • Maiden Flight of the H-King (PNF) FG-1 Corsair Lucky Gallon
  • Unboxing the eye-catching H-King (PNF) FG-1 Corsair Lucky Gallon
  • H-King Reno Aces FG-1 Corsair Lucky Gallon Review by Model AV8R
  • Maiden Flight by GBLynden's RC of the H-King Reno Aces FG-1 Corsair Lucky Gallon.
  • RCPlaneReviewer Test Flies the H-King Reno Aces FG-1 Corsair Lucky Gallon.
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Mark | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Fast - Stable - Fun to Fly

Jul 02, 2022

Reno Aces FG-1 Corsair has become my favorite plane. I put a Spektrum AR637T receiver in it and on my 3-position "B" switch I programmed 0=No AS3X 1= AS3X only and 2 AS3X and Safe, which I use for launching and mitigates the left torquing. I also programmed "A" as "panic" switch. I thought that the speed of their aircraft needed a panic switch, although it was unwarranted. I know it sounds like a cliche but this Corsair flies like it's on a rail. Inverted flight is a breeze as well as most acrobatic maneuvers, including a knife edge. Most of the time I fly 50-75% power and reserve 100% for unlimited vertical or for clearing past other traffic. One more thing... this plane GLIDES! Most of the time, I can cut power halfway down wind and there is enough speed to swing onto base and final for a smooth landing.

Tsu-Kai | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Very Good! buy one

Jun 13, 2022

THis plane tracks well with very minimal trim required with the 4s 2200mah 30C china hobby line pack all the way up front. Underhand toss with almost 2/3 throttle will make her scoot out of your hand. This is one of the better hand launching planes one can buy from the market. if you think you want it then get it because you will have missed a great belly lander

Josh | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

tip top!

May 21, 2022

This thing is a rocket, I'm a complete sucker for corsairs, and this one flys great, pretty easy to launch and recover, and very fast.

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H-King (PNF) Reno Aces FG-1 Corsair Lucky Gallon Full Manual Download [2]
H-King (PNF) Reno Aces FG-1 Corsair Quick Start Guide Download [469]
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