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Durafly Micro Tundra Graffiti (PNF) Sports Model w/Flaps EPO 635mm (25")

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Durafly Micro Tundra Graffiti (PNF) Sports Model w/Flaps EPO 635mm (25")


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Back in 2016, the Durafly Tundra took the modeling world by storm. Following the old adage "bigger is better", we then released the immensely popular Grand Tundra. Now, to round out the collection, we present you with the Micro Tundra! Its small size makes it the ultimate park flyer or back yard basher!

The Micro Tundra is available in two color schemes, either the "Classic Green" or the slightly more outrageous and colorful "Graffiti" - both look great on the ground and in the air. This brilliant little model can be flown with either standard wheeled landing gear or with floats and water rudder, both versions are supplied in the box.

The Micro Tundra comes in the usual Durafly Plug and Fly (PNF) format, including the motor, ESC, and 6 micro servos pre-installed, these also include pre-fitted pushrods. The Micro Tundra has working flaps which are unusual to see on such a small model, they are very helpful and great fun for landing in tight spaces. The large main wheels finish off the Tundra look and enable it to easily take off and land on most surfaces. Swap the wheels for the supplied floats and water rudder to turn your favorite local pond or waterway into your Micro Tundra's playground!

Assembly is very straightforward and quick, literally 5 self-tapping screws hold it together so you can be flying within minutes of opening the box. The Micro Tundra is great fun to fly. Being small and agile, it can be flown in very small areas, including indoor venues. For those with a bit of initiative, it's even small enough to tuck away in the suitcase on your next travel adventure!

• Fast and easy assembly
• Beautifully molded and rugged EPO construction
• Pre-installed motor, ESC and servos
• Easy access canopy hatch
• Includes flaps for landing in small areas
• Includes options of wheeled landing gear or floats and water rudder
• Small and nimble, perfect for indoors or small flying areas

Wingspan: 635mm (25")
Length: 430mm (17")
Flying Weight: 145g (without battery)
Motor: 1106 2350KV brushless
ESC: 6 amp brushless
Propeller: 6x4
Servo: 6 x 2g
Material: EPO foam
Radio Channels: 5 (ailerons, elevator, rudder, motor, flaps)
Color Scheme: Graffiti

1 x Micro Tundra airframe with factory applied decals
1 x main landing gear and tailwheel
1 x float set and water rudder
1 x pre-installed 1106 2350KV brushless motor
1 x 6x4 propeller and spinner
1 x pre-installed 6 amp brushless ESC w/Molex 1.25 connector
6 x pre-installed 2g servos w/Molex 1.25 connectors (the flap and aileron servos are pre-wired together)
5 x Molex to JR servo adaptors
1 x accessory pack

5 channel (or more) radio transmitter
5 channel (or more) radio receiver with Molex 1.25 connectors
5 channel (or more) radio receiver with JR style connectors
350~500mAh 7.4 LiPo or 7.6V LiHV LiPo
Suitable LiPo battery charger

Note: A copy of the instruction manual is available under the "Files" tab, we fully recommend you follow the suggestions and guidelines within the manual to get the most out of your Micro Tundra.

  • IC/2:Elec Electric
  • Motorsize(diam-or-cc) 11.00
  • Wingspan(mm) 635.00
  • Length(mm) 430.00
  • Official HobbyKing Flight Video of the Durafly Micro Tundra
  • 2nd Flight of the Durafly Micro Tundra with Perfect Landing
  • Flying off water with the Durafly Micro Tundra by GBLynden's RC
  • Unboxing Review of the Durafly Micra Tundra
  • Durafly Micro Tundra Assembly video
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Albertodifra | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value


Apr 09, 2021

Eccellente tutto : prodotto e spedizione super veloce

Stuart | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Nice model, flies well, but unreliable

Apr 06, 2021

This does fly well, although the flaps need to be programmed with an elevator mix else it will almost loop on their deployment, but the instructions tell you this, so no surprise.
However the decals are awful - bits peel off all the time.
After half a dozen flights with a recommended battery, my motor gave up in normal flight. Disappointingly, replacements are out of stock.
HobbyKing's small models seem like a bargain, but don't expect them to last long.

Martin | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Feels like my grand tundra.

Apr 03, 2021

All arrived fine, unfortunately however during set up the elevator servo was working fine at first then died. Put in warranty claim, had new one in a week or so via DHL, a seamless experience overall.
Replaced servo, was a little fiddly but we got it in fine. Continued programming and set up.
Took to park, did a couple of bunny hops to get used to plane. Then took off, flies effortlessly, felt like my grand tundra.
Flew slower than I have seen in YouTube videos too. Wasn’t a handful at all.
People say it’s too heavy but it’s actually really nice weight when your holding it, doesn’t seem to show signs of being over weight when in the air.
Overall really happy looking forward to some early morning flights at the park during sunrise when no ones there, my favourite time of day at the park. Love how this plane has everything a bigger plane has, this wok really help me with my confidence to fly my bigger planes and knowing I can fly them.
Only one thing not that keen on, the wheels, black rubs off real quick. Also check wheels are glued on good to hubs, one of mine fell off after a couple of landings. Haha. Easy fix though.

Rick | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

It's OK!

Mar 28, 2021

It was doggy with a 2 cell requiring high throttle settings throughout the whole flight. I tried a 3 cell and it flew great until it overheated and crashed hard. The cowl was cracked and I needed a new motor which was out of stock and a new motor mount which means buying a new fuse-not worth it to me. I had a UMX motor in my spares and adapted it to plug into the stock ESC and I engineered a new wood motor mount. Remaiden is still to come.

PIERMASSIMO | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Meraviglioso mini modello!

Mar 21, 2021

A dir poco divertente! Completo di flaps è a dir poco streiptoso! da non perdere l'acquisto! Ogni modellista che vola con arei rc deve averlo!

Stuart444 | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Interesting but let down be details

Mar 16, 2021

I waited for months for this to come to the European warehouse. It went together well, and initially looked good apart from a couple of minor defects in the decals. Later I discovered that the decal are very fragile, and bits break off them regularly, making mine look shabby now.
In terms of flying, it's quicker than I had expected, and the flaps produce a big nose UP pitch (which the excelllent instructions warn you about). I've mixed some down elevator with the flaps to counteract it, wouldn't recommend using the flaps without this facility - if going fast enough, dropping the flaps will make it loop!

Jennifer | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Shipping Over Charge revisited

Feb 18, 2021

After my previous negative review about being over charged on the freight was contacted by customer service in the last few days to attempt to resolve the issues. After much correspondence back and forth they agreed to credit me as a store credit the difference between what we paid and what we should have paid,. I was looking for a refund to our credit card since I was out of pocket for this, but store credit is better than nothing and for the effort and time already put into trying to resolve this I was not willing to spend any more time on it. So to sum things up after getting the store credit I would rate value for money of this plane slightly better than my previous view, but that being said I am pretty much neutral about it's value , it is not a great deal, nor is it a bad deal.

Krazymike | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Awesome little plane

Feb 06, 2021

Can’t I’ve not flown it yet

Hasse | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Good airplane

Feb 04, 2021

Nice model but not ready. changed engine to 1306 / 2300kv and rebuilt the wing, wider 1.5cm. Now it flies well, slowly and low.

Klaus | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Top Airplane

Jan 27, 2021

Super tolles Flugzeug

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