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H-King Skipper All Terrain Airplane EPO 700mm (28") Orange (PNF)

H-King Skipper All Terrain Airplane EPO 700mm (28") Orange (PNF)


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Quite possibly the most versatile plane ever...the H-King  Skipper!

Capable of taking off from and landing on just about any surface including water, ice, snow, grass and more, the Skipper is a truly versatile model. Add to that its super low wing loading and high-performance brushless power system and you've got yourself a model that is an absolute blast to fly!

The pre-installed 40A brushless power system provides plenty of power, just what you need for getting off of the water or grass take-offs. This abundance of power adds to the fun factor in the air, providing unlimited vertical performance. The large control surfaces allow for a fast roll rate and excellent elevator response making the aerobatic flight a big part of the Skipper's wide flight envelope.   

Constructed from low-density EPO foam, this model is very lightweight yet maintains a high level of durability. The wing halves are joined with twin carbon fiber spars providing excellent rigidity. The fuselage of the Skipper is molded in a "flying boat" shape allowing it to easily take off, land and cruise on the water. This smooth, low-drag design also lends itself very well to use on snow and grass.

The Skipper comes in Plug and Fly form meaning that the brushless power system and all servos are pre-installed, you will simply need to add your own 4CH radio system and 3S lipo battery. Assembly is a breeze requiring gluing of the horizontal stabilizer only. You can have the Skipper built and ready for flight in as little as 15 minutes. 

• The most fun plane ever
• "Plug and Fly" - simply add your own radio system and 3S lipo battery
• All-terrain flight ability - capable of flying from water, snow, ice, grass and more
• Ultra-durable EPO foam construction
• Brushless power system and servos
• Easy to assemble

Wingspan: 700mm
Length: 970mm
Wing Loading: 25g/dm²
Flying Weight: 575g
Motor Thrust: 850g

Skipper All Terrain Airplane (PNF)
40amp ESC preinstalled
9g Servos preinstalled
Spare propeller
Spare XT60 plug suitable for a battery conversion
Balloon for protecting receiver from water

4CH transmitter and receiver
3S 1300~2200mAh lipo battery

Water or Snow 

Please note: It is important to thoroughly clean and prepare the foam surface of this model before using the tape to adhere the elevators to the wings. Also ensure that the temperature of the room/workshop is sufficient to aid proper adhesion. See updated manual under the "Files" tab.


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Overall I like this plane. Using no expo, 40% ailerons and 100% elevator & rudder gives you a plane which is acrobatic but not a handful. And on 4S it flies quick although only for short bursts as the motor gets hot *very* quickly. It'll fly OK with 2200mAh but 1500mAh is better as it gives a faster and more maneuverable aircraft. Birds hate it. >;-)
Now that's said I had a few issues:
- Unlike on the Skipper XL / Model Aero "Polaris" there is no plastic skid under the plane. I strongly recommend using clear packaging tape on all underside surfaces if taking off or landing on solid terrain. As a bonus this also makes it easier to take off from grass.
- The rudder will quickly detach and needs to be cut off and re-hinged. Blenderm works but grass take-offs will take their toll. Pinned plastic hinges have proven much more durable.
- The pushrod linkages are terrible. On mine all were over tightened and one was seized, needing to be cut off with a dremmel.
- The pushrods themselves are too flexible. Carbon fiber tubing slid over them or a carbon rod lashed to them is a good idea if you like hard acrobatics.
- There is a lot of control surface play at the horns. A short section of 0.5mm carbon rod glued and extended under the horns, spreading the load fixes this.
- The bottom magnet on the rear hatch may need re-gluing as mine quickly came loose.
- Hobbyking sells small center of gravity stickers (" Self Adhesive Centre of Gravity Marker "); these are very useful for marking correct CoG.
- If you find the plane needs a lot of right trimming or if you find you need to keep applying right aileron even though the pane has been trimmed then you may have a broken plywood subframe. I had a Polaris (Skipper XL) which was delivered with a similar issue; on this plane it seems the factory had reinforced the break with a pair of carbon fiber rods before sealing everything in. Repair involved cutting the foam from the pylon under the motor pod, finding the break then gluing together & re-enforcing the plywood with more plywood.
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I bought a second skipper because I liked this plane so much.Still fly my first one but after many flights it’s getting a little shabby looking ,but still flys great.I fly mine off snow & grass,stable flying plane but surprisingly fast with a 1800 or 2200 mah battery.
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verified_user Quality
playlist_add_check Overall
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I was looking at Skipper for a few months and couldn't decide if I should buy it or not. I had some stupid bet with my wife and in her arrogance she promised me this plane... Victory was newer so sweet!
Since I don't have a lot of space I my apartment I have decided to make plane possible to disassemble so I can store it in its original box. That resulted in gluing additional carbon tubes in wings to minimize foam damage when disassembling. I also added a small carbon tube and rod in elevator.
At the beginning I tried 1300mAh battery but the flying was poorly. Probably because of old battery. Now I am using a 1800mAh battery that has a lot of power and I can fly up to 20 minutes. I had to move battery a little bit back toward tail to keep it on correct CG.
The flying is really smooth and pleasant, but can be a little bit fast if you are not prepared. I have noticed that I need full elevator when taking off on grass since the plane at full throttle starts pointing nose down.
I only feel sorry that I hadn't bought it earlier, so I could enjoy flying it in summer. Excellent plane!
Happy flying.
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  • H-King Skipper All Terrain Airplane - HobbyKing Super Daily

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